Paso Robles wines earn top rankings

December 14, 2012

Two red wines from San Luis Obispo County have been prominently included in a list of best red wines on the West Coast. [San Francisco Chronicle]

The publication articulates its opinion of the top 100 wines and has this to say about the Paso Robles-area offerings:

“2010 Broadside Margarita Vineyard Paso Robles Merlot ($22, 13.8 percent): This new entry from the value-minded Broadside folks takes the same tack as their Cabernet – indigenous-yeast fermentation, minimal cellar work, neutral oak. But mostly this shows the prowess of the limestone-rich Margarita site south of Paso. Tangy currant and smoked-tea aspects of good Merlot are there, plus darker fruit and standup tannins that signal its seriousness. A smart expression of a grape hunting for a comeback.”

“2011 Broc Cellars Paso Robles Cabernet Franc ($25, 13.2 percent): For all his abilities with Zinfandel, Chris Brockway’s discovered great Franc in warmer Paso. It’s not leafy in the way Franc can be, but rather is pretty and spiced, with a rooty aspect to cranberry and damson plum fruit. This is sunny fruit picked at a modest ripeness, giving it a fresh nature that defines the more footloose side of a grape in a brilliantly improbable place.”

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Ahh but of course…1976 Fred Sanford cellers cabinet bunk $1.98 25% For all Fred’s abilities with lamont, Fred discovered the great Bunk under aunt Esters butt cheek warm mattress. Its not noise hair curling dank the way Old english 800 can be, but rather vodka like as the vapors alone give Fred wood. Yes….a fruity mix of 7up and sprite dashed with a twist of leafy greens left over from the bag of chew tailings Fred tossed in it to add a touch of assyness. This is Champipple at its finest, giving Fred the conviction to beat Gradys ass.

Hows that for class ya winers?

LOL @ “champipple”!!! Thank you, Doggin. I needed a laugh in the worst way.

(Elizabeth…I’m coming to join you…)