Shadowy right-wing contributor unmasked

November 5, 2012

A national conservative group has been identified as the source of a heretofore anonymous last-minute contribution of $11 million infused into two California initiative campaigns. (Sacramento Bee)

Compliance from Americans for Job Security of Nevada came only after a rare Sunday order by the California Supreme Court. The announcement was made at 9 a.m. Monday by the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

The group supports an anti-union ballot measure, Prop. 32, and seeks the defeat of Prop. 30, Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed sales tax hike.

According to reports, the disclosure raises more questions than answers, because the group does not have to identify individual donors under federal law.

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Hey, Mary, better check out the new black panthers if you really think “the conservative “side” of our oligarchy which is pulling more of the egregious voting fraud.”

That’s it? You throw out an unreferenced claim, and then think an ad hominem personal attack against me will make your argument.

Sorry, pal. You’re not posting on Fox News here.

oh please…

Does the name Soros ring any bells? How many various groups has he financed? This is a game of the ‘ascended beings’ of our world… the big moneyed boys and girls of the right and left are slugging it out.

BTW, ‘Mary quite contrary’ is always good for a laugh or two.

Is Soros the ring-leader or participant in this latest election scam being pulled by conservative money-bags on American voters?


If you have read my posts, you know I believe we live in an oligarchy, where both “sides” are pulling the same crap, and that includes voting issues.

However, I really the “liberal” side has become far more hesitant to participate in outright voting fraud, and this is mainly because the Democratic Party doesn’t have such a large base of gullible voters who will believe anything Fox Newx poops out at them.

It IS the conservative “side” of our oligarchy which is pulling more of the egregious voting fraud. And that is because their voters won’t stand up and say, ‘Hey, cut it out. You’re making us look really bad here.”