Gibson admits girlfriend back in his office

January 18, 2013

Bruce GibsonFor the second time in several months, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has made an announcement about his long-term affair with his administrative assistant on a Friday afternoon leading into a holiday weekend.

A little more than a week after CalCoastNews broke the news that Gibson had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate, Gibson confirmed the move, though he claimed the transfer had occurred several days after CCN reported the move. The county has posted an agreement between Bruce Gibson and Cherie Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

“Statement from Bruce Gibson, District 2 Supervisor

“As of this week, Cherie Aispuro has returned to her duties as the legislative assistant for District 2. I’ve thought very carefully about this decision — it was not made lightly or impulsively. The factors here are these:

“Most importantly, during the past six years Cherie has done outstanding work on behalf of my constituents. That’s why I asked her to return – a 22-year county employee, she is quite simply the best person for this job.

“Cherie has been on temporary assignment for the past two months, working in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. During that time, County legal and administrative staff members have made a careful analysis of the employment issues regarding our personal relationship. They have determined that neither Cherie nor I have broken any county rule or policy, nor did we misuse any county funds or property.

“I understand that personal relationships can have a huge impact in the workplace. Great care needs to be taken to avoid conflicts and favoritism relative to other workers. Personal relationships should never get in the way of doing our jobs well. And here, it did not and will not.

“Each county supervisor has the sole authority to appoint his or her own legislative assistant, who works “at will” to the respective supervisor. This means legislative assistants are political appointees and not subject to civil service rules and requirements.

“County supervisors do not directly manage any other employee, and the legislative assistants don’t manage any subordinates. In this unique situation, the potential for a personal relationship to cause conflicts or favoritism is greatly diminished, if not eliminated altogether.

“Cherie and I have signed a legal agreement that verifies the county staff findings. This agreement includes a waiver and release that protects the County from any liability from claims – past and future.

“With Cherie’s return, we look forward to this office continuing to provide excellent service to the Second District and the County of San Luis Obispo.

“Finally, I want to say that I am sorry. I’m sorry for concealing this relationship and the hurt it’s caused my family. My actions have damaged relationships with many people I know, and many I don’t.

“I know I can’t undo what’s done, and I know I have much trust to rebuild. My plan is to move forward, do my job as best I can, and represent my district as I always have.

“Very truly yours,


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The Bruce Gibson girlfriend story is not over. We still don’t know why Bruce suddenly decided to confess to the entire county. It means there is more to be uncovered.

Or maybe not.

Would knowing more be really important beyond what we already know or would it be just more food for the gossip mill….? I mean do we really care? I don’t, seems too personal to me and also, so what.

Thanks Lynette, now we know the confession wasn’t due to threatened exposure from a political opponent. It was personal.

What could be more important than gossip?

Ha-ha-ha! R.Hodin, you are right, indeed, what could be more important – whole industries are built on it!

Sounds like someone needs AA. Smoke and mirrors pro. God Bless.

Land’s sake – never seen so much yippin and yappin about a subject that most of you will do absolutely nothing about. Willeslo (on 1/18 at 8:36 said it best) : “No one can do anything about it”

And Brucie knows that. Waiting till next election has about as much effect as waiting for aliens to visit the earth. Anyone that expects Brucie to resign is smoking some very fine stuff.

Maybe it should be asked of Lynette_Tornatzky why she is so envious of Cheri Aispuro? Would Lynette like to have Cheri’s job (with all mentioned and un-mentioned benefits)? She sure seems to be defending Brucie to the hilt. Maybe the expectation is that when (not if) Brucie dumps Cheri (as he dumped his wife), that she will be the next chosen one. Just wondering?

It is perfectly OK that Brucie and Cheri do each other – just don’t do it as elected representatives.

And please note how many other elected officials have spoken up and denounced this behavior – you guessed it – none, zip, nada, zilch. Why not? Is this acceptable behavior in their eyes – or is there an unwritten rule about not remarking on fellow politicians. Sorta like “Don’t throw rocks, unless you know your own house is made of steel”

The real, bottom line is that Brucie done what he done, becuase he knows he can. Plain and simple.

Well enlighten us in your wisdom and the tower upon which you sit how you would preceed?

The only clear path I can see at this present juncture, is for the voters in his district to wait out till next election, vote and let the chips fall where they may. What say you?

A wise old owl lived in an oak,

The more he saw the less he spoke;

The less he spoke the more he heard:

Why can’t we all be like that bird?




What makes you invent that I am envious? I would be defending anyone in public office who has done their job well for Los Osos and then been raked over the coals like this as I did with the CSD board before the recall board came into office.

I am happily married.

Why do you go on and on with these silly scenarios? Makes you look stupid, as clearly you do not know any of the parties that you are inventing stories about.

I bow to your knowledge! I failed to understand that Mr. Gibson had done such a fine job of Los Osos – which my research tells me is the envy of all the other cities in SLO county!! Really!

And I now accept that your main criteria for defending a public official is “their job well done for their own constituents”.

Well, it is my opinion that that is one of the bigger problems facing this county, this state, and even this nation. Elected officials looking out for themselves and for their own constituents; and let the rest of the county or state or nation go to h–l. Everybody wants to do ‘great’ things for those that elected them – pile on the ‘pork’ in every issue or bill that gets considered – all for the purpose of getting re-elected.

The image and demeanor of an elected official and how they porport themselves in office is important and should be taken in consideration. But, one of this seems to mean anything – just the statement that he did such a good job for Los Osos makes all of his other actions acceptable. Again. really! One almost shudders to try to grasp exactly what an elected official whould have to do to get your disaprroval – just as long as he did a good job.

SLO’s budget is balanced, there is money in the coffers, some services are diminished and most are not gone. Thanks to our Supes, the County is being amazingly well run despite the national downturn, so I don’t think the problems you mention that are rampant in the federal government apply here. They are a mess, I agree.

I am not saying that his actions are good, he himself asks for forgiveness, so he knows that they are not. I simply state that all the mud slinging around this issue has gone way over the top, not commensurate with the offense. The denigrations and salacious rants are disgusting. Not using your real name somehow makes these commenters feel that they are exempt from decency. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

If he runs again, people who didn’t like his actions will not vote for him. He will get elected or he will not. Simple.

I do not know of any decision that he has made for Los Osos that was compromised by his personal behavior.

Love is a funny thing and important enough for seeming irrational behavior as we have seen throughout the ages. Nothing new here, but convenient if you want a platform for hounding someone that you already don’t like or have a need to spout morality for your own personal reasons. What’s sad is that everyone suffers here, that was a known component up front, yet love persists above it all even with the acquired dents and abrasions. And on top of that, commenters want to add to everyone’s pain, including the wife’s! Think she is feeling better because of the vitriol?

As you well know, Los Osos has been the laughingstock of the County, but not due to Gibson’s actions. Gibson helped save Los Osos from itself. Which infuriates the non-sewer contingent that you see weekly at the BOS railing against him, and, I am sure, posting mud-talk here too. They called him names before this news even broke. (BTW, we are not a city, but a town governed by a CSD, a community services district, [no mayor, no city council], which is a board of five elected directors with limited powers.)

My question exactly. I do not believe Rodger Anderson, former mayor of Morro Bay, was on the other side of the political fence, and no one has anything bad to say about him. Gibson just had the political will and prowess to defeat him. If not Anderson, how about anybody else?

Is Rodger Anderson up for another run? I know Tea Party nut-job Marshall what’s-his-name can’t unseat Gibson in the 2nd any more than Debbie Arnold could, but there’s got to be an alternative to Gibson personally if not politically. I don’t know how left-wing Anderson is but he’s sure not right-wing.

Marshall a “Tea Party nut-job?” You are so far off your comment is hilarious!


Why take what people say so seriously? It’s all going to pass. You really don’t neet to defend this guy. He’d probaby spit in your eye anyway. Or push you out of his way so he can look down someones dress or blouse.

He needs to say he’s sorry and move on. I forgive him. We all have our personal tests in this life. Sometimes we choose right and other times not so right. It’s the failing that makes us grow.

Written by a sinner that’s trying to choose right daily. Sometimes I fail big time.


Spirit Filled,

I’m sure that it is all going to pass, but why do you find it necessary to say things like,

“He’d probaby spit in your eye anyway. Or push you out of his way so he can look down someones dress or blouse.”

I have seen Gibson many times while at Office Hours or at the BOS or at the Coastal Commission or at Los Osos meetings and that is NOT in ANY way shape or form how he behaves.

Your statement shows that you have not forgiven him or are yourself, “spirit filled.” At least by the spirit I think you mean anyway.

Rodger Anderson has morals, ethics and integrity. He would never fit in with our current Board Of Supervisors with the exception of Ms. Arnold. He comes from a “Stand Up” family in our community that go way back. ALL of the Anderson’s are WONDERFUL, HONEST people.

Hence disqualified for the BOS. I’ve only met Rodger Anderson a couple of times and he seemed like a helluva nice guy. Not enough to draw conclusions from were it not for hearing the same thing from everybody else. Compare that to what you hear about Gibson and Hill.

In contrast to out current 2nd District Supervisor, Rodger Anderson would have been and would be an excellent Supervisor. He and all of his family are ethical people who have always cared about the community they live in. It’s a shame that the people were fooled by Shirley Bianchi’s chosen one. He is nothing but a former oil company worker, who was sold as an “environmentalist”. Bruce Gibson has always been a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This affair has been going on for years. It’s too bad that the voters of the 2nd District couldn’t see through this phony when he ran the first time. Rodger Anderson was and is someone to look up to. He truly cares about people and committments mean something to people like that.

Well just more grab ass playing continues in the office of Mr. Zipper Pants Bruce Gibson! He probably has not filed for divorce yet because the Big Wuss is probably afraid of his wife taking his adulterous ass to

the cleaners! I certainly would and then kick him in the balls on his way out!!!!!!

Old Bruce may not know how to get trim into the budget, but he damn sure knows how to get it out.

Great concept, but you’re not getting a job writing for late night with those skills. Please review your work and re-post. I’ve been trying to make it work and I can’t. Keywords; “trim” (double entente), and “budget”.

Bruce, does it not matter at all to you the amount of shame and embarrassment you are foisting upon Mrs. Gibson and your family as you perpetuate this scandal by insisting that your girlfriend return to your office?

A man’s character is his fate.

Gibson is a real sicko. What are the options for getting him off the BOS?

Vote for his opponent, you have no other options, but his opponent will be Marshall what’s-his-name or someone from the other side of the political fence who stands no chance of winning. He would have top be taken out by his own, and this man is a consummate politician, Marion Barry-style, just needs the pimp hat.

This is our challenge with politicians; we need to bite the bullet for the betterment of all and elect the other guy, Marshall what’s his name. Give balance to the board and the other side isn’t all as bad as it is made out to be, either way. Between Bruse and Adam, I can’t help wonder what could possibly be worse!

I do not want Marshall what’s-his-name. I’m in the Arnold/Patterson district. I was concerned about Arnold and the board majority being blind to the issue of development vs. resources, and who pays, but I think they cannot ignore that reality. I want people of Mecham’s/Texeria’s/Arnold’s character representing the 2nd, 3rd, and maybe the 5th (be nice Debbie) presenting the other point of view.

O – hill – ski, hopefully no relation to the South County supervisor.

I am not sure Ochylski is on the other side of the fence from Bruce politically. Except maybe with regard to the Los Osos sewer where O-hill-ski thinks the communities wants/needs play a valuable role.

My take: They are essentially of the same persuasion — sewer issues aside. If I lived there, I’d vote Ochylski. Is he running?

Ah, the Los Osos sewer, where the hippies and the conservatives agree and the middle has to face reality.

You mean the hippies and the conservatives lost and the middle is happy to emerge from third world sewer status!