Murder suspect’s hospital statements inadmissible

December 18, 2012

Dystiny Myers

Statements made by a man accused of murdering Dystiny Myers to first responders in Santa Margarita will be admissible in court while some of his statements to investigators at the hospital will not be admissible, a judge ruled Monday.

Cody Miller is one of five people accused of participating in the murder and torture of the Santa Maria teen. Following Myer’s murder, Ty Michael Hill allegedly turned on Miller, who was digging a grave, and began beating him in the face with a shovel.

Miller escaped and ran away. Hill, Jason Greenwell, Rhonda Wisto and Frank York then threw grass on the teen’s body and lit it on fire before heading back to Nipomo where the teen’s torture had begun.

When first responders arrived, Miller said he had participated in Myer’s murder. His statements then led to the arrests of the other four defendants.

Hill’s attorney Bill McLennan had filed a motion to suppress some of Miller’s statements because they were “self-serving.”

While Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera ruled Miller’s statements to first responders where admissible, he said some of Miller’s comments to investigators at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center are not.


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The headline and first sentence almost directly contradict each other. I understand the nuance now, but only after making an effort.

There is an old saying, the worst they are the bigger the baby or coward they (Miller) are later!

I bet you Cody Miller is the most guilty coward of all and is back paddling with BS to get out of this