SLO political cartoon videos

November 3, 2012

Mysterious cartoonist SLO Shank’s two latest videos portray discussions between San Luis Obispo mayoral candidates Jan Marx and Steve Barasch  and city attorney Christine Dietrick and Councilman John Ashbaugh.

SLO Shank regularly posts his videos on YouTube.

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In addition, if you would like to watch a short video (not an animation) of Jan Marx and John Ashbaugh truly making fools of themselves I heartily recommend:

That is just outrageous. Peg Pinard say’s that the intersection next to her home is not an appropriate place to install safe crossing audio for the blind. Cripe, the audio sounds like birds chirping, what the ……and what’s worse it that Ashbaugh and Marx are rather transparent about attempting to do their good friend the favor! Check it out.

Peg Pinard, SHAME ON YOU and to think that I voted for you several years back when you ran against Maldonado. Come to think of it, I would still do it again and that doesn’t say much for our choices as I’m appalled at your “good ole girl” attempt to call in a favor. At least the citizens of SLO have a chance for real change where their city is concerned which is better than the rest of us are facing. I hope the citizens vote wisely, this isn’t about getting lucky, this is about doing your homework.

SLO-shank! Great work. Love the “marxist” crown.

So True…….

I love these SLO-shank videos. I hope voters pay attention, the citizens of SLO have a chance to create real change this election.

“Please be sure to vote!”

I hope more than 35% does vote.

But IMHO, won’t change anything, bimbos and buffoons will still get into office, the local economy will still be tanking and taxes/fees will continue to go up…

Apathy just like the type you are displaying is exactly what has turned politics into such a cesspool.

“Apathy just like the type you are displaying is exactly what has turned politics into such a cesspool.”

Actually since you know nothing about me and are making a personal attack and are jumping to conclusions, I will clarify for you.

I have already voted, I have voted every year since I was 18, and I am involved in community service. How about you?

Actually I know the sentiment you voiced and it was apathetic.

I recognize the sentiment as well, it’s one of FRUSTRATION. We citizens are digging our way out of a hole, ONE SHOVEL AT A TIME, literally.

Heave-Ho the incumbents.

I see it as a realistic outlook.

What is the definition of insanity? Observing, time after time, the same outcome from the same set of variables, and expecting future outcomes from the same set of variables to be different?

Something like that.

I thought that these were supposed to be cartoons, not a coming out party for Ashbaugh and Dietrick. By the way which one is the clown or are we the clowns who voted them in and hired them?

Good stuff! Accurate stuff! Way to go, Shank!

Thank you. Please don’t forget:

“Democratic Central Committee Anoints Jeff Aranguena”:

“Jan Marx and Jeff Aranguena Discuss Campaign Strategy”:

And the classic: “Mayor Marx on the Hot Seat”:

Happy viewing. Please be sure to vote!