Los Osos sewer issues prompt suicide?

December 12, 2012

In 2011, Gewynn Tayor confronted San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson over his claim that Los Osos residents can cover the cost of the proposed sewer project with the equity in their homes. Gewynn said his premise was incorrect and could lead to some residents committing suicide.

On Monday evening, George and Gewynn Taylor drove to the end of Pecho Valley Road in Montana de Oro to carry out the alleged suicide pact.

After discovering the body of Gewynn Tayor next to her injured but still living husband, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested George Taylor for allegedly murdering his wife.


Gewynn Taylor

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I have zero respect for suicide and even less for failed attempts that leave a man a widow. Notice he didn’t arrange to have HER kill him first? Pathetic.

Clearly, “stunned” ,YOU don’t know what you’re talking about! A man left behind is called a “widower” NOT a widow…that’s the woman! YOU are very insensitive & obviously do NOT know the people involved in this story…

People’s choice and ladies first, if your life sucks it’s your right not to live it! The county should spread out the costs as a county of united people, not just victimize the ones who live in the corruptly voted kill zone!@ Los Osos

I do not support suicide myself, but you have some serious nerve coming on here and saying this kind of shit. Obviously you have no respect for living people either if your willing to publicly offend relatives or friends of these people that may read this garbage. I have seen a lot of ignorant and ludicrous stuff on here, but you sir are unique among all assholes, because you are a genuine pro-choice poster child.

Well now that the charge has been changed to assisted suicide, the D.A. should do the right thing and drop the charges. He should do it under the precept of simular cases. Example when a fire arm has accidently discharged and killed a man’s kid, they will drop charges, figuring they will suffer more with their carelessness.

Here the case is easily made that George is not a threat to society, the man is going to suffer terribly with guilt and it was not done with malice.

There is nothing to be gained in persuing this any further. Charge him, (for paper works sake) then drop all charges. The man has suffered enough. I don’t know you George but God Bless and I wish you what peace you can find in your remaining years.

I agree. George is absolutely no threat to anyone! He’s a very sweet & caring person. It’s tragic that their “plan” didn’t result the way they obviously intended. NO one should sit in judgemnet of them. George, I’m sure, is living in his own private HELL as a result of the outcome…

Mr. Taylor will be arraigned today on charges of assisted suicide which is much better than the ridiculous charge of murder. Mrs Taylor died of carbon monoxide poisoning but Mr Taylor remained conscious in the car for some reason and tried to follow through with their agreement in another fashion but was discovered before he was able to do so. Their reasons were Mr Taylor’s failing health and financial burdens.

God Bless this family, my prayers are with them especially George. Hopefully he will be released to the care of his daughter.

Survivor’s remorse must be taking a devastating toll on him at this point.

George needs a strong support network to help him through this.

Whether or not this tragic suicide event was based partly on the inability to pay impending sewer costs and the thought of losing her home, everyone needs to be aware that overreaching regulations in the name of clean water and clean air are causing similar problems (loss of homes and private property) throughout the US.

The Los Osos sewer was dictated by the Coastal Commission (if I remember right) without regard to homeowners who would not be able to pay the costs. In other words, it was known some twenty years ago that the time would come when some people would be forced to sell and move out. In the old days, people that couldn’t pay for the sewer would be grandfathered in until the house was sold, at which time, the house would have to be connected to the sewer and the fees paid.

Today, there are people fighting “overreaching” dictates by the EPA in the name of clean water and clean air. Examples include: http://oversight.house.gov/hearing/field-hearing-epa-overreach-and-the-impact-on-new-hampshire-communities/ http://www.pacificlegal.org/page.aspx?pid=616. So far, six EPA overreach cases have been overturned by the Supreme Court in favor of private property rights, a fight that has taken years in each case.

In this county, the County “Global Warming Committee” wanted to require everyone to replace their non-energy efficient windows–at a cost to the homeowner of ca. $10–$40,000. Fortunately, the BOS nixed that idea– for now.

Gewynn Taylor was trying to explain the heartache and devastation of some elderly homeowners in Los Osos losing their property to a sewer mandate. Why do people still refuse to listen to her message?

Please, you are almost 100 percent incorrect on the history of the LO sewer, The Coastal Commission is just another permitting agency established in 1972 they do not “require” any kind of sewer, just that the coast is protected. Look to the Regional Water Quality Control Board which was established after passage of the Clean Water act (Reagan) At the Time of passage there was state money available to communities to build infrastructure like sewers, that is why almost everyone that uses a sewer that was built before, lets say 1975 did not bear the full burden of paying for it. Fast track to now, and there aint no mo state money, that’s why the 1200 homes in LO are on the hook for the whole enchilada. I could go on and on but I won’t

The Clean Water was was enacted long before Reagan…circa 1972. In 1987 he had the act amended to address non-point source pollution.

The historical difficulties with respect to a viable sewer in Los Osos lies squarely with the county and their failure to recognize the need, and to access the then available resources, to build a sewer.

And Pelican and Vagabond are both wrong, sort of. The nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards (known then as Water Pollution Control Boards), were formed in 1949 by the State Legislature under the Dickey Act. For you Cal Poly engineer types, Paul Bonderson was the first Executive Officer. Yes there is a connection to the Bonderson building on campus. That would be the son, Paul Junior, who is a Cal Poly graduate.

Mr. Water, I referring to the Clean Water Act, not the RWQCB’s.The boards job is to enforce the act, NOT tell communities they have to have a sewer…UNLESS the community violates the regulatory terms and conditions of the Clean Water Act.

The CCRWQCB DID NOT tell Los Osos they had to have a sewer, or even what kind of sewer they had to have, they told them that they had to do something to stop the pollution from the septic tanks.

OK…I’m just thinking out loud here so bear with me.

How do we know for sure that this indeed was a “suicide pact gone wrong?” Was there a note signed from both of them? What if Mrs. Taylor was referring to her husband at the Feb 2011 B.O.S. mtg–that HE was considering suicide and she was worried about HIM? How do we know that they didn’t make that fateful drive and he just snapped, killing her first though she maybe didn’t want to die; she just wanted to keep him from killing himself?

Again, just playing devil’s advocate; it’s such a sad story that I wonder what really happened in those days/weeks leading up to this horrible incident. Regardless, I offer my sincere condolences to the Taylor’s family and friends and hope the truth will come out.

Short answer: Please don’t speculate or surmise. Your imagination is flat wrong. The Taylors are wonderful people. Details will come out in due time from the proper sources.

Exactly, Kevin…At THIS point in time, (to my knowledge at least) no one (I know of) knows the cause or MANNER of death…Please don’t speculate on this…

You are right that no one knows, hence why as upsetting as it is, the authorities had no choice but to arrest him, so they can try and get to the facts of what went tragically wrong.

This, obviously from the posts here, was a very loving couple and now we have this ending. Like everyone I think people are trying to wrap their minds around how did we get from A to B here.

I feel bad that it came to such a horrible conclusion for the couple and all their friends posting here.

Sometimes desperation, fear, depression and anxiety can make people feel trapped.

There are a few people that know some detail, but it’s important to respect the process. Meanwhile, let’s not create speculative rumor. I’d rather hear about how we might assist the family with costs or support.

There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it and when he can.

It appears that a curse has befallen the community for those that have expressed their heart felt feelings regarding the sewer controversy. It’s time to end this insanity and honor those who have made a difference regardless of your opinion. It’s a time for healing.

If “Bruce Gibson claim that Los Osos residents can cover the cost of the proposed sewer project with the equity in their homes”

Then who the hell needs his face in office!

George Taylor gives tribute to Bo Cooper on Sept. 4, 2012

“I will insist upon having meaningful participation in the political decision process.”