SLO woman stabbed while protecting son

November 4, 2012

Milton Flores

A San Luis Obispo woman who tried to stop a man who was allegedly assaulting her son with a knife was stabbed in the hand early Sunday morning.

Jose Garcia, 27, and Milton Flores, 30, were arguing over a civil matter at the Madonna Road Apartments when Flores began assaulting Garcia with a knife, police said.

Garcia’s mother Maria Taffolla, 45, tried to protect her son and Flores allegedly stabbed her in the hand. Emergency medical personnel transported Tafolla to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Neither Garcia nor Flores required medical treatment.

Officers arrested Flores for assault with a deadly weapon and booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $25,000.


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I’ve argued over “civil matters” before but never–and I mean ever–did I think about grabbing a knife and repeatedly plunging it into my spouse…or neighbor…or whoever.

Seems like a lot of stabbings in Santa Maria, Paso, now SLO…is this a cultural thing or what?

Let’s see, police and paramedic costs, ambulance costs, emergency room costs, doctor costs, and probably a few X-rays, more costs, while living in substadizing housing, free utilities, definitely on food foods, MediCal, and no doubt receiving some cash allowance for the other kids she probably has going to school getting free transportation, breakfast, lunch after school care, snacks and the dinners now provided.a. Hardworking taxpayers money well at use. Keep voting for those tax increaes and the same old politicians saying the same old $@it, we need your help for schools, police, fire, prisons, etc etc. WHAT A CIRCUS!

Slo bird you got that right! We end up paying for all their low life activities !

Mother had her son when she was about 18 years old who obviously did not

Raise him right cause she’s caught up in his bull s..t!!!! Sad sad story to us but probably normal

Everyday life for them!

Just one more sad story of out of control people…

Bet none are legal citizens and none had insurance…

Only 25K bail, what the ?? There must be more to this story.

Yes…what the hey….. The Mexican wars are moving North out of Santa Maria. It will not get any better…… !Or ..possibly they are moving South from King City… I pray for change next Tuesday… Another Black period….and We are in big trouble. Possibly… sit on the floor… put Your head between Your knees.. and kiss Yourself good bye.

You are correct. There have been several town hall meetings with Sheriff Parkinson about the gangs moving in from the north, south and the east from the valley and how they are recruiting the younger latinos to sell drugs and cause mahem…

No need to give in or give up, be prepared and report all illegal activity immediately to LEO.

Some of us have built up our neighborhood watch programs and gotten our neighbors aware of the problems.

photocal says:” I pray for change next Tuesday… Another Black period….and We are in big trouble. Possibly… sit on the floor… put Your head between Your knees.. and kiss Yourself good bye.”

That is the most WTF comment I have seen all day ” Another Black period” and your world will end?

Flat land, Templeton?

yes kettle another black period… of course… I could have said dark period, trying period, or whatever…………… possibly a poor choice of words. I guess Your happy with all the sh* t thats going on ? and……. never said anything about the World ending. By the way, possibly Your not old enough to remember the old saying ” put Your head between Your knees and…………….. Most older,adult voters will. Enjoy Your life ! Hope You can afford it !

For those who havent heard thr very old saying… it was : Sit on the floor… put Your head between Your legs…. and kiss Your ass goodbye.” Well …….it use to be funny… but kinda true.