Gibson admits girlfriend back in his office

January 18, 2013

Bruce GibsonFor the second time in several months, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has made an announcement about his long-term affair with his administrative assistant on a Friday afternoon leading into a holiday weekend.

A little more than a week after CalCoastNews broke the news that Gibson had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate, Gibson confirmed the move, though he claimed the transfer had occurred several days after CCN reported the move. The county has posted an agreement between Bruce Gibson and Cherie Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

“Statement from Bruce Gibson, District 2 Supervisor

“As of this week, Cherie Aispuro has returned to her duties as the legislative assistant for District 2. I’ve thought very carefully about this decision — it was not made lightly or impulsively. The factors here are these:

“Most importantly, during the past six years Cherie has done outstanding work on behalf of my constituents. That’s why I asked her to return – a 22-year county employee, she is quite simply the best person for this job.

“Cherie has been on temporary assignment for the past two months, working in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. During that time, County legal and administrative staff members have made a careful analysis of the employment issues regarding our personal relationship. They have determined that neither Cherie nor I have broken any county rule or policy, nor did we misuse any county funds or property.

“I understand that personal relationships can have a huge impact in the workplace. Great care needs to be taken to avoid conflicts and favoritism relative to other workers. Personal relationships should never get in the way of doing our jobs well. And here, it did not and will not.

“Each county supervisor has the sole authority to appoint his or her own legislative assistant, who works “at will” to the respective supervisor. This means legislative assistants are political appointees and not subject to civil service rules and requirements.

“County supervisors do not directly manage any other employee, and the legislative assistants don’t manage any subordinates. In this unique situation, the potential for a personal relationship to cause conflicts or favoritism is greatly diminished, if not eliminated altogether.

“Cherie and I have signed a legal agreement that verifies the county staff findings. This agreement includes a waiver and release that protects the County from any liability from claims – past and future.

“With Cherie’s return, we look forward to this office continuing to provide excellent service to the Second District and the County of San Luis Obispo.

“Finally, I want to say that I am sorry. I’m sorry for concealing this relationship and the hurt it’s caused my family. My actions have damaged relationships with many people I know, and many I don’t.

“I know I can’t undo what’s done, and I know I have much trust to rebuild. My plan is to move forward, do my job as best I can, and represent my district as I always have.

“Very truly yours,


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Well in the end it will all come to Gibson cheating on this new girlfriend. Then we will see some furr fly. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Wouldnt surprise me if that doesnt go down sooner than later. He will never be faithful or respectable. His time is very limited. Can we impeach supervisors?


Fur, one “r”. Contractions use the “n’t” what-cha-ma-call-it dick-donger. And what does “JMO” mean? I hope it’s not what I think it does…

“Once a cheater always a cheater”. Not true. Sometimes cheaters stop cheating or else………..

Blessings to all, including cheaters.

In the good old days you just quietly got her a job at another government agency. Everybody in the know knew, including the staff of The Tribune (T-T back in the day), but it was just “inside baseball” and only public information in the form of deniable gossip. God%$n, f*(#$@g CCN! I do admire Gibson for one thing though; why bother with the charade?

I do admire Gibson for one thing though; why bother with the charade?

He got the idea to do what others didn’t expect (Not deny) by watching a Harrison Ford movie where Harrison Ford was a CIA director advising the President of the US NOT to deny and the public will just shrug it off. He doesn’t have the brains to think it up himself, he only has the brains to BS and be sneaky, just like he screwed Dan Devaul behind the scenes. Hes a good public snowball-er!

Lies come softly to the green weenie.

1) Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, … what are you thinking?

2) The letter in the link from Buckshi is a head-scratcher. He signed it (as did Neal), but in the letter, he refers to himself as “Mr. Buckshi.” There’s more to it than we are being told.

Wow Mr. Gibson says don’t worry it won’t get in the way and it was just a relationship. Of course for a guy who lied to someone he supposedly loved (his wife) and we John Q public should believe he has our best interest at heart because he said so.

Mr. Gibson is that the same BULLSHIT line you feed your wife? You sir are a P.O.S. with NO HONOR!!! I hope those over there in your neck of the woods in the county see through your B.S. and send you packing the next time you are up for election.

Just because no laws were broken you have broken many moral and trust codes both in your personnel and business relationships. I know another man who wasn’t any good for his word either. His name was Kelly Gearhart. You and him morally are no different. Spin your B.S. anyway you need to justify it in your simple little mind but it is still wrong.

BeenThereDoneThat, are you a fly on the wall in the Gibson/Crittenden household? To make the above statement, you must think that you are, as you are discussing and opining on THEIR private business. In other words, NOT YOUR BUSINESS.

You again? Lynette, it would appear that you have an affinity towards those who break their contracts (yes marriage is a legal contract and even a sworn oath), sneak around, lie to their families and can’t control their self serving sexual itches. Anytime that this behavior puts the public at risk, it is OUR BUSINESS, not to mention an indication that the perp is not trustworthy.

Cindy, YOU again?

This “holier-than-thou” stance isn’t becoming. One doesn’t need an affinity toward someone to see that this raking over the coals is over the top with the venom spit in his direction. “Perp?” Give me a break!

It is a divorce, he had an affair. BFD, it happens. All the while prior to the admission, he had no complaints about doing his job, except from the Los Osos sewer opposition or COLAB, and Cheri has never had any complaints about doing her job. People get paid if they do their job. Please explain how he has put the public at risk.

Now if you don’t like his politics or his morals, then don’t vote for him! Simple!

Oh Lynette you crack me up. When you become an elected public official and your private business of sleeping with someone on the payroll, that I pay for, then you can BET YOUR ASS it is my business!!!!!!!!!!!

If he had sleeped with a neighbor or someone else that was not a work associate, then yes your point would be valid. In this case you have your blinders so firmly on, you can’t even begin to see the big picture.

You don’t know the people involved do you BeenThereDoneThat. Your question should be, “Are they doing their jobs?”

The answer is, from someone who watches the Supes weekly, attends Gibson’s office hours and is thankful for the great job he has done to get this community a sewer, “Yes, both Gibson and Aispuro are doing their jobs well.”

So instead of making assumptions about them, do you actually have any idea what their jobs are and how they do them? If you have complaints about that, then let’s hear them.

What assumptions have I made? He himself came out and said they had an affair. Everything I have commented about is NOT my opinion, it is things he has said or done, i.e. bringing her back. How much simpler can I make it for you?

I understand he’s your candidate and you don’t want to see anything wrong in him. Again blinders.

It’s a good thing that they didn’t get into a fight like Gail and Edge did. Cherie could have accused Gibson of sexual harassment and even claimed that she felt that sleeping with him was a requirement to keep her job. That would have cost us all plenty of $$$ BUT of course, Lynette doesn’t understand that. I have to wonder about someone that thinks it’s OK to f*** around on their spouse, never mind a public official with an employee and I’ll just stop here.

You are making up hypotheticals. None of what you state happened, so there is really no argument here. Nobody said it was OK, including Gibson. Again, if you ever met these two people, you would see how unnecessary your comments are. They are NOT “Gail” and “Edge.”

Lynette Tornatzky – OMG, are you naive! And so brainwashed with “progressive” and “liberal” thinking that I guess they just washed any semblance of moral conduct right out of you.

The guy’s an oath breaker, a deceiver, a liar, and a fornicator, get it?

And you think those are attributes of “leadership” and make for a good “public SERVANT”?

The people of his district should’ve kicked his butt off the board long ago and demanded their money back!!

How’s that? Let’s start demanding our money back from all those on the public dole who FAIL to fulfill the requirements of their job – and I do believe that HONESTY and refraining from fornicating with the staff is one of them!!

If he was truly a decent and HONEST man, he would have separated from his wife way back when he first realized he was getting serious feelings for another person – even BEFORE he started fornicating with her – how’s that for a lesson on what truly decent people do, and how they treat those who have loved them for so many years.

If he’s screwing over one person, what makes you think he’s not screwing over others – including you?

Your outrage is a reflection of your naivete. Gibson and Gearhart are just the ones who got caught, and small fish at that.

Your opinion, if you can call it that, is laughable at best. No I am outraged at politicians behavior all the way up to Washington but in case you missed it, in your exuberance to job on my opinion to the STATED ARTICLE to make yourself sound somehow important, I would suggest you go back and reread my opinion to get the point to this article.

What an arrogant ass.

He’s more like Jimmy Swaggart!

Bruce has quickly become the John Edwards of SLO county.

But the rest of the BOS and his mentor Ms. Bianchi are as quiet as church mice.

The guy doesn’t have a shred of decency about him at all, if he had he would have resigned two months ago when this broke.

If this were so, shouldn’t the aforementioned BOS say something? What does this indicate as far as their character goes? Or at least the character (such as it is) of the Board of Supervisors?

Yes where is Ms. Bianchi’s comments on this matter? She sure had a lot to say about her fair haired boy when he was running.

She always has a lot to say about the public rigths, behaviors, and issues on topics that she supports. Where are you now Ms. Bianchi? Does this fit into your agenda and support of Mr. Gibson who you have 110% supported in the past? Says alot about your character!