Avila Beach under health advisory

December 5, 2012

San Luis Obispo County health officials have posted warnings of poor water quality at Avila Beach.

Following a heavy rain, health officials warn that bacteria, pathogens, worms and viruses can end up in the ocean and suggest staying out of the water for 72 hours.

SLO Environmental Health Services staff collects ocean water samples at 19 locations along the coast on a weekly basis. Samples are then analyzed for three types of indicator bacteria that may cause human illness.

If state standards are not met, a health advisory is issued.


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This is from the thousands of dump that the homeless and their dogs take in San Luis Creek believe it or not. Plus tons of trash. Very politically incorrect and I expect to be deleted.

The following link is for the the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (RWQCB) Wastewater Discharge Requirements (WDR) for the Avila Beach CSD’s wastewater treatment facility: tinyurl.com/coqeh6q

ABCSD’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDS) permit is #CA0047830

I really wanted to make a snarky comment about how full of sh!t people in this area are (thus the over-flow of sewage); but the seriousness of sewage leaks has forced me to see there is a stark coincidence between poor facility planning and (apparently) the Wallace Group.

Too bad government is such a lousy source of oversight and administration, all they can do is fine themselves for being the failures they ultimately are. The citizenry just gets crapped on (literally) and financially (to cover the fines).

This really stinks (pun intended).


John Wallace is the General Manager and District Engineer for Avila Beach CSD (ABCSD), so no one should be surprised that Avila Beach’s $hit spilled out into the ocean with a storm.

According to the ABCSD’s website, the WWT plant’s average inflow is 0.2 million gallons per day. There is no other information on the ABCSD’s website regarding the facility, the type of treatment, etc.

According to the Wallace Group (TWG)‘s website (tinyurl.com/aunb8bw), Wallace/WG is in charge of/ is responsible for/ performs functions of/ is developing policies and programs for/ the following for ABCSD:

1. ABCSD’s wastewater treatment plant.

2. ABCSD’s SSMP (Sewer System Management Plan ).

3. ABCSD’s FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) program, including selection of facilities to be inspected, inspection protocols and inspection forms.

4. TWG has developed a GIS-based program to track changes/development of parcels.

5. TWG is developing the WDR (Waste Discharge Requirements) plan.

6. TWG is also in charge of preparation of operation and capital improvement budgets.

7. TWG has prepared Design and Performance Standards that are used for District operations and construction, as well as the SSMP.

8. TWG prepared a system evaluation and capacity analysis that was used in the SSMP.

9. TWG also is in charge of/ is responsible for all reporting to applicable regulatory agencies, either directly or through their affiliated company, Fluid Resource Management (FRM).

10. TWG Group has set up California Integrated Water Quality System (CIWQS) reporting for SSOs (Sanitary System Overflows) and Monthly Reporting, performing these functions in conjunction with FRM

11. TWG has also set up the required reporting to the California Integrated Water Quality System.


According to the Santa Maria Times (June 2012), the Avila Beach Community Services District was criticized in a SLOCo Grande Jury Report (regarding transparency of SLOCo’s Community Services Districts) for not having a website (which would provide reasonably easy access to the public for the Brown-Act required posting of board meeting agendas prior to the board meeting, as well as approved board meeting minutes, budget, how to contact the district, etc.). The grand jury felt that Avila Beach CSD’s $1.13million budget is more than enough to provide a website with basic information.

The ABCSD’s reply to the GJ Report was that, as of August 2012, they now have a functioning website. On visiting the website, there is very basic information. There are now links to agendas and minutes, and the heading indicates there should be a “board packet,” but there is no link to board packets (which would include staff notes and other reports for each item).

Therefore, the ABCSD customers are still uninformed on the items to be discussed at each meeting.

ABCSD discharges its partially treated wastewater into the ocea, much like the SSLOCSD does.

Did Avila actually spill or is this closure do to the typical non-point source pollution that occurs each year during the first heavy rain which “flushes” the local creeks?

Good question.

Does anybody see a trend here? Sewage spills EVERYWHERE! No wonder over 1,500 people in this country are dying every single day from cancer.

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The Associated Press reported last year that the drinking water of at least 51 million Americans contains minute concentrations of a multitude of drugs. Water utilities, replying to an AP questionnaire, acknowledged the presence of antibiotics, sedatives, sex hormones and dozens of other drugs in their supplies. Water treatment facilities DO NOT get these contaminates out.

The RWQCB boycotted the technology PROVEN to them and the entire US that removes 100%, yes 100% of ALL POLLUTANTS from your sewage or any polluted water stream to a healthy water that EXCEEDS NATIONAL DRINKING WATER STANDARDS with a PH level of 7.5 to 8. Cancer cells cannot live in a PH level of 7.5 or higher.

This technology RECYCLES your water for your 100% reuse however you choose, oh and by the way it is UNLAWFUL for you to flush your sewage into a sewer without FIRST pre-treating it to remove all the pollutants and cancer causing agents BEFORE it goes into leaking old sewer lines to migrate into our drinking water, rivers and oceans.

33 USC § 1311 – Effluent limitations –

(a) Illegality of pollutant discharges except in compliance with law

Except as in compliance with this section and sections 1312, 1316, 1317, 1328, 1342, and 1344 of this title, the discharge of any pollutant by any person shall be unlawful.

Morro Bay and Cayucos has gaping holes in their sewer lines which dump thousands of pounds of carcinogens every single day RIGHT INTO THE DRINKING WATER.

With such rapid advances with technology in so many areas do you really think there have not been advances in water purification as well? So why are your public servants lying to you? Would you believe MONEY? Every Community Service District, City, County, State get almost 40% of their revenue from water and sewer related costs and if you use this technology that ALL goes away and they can’t charge you for the sewer, you would only use a fraction of the water and they could not resell the water from your sewage to make more money. They would rather collect your checks and POISON YOU!

And they will continue as long as you let them…..

Sewage ESPECIALLY spills when John Wallace/The Wallace Group runs the facility.

John Wallace is General Manager and District Engineer, and most of the contracting seems to be going to–no surprise–The Wallace Group..

We have all read about the sewage spills that occur during winter storms overtaxing sewage plants. My curiousity has to ask if the absolutely need sewage plant for Los Osos has a history of poluting Morro Bay thence our beaches? One thing that is certain, by what is written, once there is a sewage plant the Regional Water Quality Control Board has a new custormer to routinely fine. Another cash cow brought to you by the sun of the beaches.