Atascadero student busted for concrete cursive

December 12, 2012


At least he can write. An Atascadero High School student was removed from class on Dec. 4 and arrested by local police for allegedly scribbling his name in fresh concrete.

The student, who is not being identified by CalCoastNews because he is a minor, was booked and now faces a court date. One witness said he was handcuffed by an arresting officer before being driven to the police station.

Several parents believe the police action was an abuse of power and that officers should have waited untill after the school day concluded to arrest the young man at his home.

Atascadero police officials declined to discuss the incident or reveal charges, saying the department “is not commenting on this ongoing investigation.”

The youth wrote his first name in the concrete at Atascadero Junior High, at a new bus stop, apparently leaving adequate clues for investigators who then traced him to his classroom.

The student subsequently wrote on his Facebook page following the incident: “Sweet. Got called out of class and arrested… I rode in a cop car to the station.”

Friends commented on the site, one writing: “Shouldn’t have done your last name.” Another said, “I saw you riding in the back of the police car.”

The student said he did not put his last name into the cement.

Asked if he would get community service for his transgression, he wrote back: “Nope. Go to court.”

School administrators also declined comment on the incident.


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Kids have been writing in fresh concrete since the stuff was invented. I don’t think it’s worthy of police action let alone arresting him in class.

Some of the ATown Officers are equivalent to Barney. Truth. The student and the parents should have to pay for the concrete to be fixed and that should be that. Arresting a junior high school boy at school for an impulsive prank should be embarrassing for the police department. Some of the ATown officers are great, but some of them are a waste of tax payer money. Prioritize Please. Focus on the drug dealers and drug addicts please.

“I have no idea how much damage this person did but many of us have written our name, or made a handprint in wet concrete. It was almost a right of passage as a child, or at least it was common back in my day. Never thought when I was a child I’d find the police in my class room with the DA saying; “Book Em’ Dano”

No ill will towards law enforcement, they do what is to be done in the times they live in.

Incidents like this make you hate the police. I know a place at Cal Poly where professors wrote their names in the concrete. I guess I should call the Campus Police and report them so they can be arrested on campus and pulled out of their classes in front of their students.


” I guess I should call the Campus Police and report them so they can be arrested on campus and pulled out of their classes in front of their students.”


OK, that’s it CCN. You reached the pinnacle. A kid got caught writing in wet cement, really? Great local blog but my vote is get to the bigger stuff. You’re going too far in the other direction.

I know, if I don’t like it, start my own blog, but……


Take the aluminum foil hat off for a moment! This story “swimgs both ways” in that it is either a little or big story in how the individual reads it.

It could be a big story in the FACT that the police did what they did in this case. Get it?

Cops adhere to “policy”. Get a call, find the culprit, cuff him so he can’t kill you, then sort things out. That way you can go home that night, alive.

What? Students don’t kill? Turn on the tube, Genius.

Like the saying goes: “If you don’t like cops then when you need help, call your plumber”.


Hmmmm…if the name “Jim App” had been scribbled in the wet concrete do you suppose….?? ; )

The police did the right thing by arresting him at school…if he was shoplifting at Longs do you think they should wait til he was back to Mommy’s & Daddy’s house to arrest him??? They had enough evidence and they followed through. We need to STOP babying the wh”Y” generation and the X Generation just needs to get over it!

To the PARENTS OF THIS KID: His punishment should be; a 5 page essay detailing how Ted and Cindy disagree over scripture, and who is right. That should do it. He’ll never scrawl another word on any public surface again. Amen

Now that is funny! :)

Russ J,

I represent the Hebrew/Christian God in the literal and historical reading of the bible, whereas the hell bound Cindy, uses a different decoder ring every time and the ungodly act of hermeneutics. Who in the hell do you think is right? Of course, God and Brother Ted. Duh.

In Matthew 22:29, it’s like Jesus is directly talking to our Cindy, to wit: “You are in error, because you do not know the scriptures, or the power of God.”  He was referring to the Old Testament writings because the New Testament will not be written for another 35-90, and 325 years subsequent to Jesus’s time. Therefore, Cindy cannot do the simple math to her ever wanting perceived notions.

In Jesus’ time, there were only the scriptures of bloodthirsty villains like Moses and David, and the 613 Commandments, some blatantly horrific, to follow and refer too. 

Let us pray for our misguided Cindy in the hopes that she’ll see the light before it’s to late.

shut up already!!!!


But, dear, I am instructed to preach the Gospel and God’s TRUE words!

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” ( Mark 16:15 )

You don’t want me on the wrong side of our rendition of God, do you? I didn’t think so.

Ted,, You’re stuff is old at this point. OK, Religion is crap in your opinion. We got it. At least come up with another axe to grind.

How about how Zionist’s bought control of the Gov. or that the last three Presidential Chief’s of Staff have been Israeli citizens and one of them was an Israeli soldier and it was he who invented Obummer on a street corner, then his Zionist’s friends in Wall st. financed his campaign with Goldman Sachs money. Or that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. Or that we fight and die (and killed a million people) on the Zionist’s command.

You know, pertinent stuff that noone has put together yet.

The Jesus has risen crapola makes the sheep peaecful, if you wake them they’re even more destructive.


WAIT! In your dictum described above, I think you’ve reached your own reason to be here at CCN!!! YOU, be the one that puts forth the agenda that you’ve mentioned!

Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when your topics and wanting diatribe get to old, trust me.

What the hell does that continuous mocking crapola do for ya anyway?

Contribute something.

This blog isn’t here for you to F’k with peoples minds from your hidden position. Get on board, man

Gotta go, somebody from the Mossad is at my door.


Tell me very distinctly, how in the Hell am I (^#@)!& with people’s minds relative to true Christianity, when I bring forth ALL of the bible in it’s intended historical context that is related to the story, and that one is to follow, if they are going to call themselves Christians? Huh?

To use our pseudo-christian mascot Cindy, it’s like her getting her driver’s license and telling the DMV that she is only going to follow the code of laws that she wants to follow, and the others be damned! In other words, one cannot pick and choose in following the laws that the DMV has set forth. Within the same vein, one cannot only follow the laws, edicts, and the doctrine that the Christian wants to follow in the bible. IN BOTH CASES, IT’S ALL OR NOTHING, GET IT?! Sure you do.

I am sure that our Christian God does not want his flock to be ignorant to His true words, therefore, at times I present a refresher course, within context, to the Christian followers if it is warranted relative to the story at hand. In a godly way, how in the hell can that be wrong in any way whatsoever? 2+2=4.


I appreciate your response. Christianity/religion originated with the sun worshippers and morphed into the “son” worshippers. How and why? To displace various fears, dying being the first and formost. Other reasons such as keeping a connection to deceased loved ones, to aid in the belief that good always wins over evil, it goes on and on.

That’s my belief (and your’s also, me thinks). When the human brain with all it’s “expanded capacity” cannot process things like death, the loss of loved ones, extreme pain and shock it reaches for answers. Drugs, booze, religion, stainless appliances, name it.

It’s Xmas, Teddy. Let the fantasy continue. Make friends here, discuss religion only face to face with people, it’s too personal to others to yell accusations of only partial belief by others across the www. while not believing at all yourself. You stop it Teddy or no dinner!

Yes, I’m accusing you of doing it purely for “fun”. Convince me otherwise.

Play nice, Teddy. We know you were the kid who rang doorbells then ran, but we’re all grown up now.

You truly are the “Sultan of sarcasm”.

“I represent the Hebrew/Christian God in the literal and historical reading of the bible,…….”

No, you don’t. You represent a self deluded, phony, sanctimonious and authoritarian perversion of Christianity. Jesus weeps.

CA Native,

Are you related to Cindy? Seems that you are since you don’t know how to deal with the historical literal reading of the Judeo/Christian bible any more than Cindy does.

One of the times that Jesus truly weeps is when a part of His creation like you assume that you know in what you’re talking about relative to the true, and within context, reading of the scriptures.

Our God has given me this passage below towards minions of Satan like you!

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:11-12)

Well, reading the comments of the kid who got caught… he should make his parents very proud!