Two men attempt robbery in Oceano RV park shower

December 14, 2012

Two men attempted to rob a man while he was taking a shower Thursday at the Pacific Coast RV Resort on Highway 1 in Oceano.

The victim said two Hispanic males between the ages of 20 and 30 demanded his wallet while he was in the shower around 7 p.m. But, the man in the shower refused to give up his wallet.

One of the suspects swung a sharp object that scratched the victim, but the man fought back and the attempted robbers ran away.

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If a group of people, let’s say Americans… hate your “kind” (being from another country or just a different skin color)…. how can they expect you to respect them? The first step to peace is respecting all people. It hard to do wrong to those you respect. I know this does not seem to be the American way, but it is the right way.

Respect has to be earned no matter who you are.

That is exactly what other countries think about Americans. We have to earn their respect. However, it does not seem Americans really care. It;s obvious that our Government did not take God out of our schools. You Did.

Obviously NO government officials care.

Why is 80% of crime seem to be Hispanic? Now project into the future when they dominate the population.

What are Hispanic parents teaching their children, besides grab Whitey’s stuff?

our Central Cost News on T.V….. Is Which Nespanic shot another, or robbed another. SLO County does not have a news station…. or for that fact a real Newspaper. Paso Robles Press ? What a joke. Were slowly sinking into deep sh*t.

What? You don’t like sanitized, filtered, strained, altered, politically corrected, edited into oblivion, fluff from Sandy Duerr and the talking heads at KSBY and KCOY?

Neither do I, so I went on my own investigation. Now I know why we only get tossed scraps. The real news would put the public in the street in protest, which is exactly where their butts should have been from 1968 on.

I wonder who runs (filters) the major media from NYC today. Not.

Perhaps because 40% of the population is Hispanic…and that ONLY the number responding to the census report. Illegal immigration is indeed a problem, without question.

Apparently they got “away clean”, instead of ”cleaning him out”.

Really? Thieves stop at nothing. Maybe they where getting practice for when they eventially will wind up showering with other men in prison.

Wonder if they were passangers from a panga boat.