Paso Robles mayoral candidate arrested on election night

November 8, 2012

Jeff Rougeot

On election night, Paso Robles mayoral candidate Jeff Rougeot spent the night in jail after a San Luis Obispo County superior court judge ordered him reprimanded because of a string of crimes he allegedly committed during a two month spree. His bail is set at $1,135,000.

Rougeot, 45, is scheduled for arraignment today on two felony and six misdemeanor charges that include two for driving under the influence, four for violating a restraining order and one for threatening to shoot and kill a neighbor with a 9mm handgun.

Following an exclusive CalCoastNews article detailing the arrests, several members of Rougeot’s family blamed his ex-wife and a recent divorce for Rougeot’s actions. Ed Sauret, Rougeot’s uncle, said in an email he felt the information should not have been made public.

“A recently settled and difficult divorce can send even the strongest of people onto a difficult, even self-destructive course,” Sauret said. “Jeff is a fine person with a good heart who loves his children and his family. The police information you elected to publish is only one side of a very messy story that, frankly, the specific details of which are not the general public’s business.”


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thank you T Bone for your post! As a personal friend of Jeff’s , I agree with you 100%….It’s just amazing me how many judgmental people are on here posting about a person — they only know a fraction about…Don’t get me wrong… I believe Jeff’s actions are his, and his needs to own up to them and take

responsibility. But, it still very sad….. His children are the one’s who will be paying the price for all of


Its funny how people become defensive, defending the ex and they completely miss the important part!! That the “police” information that they “elected” (or were given) really makes him seem like a bad person. But sometimes we aren’t always equipped to deal with serious life changing issues (i.e. the drinking and violating restraining order) As far as the threat on the neighbor – the guy seemed wired for sound! If you walked outside he would stare you and your kids down until you left or went back inside your home. He also racially derogatory threats to a young kid because he was standing in the yard. Just a glimpse of the good ole neighbor, and Jeff was one of many that had encounters with the “neighbor.”

Don’t people get divorced for a reason?? They have been separated over two years. Yeah, that seem like a reasonable, explanation, blame the ex….she poured the liquor down his throat, made him drive, gave him a gun and made him terrorize a neighbor…oh yeah, then convinced him to run for mayor and make a fool of himself. I’m not buying it, but for his family, keep telling yourself whatever you need to, I guess.