Brown declares California budget balanced

January 15, 2013

Gov. Jerry BrownGovernor Jerry Brown said Thursday that the California budget deficit has disappeared, due in large to the passing of Proposition 30. [Sacramento Bee]

The proposed balance budget marks the first time since the beginning of the recession that California legislators have not faced a large deficit in January. Brown’s declaration that California is spending less than it is taking in also marks the first time a governor has made such a a claim since Gray Davis did so in 2001.

Brown proposed a $99.7 billion general fund that increases funding of K-12 and higher education while restraining the growth of all other programs. The Democratic governor called on Greek philosophy to justify the spending increase on education outlined in Prop. 30.

“We know from back to Greek philosophy, Aristotle, that treating unequals equally is not justice,” Brown said. “Growing up in Compton or in Richmond is not like it is to grow up in Los Gatos or Beverly Hills or Piedmont.”

Brown proposed a $2.7 billion increase in K-12 funding over the current year. He also proposed spending an additional $250 million on both the University of California and the California Sate University systems.

Much of the increased education funding will come from the estimated $15 billion tax hike created by the Prop. 30. The tax hike will increase the sate sales tax and increase income taxes on high earners through June 2014.

Democrats, as well as Republicans, said they generally support Brown’s budget. The Democrats do, however, have the ability now to pass the budget without any Republican votes. The party gained two-thirds control of both the assembly and the senate in November.



According to Cal Watchdog in May, “Reports of California’s debt usually just include the $17 billion budget deficit. But California also owes the federal government $14 billion, and public schools $10 billion”. We have also raided every available fund (recycling, cigarette, etc.) and then of course we have the underfunded State PERS retirement system. Yep, according to the State government, we are balanced because their accounting is not like ours. They raise taxes to keep going and we file bankruptcy. It’s balanced!


Don’t forget Brown also stole from the banking mortgage fund intended for homeowners ripped off by the greedy bankers who were supported by our politicians


If the budget is balanced any excess taxes collected will be returned, right?


I’m curious as to how you can balance a budget without a complete state audit, when you have state agencies and departments not only hiding money, but being forced to deal with unfunded mandates?

This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It’s a joke.


I’ll believe it when I see actual factual proof

like my sales taxes going down, my vehicle fees going down, my property taxes going down, my health insurance premiums going down, my license fees going down and the head line stating that job growth is booming in the private sector…


Did you see they are going to try raise your property taxes by attacking proposition 13 again?

Spirit Filled

Thank God my taxes have gone down on our property. Don’t tell anyone in Sac.


Until then, this is just more smoke and mirrors, like much coming out of both the state and federal governments.

SPENDING is still off the charts, outrageous public union perks and retirement packages

are still going through the roof, the roads are still some of the worst in nation, private industry jobs are all but non existent, property values are down, gas is still about $4 a gallon and 800+ new laws were signed into effect after Jan 1, 2013…

Jorge Estrada

Absolutely no comment, as in, I’ll bite my tongue.


I’m having a hard time believing that. Time will tell.


Brown declared the budget balanced. We will see if the revenues actualy happen as estimated. Doubt they will, because they never do, but we will see. We are the highest taxed state in the nation with a third of all welfare receipients in the country. I really don’t think that is something to be proud of. The mass exedus of the wealthy and business will continue. I guess the dems won’t be happy until everyone in the state is on welfare.


Its hard to swallow isnt it NorthCountyGuy. A dem balances the budget and you cant bring yourself to say something positive. Thats why the GOP is losing more and more credibilty


He didn’t balance the budget, HE DID WHAT ALL DEMOCRATS DO, he raised taxes.


Yes, Bob. He did balance the budget. You can balance a budget by increasing income or reducing expenses or both.

And, NO, HE didn’t raise taxes, WE did. A majority of California voters approved the increase.


In the case of Prop 30, “it was for the children”, a majority of voters approved it is not the only tax that went into effect in this state this, like the CA Lumber Products Assessment Fee for 1%, which moonbeam authored and is levied on all wood sales.


Really hanging on to that blame there, all shouting and tantrum like.

unlisted says: ” And, NO, HE didn’t raise taxes, WE did. A majority of California voters approved the increase.” This.

How are those slogans working out for you?


Don’t be so ignorant. The State budget is not balanced (in May we owed $19 billion in the budget alone) and if this State was doing so great why did we need the Sales Tax increase in November. If you believe this you need therapy!


That’s how America works. We take in money and spend money. in fact i’m not aware of a business model that doesn’t do that.

please explain what you mean by Fascist liar. I’ll wait.