Plans afoot for nonprofit campaign transparency

December 4, 2012

Sen. Ted Lieu

Two California senators are seeking to require more disclosure of nonprofit campaign contributions in the aftermath of a political campaign marked by secret, out-of-state infusions of huge amounts of cash. (Sacramento Bee)

Democratic Sens. Ted Lieu and Leland Lee said their proposal is a response to an $11 million contribution made by an Arizona nonprofit to support Proposition 32 and oppose Proposition 30.

Disclosure is now required only when a donation to a nonprofit is earmarked specifically for campaign use. Prop. 32, intended to restrict how unions collect dues, was defeated; Prop. 30 was Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, which passed.

The “Small Business Action Committee” was ordered by a court to divulge its identity and donors just prior to the Nov. 6 election.

“Laundering money through nonprofits in an attempt to avoid transparency is fundamentally undemocratic,” Yee said in a statement. “Our democracy should not be bought and sold in shady backroom deals.”

The bill will require a two-thirds vote of the Legislature.

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Amazing how some misguided persons will castigate this democratic (not Democrat, but democratic) effort. It is aimed at keeping OUR affairs determined by US, not others outside our state. I suppose all the little dispossessed neo cons who pollute this site will start whining, just because the two sponsors are Dems and not their own little repos. If there are any reasonable republican legislators in our state they will join this initiative to clean out the chaff from our elections. This is a non partisan issue and should be pursued by all who hope for free and independent elections.


I am wondering if they are jealous and want to be the only ones to accept laundered money for their political party.

Or just some sour grapes? Made especially sour because they won and are still bitter? Oh, that’s right, they’re liberals: always bitter.

I assume placing emphasized words in color is the new CAPS!!! No vitriol in that post.

the colored text are hyper-links to other places on the web that r0y made for you to click on , they are not colored for emphasis.


Mike is slo.