Nipomo man killed on Highway 101

December 12, 2012

A 25-year-old Nipomo man died in a car crash on Highway 101 Tuesday in south San Luis Obispo.

The Ford Ranger driven by Bryden Reid collided with a semi truck around 4:30 p.m. just north of the Higuera exit. The California Highway Patrol says that a car switching lanes clipped Reid’s vehicle causing the driver side of his car to spin into the trailer of a semi-truck.

Paramedics transported Reid to a local hospital, where he died later from the injuries sustained in the collision.

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Party A: the unsafe lane changer

Party B: the victim that react evasively and unsafely

Party C: the end victim


The typical resultant, Party A technically caused all the trouble and is nowhere to be found, Party B is held responsible for the collision with Party C.

Learn to react by hitting the brakes and horn but never do the same thing both Party A and Party B did i.e. evade, swerve or weave away without checking your blind side

Well I hope the guy that clipped Reid, is investigated on if his actions were careless.

I’m up and down the 101 daily and in the last five years driving is horrible. I usually have one person drift into my lane by six inches or more, daily. That use to happen to me about once or twice a year, years ago. People need to PAY ATTENTION! And no it isn’t always a case of someone on the phone. I think people are just using the FORCE to guide them.