Man dead after police standoff

December 5, 2012

A Roseville man suspected of attempted murder apparently shot himself fatally early this morning after a lengthy standoff in Grover Beach.

William Roger Forgey, 46, was found dead at around 2:30 a.m after SWAT officers entered the house where he had been hiding. According to Grover Beach Police Commander John Peters, the man had a self-inflicted wound.

Forgey allegedly shot and wounded his estranged wife Saturday at the residence at 823 Mentone Ave., left the area, and then returned to what officials called the “original crime scene.” His wife, who remains unidentified by officials, survived, but no further information on her condition has been made available.

Officers from the Grover Beach Police Department, Pismo Beach Police Department, Arroyo Grande Police Department, California Highway Patrol, San Luis Obispo County Probation Department, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department and the United States Marshals Service surrounded the residence.

Peters said negotiators were unable to convince Forgey to surrender. He was armed with a .45-caliber handgun, police said.

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It would seem to me that this man was a coward, through and through; using a handgun to shoot his wife was the act of a person who does not have the courage of his convictions to confront his wife with an honest dialog, probably fearing that she would make him realize that he was being unreasonable, so he chooses to shoot her, most likely to “teach her a lesson”, truly the act of a coward. After he shoots her, he goes into hiding, again, the act of a coward. When he is confronted by an overwhelming law enforcement presence, he takes the coward’s way out and shoots himself because he did not want to take responsibility for his actions. If he ever has any sort of grave marker, it should be required that it be labeled that he was a coward, proven by his actions.


Nevertheless, William Roger Forgey has been forgiven by the Christian doctrine and is heaven bound as we speak, praise!

Ted, all due respect to your beliefs, but if that’s the kind of people allowed into heaven, then heaven is not a place I want to be.


But, you’re going to miss out on a glorious reunion in heaven!

Just to name a very few that will be awaiting us in our glorious heaven because they were “forgiven”, will be the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Bill Jones (Jonestown), all the child molesting Catholic priests, and all the killers, rapists, and child molesters that are in prison and that turned to God for their forgiveness! (Mark 3:28)

You’d better become a Christian, or you’ll go to hell and mingle with the likes of atheists like; John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Mark Twain, Katharine Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, Steve Wozniak, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, George Carlin, John Lennon, William Shatner, Mick Jagger, George Clooney and many, many, many more other famous people.

Meeting up with these people in hell as shown above should make you become a Christian post haste so you won’t have to see them! Better think it over. I will pray for you.

Ted, this will be my last post here on this subject.

Save your “prayers” for someone who wants, needs and appreciates them, for I don’t.

Even if your MYTH was true, that doesn’t look like a bad group to hang out with and I’d be proud to rub elbows with them.

Check your likes and dislikes here and you’ll see that it’s running four to one dislikes to likes. Does that tell you anything?

You can thump your bible untill the cow’s come home and it won’t change my mind one little bit.


Regarding my “dislikes”, they are from pseudo-christians that don’t like the actual passages within the bible that I bring forth. They are spoon-fed their doctrine, and want their bible their way, not God’s way, so they don’t count.

They are hell bound for thinking that they know more than the God they “allegedly” worship.

Yeah, I sometimes think its better to be an atheist, because hell, look at the people I would rub shoulders with in hell! But, all TRUE Christians, will have to settle for the likes of the people that I showed are in heaven now because of our “Forgiveness Doctrine”. Oh well. :(

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

PS, think of the savings to us


Best possible outcome in my opinion. No LEO has a persons death on his or her concience and none have to prove to anyone that the shooting was justified.

Also, a possibly lengthy and expensive trial was avoided where some bleeding heart defense attorney tried to convince (dupe) the juror’s into believing that the husband was really the victim and shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions.

If the man was a Christian and as such will be forgiven and not held accountable for his wrong doing, I think that’s just wrong.


“If the man was a Christian and as such will be forgiven and not held accountable for his wrong doing, I think that’s just wrong.” Take your ungodly position up with the Hebrew/Christian God of the bible, not me, nor anyone else.

Like I’ve stated before, the Christian has no choice but to forgive the rapists, killers, child killers and molesters,etc., all because of the “Forgiveness Doctrine”.

Jesus says, “If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.” ( Matthew 6:14-15)

Simple math, 2+2=4.

I’m NOT a Christian, nor do I believe in any supreme being, heaven or hell.

I don’t feel inclined to FORGIVE any of the criminals that you say you will be forgiven.

Then you won’t be forgiven either.

At least William Roger Forgey has been forgiven by Jesus, even though he tried to kill his wife. This is why our Christian “Forgiveness Doctrine” is so essenstial to our lives here on earth. The Christian doesn’t have to be held responsible for their wrongdoings, whereas the unbelivers do, praise!

“Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme”. (Mark 3:28)

Well I’d like to thank Mr. Forgey for saving the taxpayers the cost of a trial and incarceration.

I agree, however, did we really need agents from SEVEN (7) law enforcement agencies? That seems like a lot… I wonder how many “boots on the ground” in total there were. Yowza.

Do you want less cops there so the guy can potentially get away and escape to do another harm? Good thinking Roy!! The SLO Regional SWAT Team is made up from a few different agencies, but each agency only contibutes a few cops each. Some smaller ones only give 1 or two cops to the team. So, yes…7 agencies were needed to contain this idiot to make sure he did not get away.