Lessons to be learned in Los Osos

December 17, 2012

Julie Tacker


I find myself wishing more arrests will be made in San Luis Obispo County today in order to bump the unbecoming mug shot of sweet George Taylor off the right side column of the webpages of the SLO Tribune.

Especially since charges were reduced to “assisted suicide” for what must have been the most torturous decision George and his lovely wife of 66 years, Gewynn, had ever faced.

No one will ever know what drove them to decide to end their lives and no one should judge their choice. I, for one, will not. I witnessed how much they loved being together.

Theirs was a love to be envied.

To be nearing the end of their lives, facing what so many elderly do, stroke, heart attack, degeneration of their physical and mental faculties, they made a choice that many would never consider. They chose to take control of what the rest of us leave to fate.

While tragically their effort failed, the selfless contributions to their community and devotion to each other make their lives together so much more important than the ‘how” or the “why” of the Montana de Oro incident that put their humble selves into the headlines.

Something good will come from it all; perhaps it will draw attention to the issues they championed, the devastating effects of the $173 million sewer (both environmental and financial) on the disadvantaged community of Los Osos. Better yet, push Gewynn’s mantra and the more important issue of seawater intrusion and the decade’s long neglect of the water basin to the forefront, where it belongs.

Perhaps more importantly, their tragedy will draw attention to the worldwide impact of depression among the aging and end the debate surrounding assisted suicide.

George and Gewynn made their mark on the community of Los Osos. They led by example; speak up for what you believe in, help those less fortunate and to love one another unconditionally.

George is still here, it’s our turn to help him. It’s our turn to follow their example; speak up for what you believe in, help those less fortunate and to love one another unconditionally.

Thank you George and Gewynn for your sacrifice and the example you have set for us all.

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A very presumptious article but not surprising considering the gadfly author.

The articles goal of trying to leverage this tragedey to make the anti-sewer folks feel soothed makes me sick. “Something good will come from it all…”???? Please

I’m sticking my head back in the sand. I’m not even going to think about the notion that Los Osos residents on fixed incomes will be paying $200-300 per month as well as a $5K-10K one-time hook-up fee. It just ain’t a big deal.

“While tragically their effort failed…”

I don’t think the Taylor’s daughter, family and friends share that sentiment.

please focus your commentary on the story and ideas presented, comments directed to or about the author are candidates for removal.

This comment from the moderator nicely frames the Los Osos sewer saga. The moderator requests that people focus their comments on the ideas presented in the article and not the author. As a result, most people end up “dis-liking” the request? It appears easier to flame the author than it does the ideas the author presented.

I respect George & Gewynn’s decision. It’s a tragedy that something went terribly wrong & the “outcome” wasn’t what the couple had planned…I was the first person to post my distaste for the horrible “mug shot” that the Trib chose to publish on their front page, proving to me once again that the TRIB has absolutely no class & is the most unprofessional publication I have ever seen, it’s no wonder their readership has declined to the point where they should seriously consider closing their doors. Their bloggers on the “George/Gewynn” subject has brought out the most VILE

(TO CONTINUE) COMMENTERS…. People such as Shirley Devine & Lynnette Tornatsky have been making absolutely wild speculations. One would think their “moderator” would have deleted their ugly comments. George is indeed a very sweet man & the poor guy will be living with the loss of Gewynn for the rest of his life. They were a sweet & devoted couple. They were a couple to emulate as far as their devotion to each other…

SLO Tribune ?????????? Are they still in business?

Yes, @ 48 bucks for 13 weeks. It’s so small now it reminds me of a school paper.

UPDATE!!! New bill came, they actually raised the 13 wk. subscription to 57 bucks!!!

As the thing shrinks??? Time to close it down Sandy, let someone else in here.