Gibson admits girlfriend back in his office

January 18, 2013

Bruce GibsonFor the second time in several months, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has made an announcement about his long-term affair with his administrative assistant on a Friday afternoon leading into a holiday weekend.

A little more than a week after CalCoastNews broke the news that Gibson had brought his mistress back to work in his office as his subordinate, Gibson confirmed the move, though he claimed the transfer had occurred several days after CCN reported the move. The county has posted an agreement between Bruce Gibson and Cherie Aispuro in which they claim they will not sue the county over their affair.

“Statement from Bruce Gibson, District 2 Supervisor

“As of this week, Cherie Aispuro has returned to her duties as the legislative assistant for District 2. I’ve thought very carefully about this decision — it was not made lightly or impulsively. The factors here are these:

“Most importantly, during the past six years Cherie has done outstanding work on behalf of my constituents. That’s why I asked her to return – a 22-year county employee, she is quite simply the best person for this job.

“Cherie has been on temporary assignment for the past two months, working in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. During that time, County legal and administrative staff members have made a careful analysis of the employment issues regarding our personal relationship. They have determined that neither Cherie nor I have broken any county rule or policy, nor did we misuse any county funds or property.

“I understand that personal relationships can have a huge impact in the workplace. Great care needs to be taken to avoid conflicts and favoritism relative to other workers. Personal relationships should never get in the way of doing our jobs well. And here, it did not and will not.

“Each county supervisor has the sole authority to appoint his or her own legislative assistant, who works “at will” to the respective supervisor. This means legislative assistants are political appointees and not subject to civil service rules and requirements.

“County supervisors do not directly manage any other employee, and the legislative assistants don’t manage any subordinates. In this unique situation, the potential for a personal relationship to cause conflicts or favoritism is greatly diminished, if not eliminated altogether.

“Cherie and I have signed a legal agreement that verifies the county staff findings. This agreement includes a waiver and release that protects the County from any liability from claims – past and future.

“With Cherie’s return, we look forward to this office continuing to provide excellent service to the Second District and the County of San Luis Obispo.

“Finally, I want to say that I am sorry. I’m sorry for concealing this relationship and the hurt it’s caused my family. My actions have damaged relationships with many people I know, and many I don’t.

“I know I can’t undo what’s done, and I know I have much trust to rebuild. My plan is to move forward, do my job as best I can, and represent my district as I always have.

“Very truly yours,


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Supervisor Bruce Gibson is demonstrating his great powers

and no one, absolutely no one can do anything about it

nor will anybody do anything about it

(to say until the next election is just a cop-out of our public impotence and they laugh at us, the fact is in each new election they know more suckers are re-born. So, how does the public stop paying into their purse-string (taxes)? They made it illegal to do that!)

So if she was doing such a great job, why was she sent away in the first place? This is all pure crap and lies. Why do we have such clueless wankers for county government leaders, particularly the Board of Supervisors? Time for a recall.

Really jimmy_me? You dislike ALL of the Supes? Why bother with a recall then, what do you think would be different with someone new in Mr. Gibson’s place?

Me, I don’t dislike all the supes. I like Meacham, Texeria and Arnold, but I disagree with them on many, but not all issues. I am in more agreement with many, but not all, issues advocated by Hill and Gibson. I never liked Hill and now I don’t like Gibson.

Well obispan, you can then exercise your opinion at the ballot box. Thanks for your answer.

We still haven’t hear from jimmy_me.

Can’t vote against Gibson, literally live on the wrong side of the street. Will actively campaign against him though, even if it’s a conservative opponent I can live with. Just the same, Ed Waage stands a good chance in a rematch against Hill. I’m tired of this b******t in government on either side.

Of course obispan, your prerogative, just as I send money to candidates outside District 2, like Hill for instance. I find his candor refreshing and I “get” the New Jersey-isms and don’t take offense. I prefer raw truth to deceptive political mealy-mouthing. I hope that you don’t get all your news in one place, like CCN, but actively participate in at least your own political venues to see other viewpoints.

You “get” his arrogance, I don’t. A lot of us across the board will be looking for somebody else.

That’s fine as to how you want to vote, I have no issue with that at all.

You cannot deny that Cherie Aispuro is the best person for the “job”!

For the time being anyway…

seriously…this guy is an unbelievable douche…get him out of there!

Woh, this guy got Chutzpah. Damm the tropedos and full speed ahead no matter what the consequences are. Is Bruce kinding the public or is he just smitten with infatuation like a teenager?

Hey man, read the papers, that it how it is done. Gibson got elected by a lot of people who are just now falling off the turnip truck and taking note.

“girlfriends back in his office”

He has more than one?

The style of the writing here is as entertaining as the subject matter

Based on various unnamed trolls/Gibson supporters, there appears to be a line at Gibson’s door. It seems if you give Gibson unending support, he’ll reward you in one way or another. Simply take a look at the positions Gibson has assigned through the years.

Maybe you can enlighten us with some facts jimmy_me.

Bruce, stop embarrassing your constituents and resign from the Board of Supervisors immediately. Have you no pride? Have you no respect?

Oh Bruce. You just don’t see it, do you?

There is no possibility of rebuilding trust publicly or privately. Each and every relationship, personal or public, that you have built is betrayed by your actions with your legislative assistant.

You and Ms. Aispuro have only one honorable route at this point remaining; and that is to both resign.

Any public policy improvement you may have hoped to achieve will be hobbled and tarnished by the distrust all now harbor when looking at you and your motives. The Governor can be trusted to appoint someone to fill out your term representing the people of the Second District. The people of the Second District deserve to have an actual, and an effective, representative on the Board of Supervisors; instead of the cold dead political carcass of a once honorable advocate.

Reconsider, and resign now – while you can still do something positive for your constituents.

Sounds about as sincere as Lance Armstrong.

Amen to that !!!

You must be kidding. Lance is seven times the world champion in sincerity!

Lance Armstrong was doing what EVERYBODY else was doing in cycling, so he won on a level playing field. If they clean it up it’s possible he cold win again on the new level playing field. If Bruce Gibson wants to make the case that you HAVE to have an affair with a subordinate to win a BOS election let’s hear it.

So the county may be safe from a lawsuit from Mr Gibson or Ms. Aispuro but what about from any co-worker and a hostile work enviroment or such? It doesn’t sound like any protection from that.

I don’t know how safe from a lawsuit Gibson and the County would be if he and Aispuro had an unfriendly parting of ways but, as to your other concerns, read more carefully. There are no other co-workers so those problems can’t occur.

Gibson should resign for moral reasons alone. On top of that, his actions posed a legal risk to the County initially even if they are greatly reduced now. The temporary solution was a waste of taxpayer money as well. Whatever good points he has have been washed away by his handling of this situation.

Not sure what your definition of a co-worker is, but if there are any other employees in the office/area they would be considered co-workers and can be affected by the relationship between Gibson and Aispuro and would be able to file a lawsuit because of it and how it affected their work enviroment.

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