Robber assaults SLO residents with baseball bat

November 5, 2012

Sandra Lee Welsh

A 32-year-old San Luis Obispo woman who was caught burglarizing a unit at the Sagrado Corazon Townhomes on Casa Street beat two residents with a baseball bat on Sunday.

At about 9 a.m., the residents awoke to find Sandra Lee Welsh in the act of stealing various items including a laptop computer and an X-Box 360. Welsh then picked up a wooden baseball bat and began striking both residents. They over powered Welsh and held her until police arrive. The victims suffered minor injuries.

Police investigators discovered Welsh was in possession of items from previous burglaries including several electronics she had stolen from Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center earlier Sunday morning.

Hospital staff who had discharged Welsh around 5 a.m., found her hiding in a bathroom a few hours later. She allegedly took a television set, a DVD player and several children’s videos from the hospital.

Welsh was charged with robbery, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon and booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $30,000.


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Her education “Maxine Lewis Memorial Homeless Shelter institute”

Another homerun BTDT, give that man a cigar…

Her signs and symptoms point directly at drug use and the drug of choice by most users who do this behavior for their high is meth…

I’m curious as to your souce for her being a crakster.

Check her behavior that got her arrested. Add to that her booking photo showing her complexion, then look at her facebook. All telltale signs. Time to slither out from under that rock, heh?

Well, there is another loser cos,ting the taxpayers big time. Wonder what the trip to Sierra Vista cost the taxpayers, and again. Police, fir paramedics, ambulance, jail processing, etc. Anyone else see a daily pattern of this type of behavior at taxpayer expense. Thank God the residents were not seriously hurt, too bad they couldn’t have taken better care of this loser…. I am getting really sick of this stuff!

What a sad life to live.

I don’t understand why her bail is only 30K. She is dangerous, she broke into a home that was occupied and she attacked the residents with a baseball bat when they woke up. Breaking into homes, attacking people with a baseball bat and all she needs to come up with is $ 3,000.00 (10%) and then she can run off, get high and do it again someplace else. She needs long term rehab and psychiatric help, but instead she will end up back on the streets and smoking meth again.

I’ll make a wild guess, drugs involved…

Yes and my guess would be meth. Look close at the picture and you see red blotches on all over her face. That is a tell tale sign of a meth user.