Another try for immigrant bill

December 3, 2012

California’s Democratically-controlled Legislature welcomes its new members today, and some lawmakers have already sprung into action. (Sacramento Bee)

Assemblymen Tom Ammiano and Luis Alejo, along with Sen. Kevin De León, all Democrats, are reintroducing the “Trust Act,” aiming to stop deportation of undocumented immigrants arrested for non-violent and minor offenses.

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar measure in September, but the bill’s sponsors said they now have corrected problems, and also the votes to override a gubernatorial veto.

Ammiano said in a statement that he “wanted to reintroduce this immediately because these policies have been hurting people every day.”

In his veto message, Brown said, “Until we have immigration reform, federal agents shouldn’t try to coerce local law enforcement officers into detaining people who’ve been picked up for minor offenses and pose no reasonable threat to their community.” But he said the original bill was “flawed” because it didn’t define “serious” or “violent” adequately. Brown now says he will consider a new bill with those issues properly addressed.

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When are we going to say, “enough is enough!” or is it too late already?

I don’t ‘get’ it, why “Latino’s”, who I assume are citizens, would support illegal immigration which costs them money and along with the intangible cost of ill feeling towards them when a certain segment of our society lumps them all together , which is terribly wrong.

Perhaps you did not see all of the state and federal politicians with white skin and money voting to help white people with lots of money.

Where is your outrage now?

I mean really if you cross the border illegal today, you can start your own business here on the same day without papers, even right here in San Luis Obispo.

Go to SLO City Hall, fill out a business fictitious license form, pay $65.00, then go to New Times or Telegram Tribune, pay $40.00 to run a fictitious license statement for 30 days, then go to any bank like Bank of America, open a checking account, you can even use a SLO library card to open a checking account and the SLO library doesn’t require an id either. Funny, you don’t really need an id with City Hall, the newspapers as not all banks require an id.

There you go, now you have an illegal immigrant family in business with little know how. I mean the Obama’s and the democrats are sending flyers to Mexico how to get into America and how to live and start a business. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and they’re here.

And Americans are hiring them left and right, even here in San Luis Obispo, we’re hiring illegal immigrant gardeners, housekeepers, janitors, contractors, drivers, you name it. Even the SLO Chamber of Commerce doesn’t ask for E-Verify on businesses or if companies are doing business not hiring illegal immigrants. Why not? – because the Chamber of Commerce is a business too, even the SLO Downtown Association, some issue, they don’t to interfere with their clients how they do business. Just like in every town, city and City & County governments does not want to be ask questions who they contact or hire people. They’re everywhere.

The City of SLO is contacting illegal immigrant vendors, so is the SLO County doing the same thing. What is getting done about it, nothing. I mean really to see these vendors driving non-commercial vehicles contacting jobs for the city on people that don’t speak English and are opening on fake I9’s coming from Santa Maria, the hometown of fake id’s at your service.

2000 illegal immigrants are crossing the borders every single day in California, that’s over 650,000 people here each year and notice how the democrats are winning votes? Sure do.

I remember I was at the SLO DMV months ago, a Latino woman couldn’t speak English but she had a daughter less than 10 years old did all the translation for her and the mother was an illegal immigrant and you know what, the SLO DMV gave her a driver’s license when the State is not supposed to grant licenses to illegal immigrants. Now tell me, how many people at the SLO DMV grant licenses to illegal immigrants every day? That’s just one DMV office? The State of California cannot grant licenses to illegal immigrants and here is one office ignoring the laws in California.

Want to file a complaint? Contact democrat run Sacramento and the complaint will go nowhere.

Very sad.

Now who voted democrat this election?

This is what happens when you have a democrat run State, we’re are blue as the ocean California is highest deficit State there is.

Now we have more democrats trying to right the laws to not deport illegal immigrants even more (the dream act is one) but also the authors are Latino’s, did anybody say conflict of interests?

On top of that, 85% Latino’s vote democrat, more illegal immigrants more votes, more democrats – more social programs, sound familiar, you bet. Cross the border and the secret password is vote democrat for these illegal immigrants.

Obama’s state, free stuff. Getcha Obama phone and section 8 housing and a whole lot more.

Oh did not know that Cal Coast News monitors all my comments, they sure do.

leatherpink says:”but also the authors are Latino’s, did anybody say conflict of interests?”

So white elected officials can’t vote on issues that might help white people?

Free people don’t vote for the historical oppressors, you must be fox news schooled.

Even today the GOP voted against disabled people with Bob Dole in a wheelchair!

I heard there was some tea party paranoia going around, now I know it’s racist too.

“Racism is usually defined as views, practices and actions reflecting the belief that humanity is divided into distinct biological groups called races and that members of a certain race share certain attributes which make that group as a whole less desirable, more desirable, inferior or superior.”

Swap “desirable” for “detremental” then drop the “inferior or superior” part of your quote, who says that anyway?.

Kettle, Why do “illegals” whine that America doesn’t give them enough freebies nor fast enough after they transgress into our territory?

Note what Mexicans do to EACHOTHER when they transgress into each other’s territory. We’re guilty of being slow with the freebies while our sisters and brothers to the south are guilty of mass murder…for the same crime, transgression.

Blame the economists who whisperd to the politicians that you can grow your economy faster by importing cheap labor which also provides the other cheap and easy steroid for economic growth, an ever-increasing population (more workers/consumers).

So more “over-educated” turkeys forgetting to run their research findings through the morality filter. Including the degreed demographers who inform the politians who’s ass needs their lips planted securly to. Everything’s been for sale in America, and now we find we’ve been “sold out”.

What part of illegal doesn’t our elected public servents understand, other countries don’t play nice with us, why do we continue to play nice with people that break the law here.

I wonder if slamming your panga into someone’s face is a minor offense.

Seems likes laws are more strictly enforced on legals than illegals, this is where the resentment comes from, we get a right to expensive kangoroo hearings and they get to have a reform of our laws on them.

Seems like illegals have more power than legals!

We need reform on our own system

And so it begins…

The very fact that a person has entered our country illegally makes them a criminal and now we want to argue about whether or not we should deport them for committing other “criminal acts”? Have we all lost our minds? If you’re here illegally, you need to be deported.