Assaults continue at ASH after fines

December 17, 2012

Patients injured four employees at Atascadero State Hospital in the 11 days following the issuance of a $27,000 fine for unsafe working conditions. [Tribune]

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health fined ASH $27,000 on November 29 for an ongoing pattern of patient assaults on employees. The next day a patient injured two employees.

Two nurses reported back and neck pain after trying to stabilize a patient around 8 p.m. on November 30. Five days later, another nurse injured her wrist while trying to stabilize a patient on December 5. And five days after that, yet another nurse suffered jaw pain after what hospital officials deemed an aggressive incident with a patient on December 10.

ASH did not release the names of the injured employees.

The state hospital received an additional $450 fine on November 29 for erasing the names of the injured employees on records submitted to the state for investigation. The $27,000 fine came as a result of a report chronicling an average of 10 patient-caused injuries per month at ASH from January to September.


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I feel really bad for the employees who actually think they have a good job at ASH. The mental damage done to the employees at ASH outweighs the benefits of working for such a horrible place. I would rather make less money with better outcomes! Get out while you can……

You can’t shoot them and you can’t medicate them…what b*llsh*t…..

Huh! Robert Grigger Jones was appointed to the advisory board for the Atascadero State Hospital and could probably offer a comment or two.

Ironic that Attorney Jones is on the advisory board considering he went to great lengths to paint a “mentally unfit” picture of my character which was sorely unwarranted,. Also his wife Alice, a marriage therapist, told me on the phone that I was “Unbalanced”.

State records from the hospital relating to employee injuries are hampered with? Employee names erased? Scary stuff!

Like their “patients” or clients or inmates as the rest of us call them the hospital is going to have to have an intervention of their own and come to terms and admit that yes, they do have a problem. Like any abuser nothing will ever happen until that person, or in this case the hospital, admits to their problem and seeks the help that is needed to help cure the problem.

Mr. Holly? Assuming that is your real name, here is some insight from an actual prisoner regarding how serious offenders fake mental illness in an effort to be moved to the ASH

$27,000 fine. ASH could care less about a fine. It’s all taxpayer money!

Gee…the state fining the state. WHAT A JOKE