Five men arrested for firing rifles in Atascadero

December 9, 2012

Atascadero police arrested five men for shooting rifle in a creek bed off Highway 41 on Saturday.

When police arrived to the wooded area, they heard shots which prompted them to shut down a portion of Highway 41 and to ask the California Highway Patrol to bring in a helicopter. Four of the men immediately surrendered and were taken into custody while one hid in the creek bed. He surrendered after receiving orders from helicopter personnel.

The five men in their 20s were in possession of two soviet-era military rifles, a shot-gun and two bolt-action rifles. Police are unsure why the men were shooting guns in the creek, and have launched an investigation.

Police transported the five suspects to the Atascadero police station where they were cited and released.


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Is it public property? If it is, is it outside of the city limits? If it is, were they far enough away from people/structures?

It sounds to me like some guys were plinking. Maybe they were in an area off-limits to plinking, maybe they were not. Either way, closing off Highway 41 and calling in a CHP helicopter? That’s grandstanding. That’s putting on a show for the gun-haters.

Unless there was more going on, a simple warning/admonition or citation would have suffice.


So often law enforcement wants to put on a show when it comes to firearms.

“Police transported the five suspects to the Atascadero police station where they were cited and released.”

not charged, or bailed, just a ticket. This was no big deal. Could of been, but wasn’t

Why were they hauled-in to be ticketed? This reeks of anti-gun crap.

“Could of been”? “Could have been” or “could’ve been”, and no, I’m not an English teacher I just play one online.

Actually, there is no ticket, we were sent to court (the case was rejected 3 times) now we are still batteling it out in San Luis Superior court. The Atascadero Police Department is calling for the destruction or all firearms, $250 fine, and a year of informal probation. I have no problems with a fine or restitution of some kind, The issue for me is the call for the destruction of protected constitutional property, especially since my firearms are historical relics ( each being around 70yrs old). This pertains not only to my personal interests as i am a history major (focus on the second world war), but to the rights of everyone. I.E when someone drunk drives in Atascadero the police dont destroy your car.

outside the city limits please

I suspect they were…

REALLY!!!??? I have no problems with guns until used by IDIOTS!! This is why you have gun ranges. There are people riding horses, mountain bikes and playing airsoft in the riverbed. Bullets don’t stop unless they hit something. In the riverbed it could travel quite a ways. They do have a right to guns, they don’t have a right to put others in jeapardy because they are stupid.

It’s outside city limits…

It’s public property…

Is it posted for no shooting?

Just curious….on public property outside City limits, is shooting allowed unless posted?

Seems like there would be a lot of signs if it were necessary to post every activity that is not allowed.

You are free to shoot on BLM land if not posted.

Well I tried to tee it up for you, but I guess you don’t get it.

The area in question is not BLM land. Sounds like you need a better understanding of the laws that you so vehemently support before you accuse others of being on an anti gun high horse. You come off like a tin foil hatter.

And you “come off” as a judgmental loser. The cops put on a show because guns were involved. Live with that reality, mr. tin foil hat.

Thank you crusader for showing some sense.

Like it or not this is the USA and not Europe. There are legal (and safe) places to shoot in addition to “gun ranges.” Get of f your tall, arrogant, anti-gun horse!

Ok, look i was trying to be reasonable in my responses but you are and IDIOT.

#1 “Bullets don’t stop unless they hit something”… you know like LASERS or MAGIC.


GRAVITY EFFECTS BULLETS YOU *insert expletive here*

We were firing perpendicular to the road into a hill side at 150 feet. We had targets and had checked the area for debris that could cause a ricochet.

#2 There was NO ONE NEAR THE AREA, we checked and rechecked and NOTHING NO ONE!!!! This is reflected in the fact that we were charged with VIOLATION OF CITY MUNICIPAL CODE 3.103 discharging a firearm in city limits. NOT California Penal Code 246.3 PC Negligent Discharge of Firearm.

You sir are a bigot and to use your own words an Idiot. I would challenge you to intellectual competition any day but i doubt severely that you even understand any of those words, so in the great words of Anders Holmvik “Stay Stupid”

Good grief. Could it be as simple as some guys out plinking? Their huge crime is that they were not aware it’s not permissible to target shoot in a deserted creek bed? The Atascadero PD shut-down Highway 41 and called in a CHP helicopter? What a bunch of crap.

As a general rule of law no discharge of firearms within 150′ or a road,house etc. These knuckleheads were just below 41 in the creek shooting up at the rocks. A ricochet could have easily taken out a person or a windshield causing a head on or over the cliff crash and burn. I believe KZOZ’s dumb and dumber have located this weeks Dumbass(s) of the month winners.

8 thumbs down? Good to see we have responsible gun owners here.

Thumbs up

Know your target area and beyond shoot safe and have fun

I suspect they did…

Oh please…

You don’t know that they were “just below 41.”

I don’t know but I suspect these guys knew they were outside of city limits and saw no posted prohibition of target shooting so that’s what they did.

Rather than simply tell them to pack it up and go home — with or without tickets, law enforcement had to put on a song and dance…

You were there?

Dear Doggin,

I take issue with… just about everything you say.

First, we were over 200 meters from the road.

Second off, we were shooting perpendicular to the road into not rocks, but moist soft hillside, no chance of ricochet.

Third, you are a bigot

“a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices”

I would recommend you

#1 learn ANYTHING about firearms


and finally, if you would like to prove you are smarter than me

I would be more than happy to show down in the metaphorical arena of the mind ANY DAY of the week. IQ test, word game your choice, lets see who’s the really “Dumbass” here.

Their unsure of why their shooting in the creek? Cause their morons target shooting at the rocks, that would be why. !!!News flash!!!! several weeks ago the same thing was going on, guess nobody heard the gunshots and called the cops though.

So yes we were being moron, we failed to walk the additional 600meters to the unmarked city limit line.

However i take issue with your claim that we were “shooting at rocks”

we were shooting perpendicular to the road into not rocks, but moist soft hillside, no chance of ricochet.

We actually had punkins to shoot at and we checked the area for large rocks.

I too wonder why all the other gun shots go unaddressed. I personally used to pick up spent shotgun and .357 shell casings on my way home from San Gabriel elementary when i was young.