California gun sales skyrocket after school shooting

December 20, 2012

In the aftermath of an election and another school shooting, firearm sales in California are at an all-time high. [PressEnterprise]

Friday’s shooting at a Connecticut school in which a gunman shot and killed 20 children and six adults with a .223-caliber Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle has reignited calls for gun control legislation.

In October, with pre-election debates including arguments for and against stricter gun control laws, gun enthusiasts began scrambling to pick up weapons that could be banned.

According to the FBI, during the month of October, background checks required for gun purchases in California jumped 27 percent, from 89,164 to 113,832.

Following the November election, gun sales increased 49 percent compared to the same time last year, according to the California Department of Justice.

California already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. The state bans assault weapons, requires background checks on all gun buyers, requires that all gun sales be processed through a licensed dealer, bans the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines and has a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of firearms.


The Gimlet Eye

Obama is asking Americans to support gun control by calling their representatives in Congress “as many times as it takes”. [More than 400,000 people have signed a petition on a White House website in support of gun control. Evidently, those who oppose gun control have been intimidated and silenced by the public mourning for students at Sandy Hook.] McClatchy 2012 Dec 21

The Gimlet Eye

Here is a shocking list of school shootings, murders, suicides and other violent acts committed by people who were taking psychotropic drugs. [If you are looking for the common denominator in all these acts of violence, this is it.] SSRI Stories 2012 Dec 21

Jack L

The gun banners aren’t rational people. They are emotional. They are desperate to implement something, anything that will make them appear as if they are addressing the issue. In reality they simply want to make themselves feel better. Because they have no idea about what’s going on they fixate on gun control — a silver bullet that they feel will put an end to all evil.

Of course that’s nonsense, dangerous nonsense at that.

They don’t want to see the sorts of hard data that you presented. Their mantra is “assault weapon!”, “assault weapon!”, “assault weapon!” even though such firearms have been under tight federal control since 1934 and are virtually unobtainable in California. Notice how they ignore handguns? Because they know that handguns are NOT going anywhere!

They also don’t want to look at the facts that attempts at gun control have failed in CA. Why look at the facts when they have ignorance and emotion on their sides? More and more I feel we are at a defining moment in the USA’s history. Actual Americans vs. NWO scumbags who want to bring down the USA. Be prepared for one helluva fight.


Recommending that MORE guns be deployed in order to reduce gun crime is RATIONAL thinking?

How sad.


Recommending that good, honest, law abiding citizens have a method by which to meet evil on a level playing field is indeed rational.

Suggesting that those same good people should be disarmed in the face of evil is NOT rational.

Keep in mind: gun owners are a minority in this country. Additionally, the rights to Keep and Bear arms ARE Civil Rights.

So, you are advocating against the exercise of civil rights by a minority group. I think that is commonly referred to as bigotry.


Crusader says:”Actual Americans vs. NWO scumbags who want to bring down the USA. Be prepared for one helluva fight.”

And you call out others for being emotional? you doth protest too much.

Also you do not have a stronger claim on our USA then any other citizen. So stop dissing people who exercise there rights.

Everyone say it now “Hypo……..


The NRA’s answer to gun violence, put an armed guard in EVERY school…pathetic.

Once again, they have taken the low road.


What’s pathetic is the belief that “gun control” will make our schools safer.


Sort of like “gun free zones.”

Just another feel-good notion that has turned schools, churches, public buildings, etc. into killing zones.

Jack L

If a trained professional armed guard does not make schools safer, then why are armed guards posted in so many places like airports, court houses, the buildings that major media channels use to tape their programs at, some hospitals, surround the president, posted around the governors mansion, given to all the supreme court judges as security, at many malls, and dozens of other places the cities use on a daily basis? Security systems and a well trained teacher and staff plus a armed guard surely is a major deterrent. Many schools already have them like Cal Poly.


I would like to hear some of the gun-banners here respond to your question.


A deterrent sure but the unbalanced person who bought a background check free “private party” gun show rifle will just go to a less protected target or have it out with the first responders.

In the long term what all the NRA drones want is a rent a cop with gun in every public place, park, store and ultimately every street corner. Guess who profits?

This is the police state gimlett goes on about.


Meth is illegal to possess, use, and sell. It kills randomly and without mercy. How effective are our laws in limiting anything that people want?

Secondly, do you really think criminals go to gun shows to buy firearms??? Please.

Lastly, since the 1970s the Israelis have implemented armed guards, teachers, and parents in their schools. They have about a billion people who hate them surrounding their country. They have had 8 children die in the last 10 years as a result of school shootings. 40 years has proven that this type of solution WORKS.

The Gimlet Eye

Gimlet? What about Obama? Shouldn’t he be the focus? And what about China?

China is calling on Obama to implement gun control in America. [Sure! Let’s all follow the Chinese political model. That will fix everything.] Canada Free Press 2012 Dec 21

The Gimlet Eye

The National Rifle Association responds to the Sandy Hook school shooting with six recommendations, including armed guards at schools and a national database to track mentally ill people.

[I have an unsatisfied feeling about these recommendations. It is not clear what good another federal data base would do unless its purpose is to imprison those who state psychiatrists say are mentally ill – and, unfortunately, the NRA did not recommend banning psychotropic drugs, which have been the common denominator in school shootings.] Washington Post 2012 Dec 21


The NRA is already working on a plan to make schools safer. What’s Obama and his thugs doing right now?

N O T H I N G !


Yes your wacko vice-lord of the NRA Wayne LaPierre, (who wants more guns in schools by January) was too extreme even for NRA lifetime member George Bush in 1995.

The NRA is beholden to the gun lobby and manufactures associations. Any “plan’s” from them will always involve more guns, cases, gun locks, bullets and “experts”, furthering the the manufactures profit and due’s paid.


Do you blame AAA for car accidents???


Does the AAA profit from car sales?

Does the NRA profit from gun sales? indirect yes.


How ’bout some more of those “gun free zones?” AKA “killing fields!”


Compare the US to Mexico. Your statement is not correct.


All firearms are essentially illegal in Mexico yet 40-50K people have been murdered over the past couple of years.

“Gun control” does not work. That’s a proven fact.


If you look at all acts of extreme violence around the world; the slasher in China, the shooter back east, the driver a while back in Santa Monica, etc, etc, etc, the only constant is the crazy person, not the weapon used. So what should we get rid of? Anything that could harm us? Or anyone who would?

Jack L

Indeed. A national mental health data base monitoring individuals that exhibit mental health issues, and stop allowing mental health privacy laws that kill some of us off.


If one looks at the current facts, gun sales are up, violent crime is down, mental health issues is the common denominator in all of the mass crimes in the last 50 years, all but one took place in “gun free zones” and the murder capital of the USA is Chicago with over 553 this year, which also has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

“If you look at all acts of extreme violence around the world; the slasher in China, the shooter back east, the driver a while back in Santa Monica, etc, etc, etc, the only constant is the crazy person, not the weapon used. ”

This simple statement speaks volumes, and I hope the readers and our legislators take it to heart.


“As long as we are banning stuff…”

“Smoking related deaths – 434,000+

Obesity related deaths – 300,000+

Medical mistake-related deaths – 225,000+

Poor or non-existent health care-related deaths – 100,000+

Vehicle related deaths and costs – 42,000+”


I was in a local gun shop yesterday. A customer was preparing to buy a handgun. It was clear he knew very little about firearms but he wasn’t arrogant. He was open to learning and making an informed decision.

The young salesman was doing a masterful job of answering his questions. I was impressed. Far too many gun shop clerks are ignorant/arrogant/curt themselves. It was nice to witness this soon to be gun owner learning.


Best wishes to CCN on this very special 2012 Solstice—Love & Light to everyone here!


Gun violence in America is pandemic, like the Black Death in Europe.

America is a culture in crisis.


No it’s not, Abortion kills more Americans in three days than one year of firearm related death.


human zygotes are as american as tadpoles.



“…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED EQUAL…”

That means, from the moment of creation, ALL Americans have EQUAL civil rights. One of those rights is Due Process under the law. However, Those Americans are being killed without any kind of Due Process

I will die fighting for a woman’s right to do as she pleases with HER body. However, man + woman + a new creation == 3 Americans. There is nothing within the framework of our nation that allows for 1 American to kill another American.

Nobody has the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.


To suggest that a woman can kill a baby under the guise of “choice”/”her body” is simply sicko. I don’t know of anything more morally depraved than that unless it’s someone actually executing the abortion or pressuring the woman to kill her child.


It’s even sicker to suggest that being able to kill babies in utero is somehow related to personal “freedom.”


regulate womens sex apparatus not assault weapons ! — amiright?


If nobody has the right, then what are all the guns for?

It’s called a double standard, you has it.


Amen. Over 3,000 babies are killed each day in the USA. Many would say the evil suffusing from that ongoing genocide is one of the main reasons why this country (and indeed the world) is so terribly violent and dark.

Imagine for a moment how much attention 3,000 infants killed in one day in the USA by guns versus traditional abortion methods would generate.

At the very least those that support abortion under the horrid euphemism of “choice” have no credibility when they whine about “gun control.”

Jack L

Smoking, obesity, prescription drug O.D., killing more people than guns yet the beat goes on, if you want to speak of what kind of nation we are.