Asians immigration to California surpasses Latino immigration

January 20, 2013

immigrationDuring the past decade, the number of Asian immigrants has increased becoming two and a half times greater than Latino numbers, according to census data. [SacramentoBee]

In 2001, 42 percent of immigrants coming to California were from Latin America while 37 percent were from Asia. Ten years later, in 2011, 57 percent of new immigrants were from Asia, and just 22 percent were from Latin America.

California’s changing economy since the start of the recession, might explain much of the shift from Latin America to Asia. While 59 percent of Mexican immigrants have less than a high school degree, 74 percent of recent arrivals from India have at least bachelor’s degrees.

“Part of what we’re seeing is the changing face of California’s labor market, which has been increasingly demanding more highly educated workers,” Hans Johnson, co-director of the Public Policy Institute of California, told the Sacramento Bee. “Immigrants from Asia, particularly India, tend to be much more highly educated, much more likely to have earned a bachelor’s degree.”


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Looks like all the commentators didn’t read the article well enough. The statistic is that INDIAN immigrants represent the educated ones, which is what I was referring to in my early comments. The Indian culture is not the same as Chinese, Southeast Asian, Korean or Japanese. And all are different from the others. Sadly we clump them all as Asian.

But to reiterate. I do not foresee any future generations of Indians being burdens on society. And this is simply because the best and the brightest came to the US, and they are the seed that begets the next.

The “Asian” problems we have in places like Fresno and SF are directly related to the US open door policy to the Vietnamese and Cambodians after the Vietnam war; and in the war of Nature v. Nurture, the former always wins.

Germany is and has been in or near the top economically often, the northern European countries are the richest in the world today. They have never wanted or needed more bodies crowding in. Bright or otherwise. As a matter of fact they’re biggest problem IS immigration.

They’re all very similar, thus organized, agreeable, trusting of one another and conifident.

All the things we aren’t.

The economists want more bodies, it keeps labor costs down and consumerism up. Which gives us poor indebted, ultimately desperate people after the initial pop of an expanding economy by their arrival.

And you want too add brainy foriegners to the mix here?

Wow…America was basically built on the backs of non-white working class. Look close to home with immigrants from China who built the railroad and many other public works projects of the era. Or even the native American workers who built the communities around the missions. People get worked up over any new large immigrant group, but that’s just America.

Ck. the population ratios. You’re stating that two small groups built America while the remaining 90% swung in their hammocks all day in an undeveloped and hostile environment? Hardly.

And yes, people DO get worked up over any new large immigrant group. It’s called an invaison, because they are generally desperate. And additional competetion for resources always leads to conflict.

Would the numbers be the same if you considered all the ILLEGAL immigrants? I hardly think so.

“The United States deported more than 400,000 illegal immigrants in 2012, the most of any year in the nation’s history, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports.”

“In four years, the Obama administration has deported three-quarters of the number of people that President George W. Bush’s administration did in eight. And unlike Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama made no concerted effort to reform the US immigration system – a history that’s not lost on the president’s Latino supporters.”

The cost of fruit, vegetable’s and so on will climb due to the fact that most white Americans will not work the fields. Next we will hear about the policy’s that raise food prices. and the bitching about that can start..

All hat not much cattle.

Agreed, American’s WON”T do the back breaking work the migrant farm workers and domestics typically do, but America still has a very serious problem with ILLEGAL immigration.

What we as consumers may save in the cost of fruits and vegetables, were spending many times more in taxes to provide for those who are here ILLEGALLY.

I’m all for legal immigration, it’s the foundation of this country.

Immigrants should be asking NOT what America can do for them, but what they ca do for America.

I used to be arrogant and think the Usa could never be invaded by a foreign county! Then one day I looked around and saw we had been completely over ran and my tax dollars had help pay for it!

So invaded but still arrogant, noted.

America’s a melting pot, just because you went in early does not make your claim any stronger.

I wounder how much welfare my ancestors got back in the 1600S

Don’t remind me.

Wish this would result in a few truly great Asian restaurants in our area.

Well quality may be average but the buffett price at the Chinese restaurant on Spring St. by Rob-a-bank, in Paso is decent.

That would be epic!

Hopefully this might also help on the gang mentality front that has excalated in the last thirty years. Those wanting to work are less likely to find time for gangs.

Plenty of Asian organized crime, as among other groups.

The Tongs, Yakuza, Russian Mafia, et al.

India is famous for its highly sophisticated criminal underworld.

China historically has had many secret societies, and many of them have been involved in organized crime.

Ever hear of the “Golden Triangle”?

Many of these groups have connections here and around the world.

I’m not down on Asian by any means, but your stereotypes of Asians as lacking in gang mentality are comical. Asians are very diverse and have their problems and pathologies the same as everyone else.

Ah the thing I always like about you Gimlet, is you think that you are the only one that reads around here. I am MORE than aware of all the Asian gangs you mentioned. But in L.A. and Salinas and other places in California, which minority gangs are causing the most problems? That was my point. I assumed the reader would get that, without having to try and sound holier than thou. Kinda like you.

One last you might have missed in article, in your zeal to show how smart you are, is that it was talking about educated Asians coming to California. Back to comment, probably a lot of Educated Asians are WORKING and not finding time for gangs. Again it doesn’t mean the other doesn’t exist but most LIKELY the majority will assimilate into society as productive members. Don’t be so cynical.

These new immigrants are legal immigrants. Welcome.

You people are bizarre. Why dump more competetion on yourselves? Especially that competetion being “the brightest and the best” who are out to get your job and can kick your butts in the marketplace?

What? you want to stand around clapping while some guy from India takes the righteous job, get’s the cool house and car in the land of plenty? Guess what, you’re unemployed and broke because he got the good job and his bigger than your’s income raised prices on everything you need.

More mass hypnosis perpetrated on the public by big biz telling you what you want, perpetually and incessantly. IT wants desperate people in here because they work cheaper, consume and keep their nose clean. which upps their stock price, period. You lose in every respect.

Oh, and teen pregnancy is well below the national average, gang affiliation is unheard of and welfare is considered shameful.

You really think that the welfare state won’t corrupt them the same way that it has corrupted everyone else?

All speak English and want to speak it better. They love their culture, but tend to assimilate to American ways and their children are Americanized in a single generation. They continue to pursue education, business and professions. Subcontinent immigrants may be the last gasp hope for California.

The Asian culture tends to take care of their own. They respect and honor their elders, work together to raise the distant family and they don’t DEMAND assistance from the taxpayer. It is in this manner our nation became the melting pot. I welcome all cultures who come here legally and in the manner to better themselves by assimilaton and blending of our respective cultures. This is good news!

….because it sure ain’t you.