Rational gun safety talk advocated

December 18, 2012

Ami Bera

A new California congressman said Monday that he hopes last week’s school carnage in Connecticut will generate meaningful discussion about gun safety measures and “give us the courage to engage in the conversation.” (Sacramento Bee)

Democratic Rep.-elect Ami Bera told the newspaper that he believes efforts by Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein to rekindle interest in a federal assault weapon ban is a “good first step.” The physician emphasized that he also seeks improvements in mental health services to help and better identify potentially dangerous individuals.

“We have to have the courage to have the conversation,” Bera said. “It is not an infringement on someone’s rights if you ask them a few questions.”

And in Sacramento, state Sen. Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) is introducing legislation today to alter “the easy accessibility to firearm ammunition that fuels gun violence and criminal activity.”

De León was the sponsor of successful 2009 legislation requiring thumbprints and other information from gun buyers, a law eventually struck down by a Fresno Superior Court judge.

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This is the most concise analysis of both sides of the gun-control debate I have seen. [Most of the points in Part Two are seldom mentioned in the current public debate. Highly recommended.]

Part One: Pro-gun control

Part Two: Against gun control

SuccessCouncil posted 2012 Dec 23


Banning and restricting firearms does nothing but remove them from the hands or safes of responsible citizens. Guns are the true “equalizer”…

If I am at home with my children and my husband is away while 1 or more men intrude my home, what good will taking away firearms do? Even if we foolishly assume that banning them will take them out of the criminals hands, I am now unable to equally defend myself or my children. I am at their mercy in my own home. Will someone who is intent on harming another really consider the restrictions and laws in place prior to committing their crime?

Restrictions will NOT stop criminals or anyone with malicious intent from committing a crime. Just look at how those “No Gun Zone” restrictions have worked. Sadly, not very well.

You have illustrated the ugly truth about gun control: It disproportionately puts poor, disabled, and women at a serious disadvantage when faced with evil. The weaker among us are those who most need a tool to help level the field.

Here is something positive the reader can do, go to this site and take a stand.


Once again, the Bushmaster gets the job done. When your Glock and / or Walther just won’t do, grab your Bushmaster…America’s favorite rifle.

The NRA and it’s supporters who oppose gun control will argue that IF ONLY all the children had been armed, this never would have happened.

Rush out and buy as many guns as you can before new legislation is passed. You must be a well armed militia when the boogeyman gets here.

Please stop lying.

The NRA and its supporters have never said this.

Shocked, saddened, and heartbroken? Despite the fact that for decades they have fought even the most common sense approach to gun restrictions and gun control?

You and the NRA shouldn’t be at all shocked that this has happened AGAIN.

The ONLY meaningful contribution the NRA could make at this point is to STOP opposing every legislative attempt to restrict guns.

“The NRA and it’s supporters who oppose gun control will argue that IF ONLY all the children had been armed, this never would have happened.”

I was just pointing out your bald-faced lie is all.

Everyone you disagree with is lying. What planet are you from?

“…the most common sense approach to gun restrictions and gun control?…”

Like what? Have you actually read the crap that Feinstein has crafted?

What have YOU crafted to help stop the gun crime carnage? What are YOU doing to prevent the NEXT mass shooting? Just as I thought….nothing.

Afraid to answer my question?

My answer to your question: “more than you.”

You didn’t answer. The childish schoolyard retort is meaningless. What have you done to reduce the violence?