Historic Fremont Theatre closing its doors

January 31, 2013

fremontAfter 70 years of service, the Fremont Theatre will be closing its doors after the last shows tonight, the theater’s management announced on its Facebook page.

“On behalf of everyone who has been with the company over the years, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support,” the Facebook post says. “You were as much part of this place as we were.

“We’d like to send a special thanks to the general manager, Mark Scaccianoce, for all his hard work and dedication in making the theatre the best he could under the circumstances he was given.

“So come by, take some pictures, or share some memories on here about your good times at the Fremont.”



This is a bit of a shocker for me! My family and I just saw the Hobbit in that fancy HFR 3D! I know the ticket pricing is basically set by the movie studios, and theatres rely on concession sales, but I always pay the arm and leg for goodies, just to help keep theaters moving along.

Man, am I sad.


Does anybody else remember going to Bank Night on Wednesdays when they would have a drawing for money during an intermission? I won one night. I also remember going to see the Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons in concert. People should remember that King And Rossi spent thousands of dollars restoring this theater. I’m sure if there’s some way to open it back up, they will. Hopefully, this is temporary. The Fremont is a part of San Luis Obispo’s history.


Perhaps there is more to the story of the closure than is being let out into the public arena at this time; was this a financial decision by Rossi/King, or perhaps the company that was leasing it? Is this closure related to the proposed IMAX project that is (was?) going to be built at the back of the Fremont? This may all be a bunch of smoke and mirrors; more information is definitely needed.


You get my drift.


I predict a application for a 5 story mixed use complex within 9 months or sooner. Ground floor will have the required bar.


Fine with me. One less killing zone for the unstable who want to show the world they can take out more than the last nut case.


Right because we know stopping free citizens from congregating is the real solution to gun violence. What a great idea ban crowds to prevent mass murder.



Balderdash. You must be a Democrat? Does the Fremont quality as an “assault theater” in your book?


Now what’s the point of that statement? Distasteful & uninformative.


What happened to Rossi’s plan for IMAX on the back side? Suspect this is a takeover and or take back by property owners ^. Remember, they tried to demolish Grand Central Station. The Fremont is a San Luis Obispo Temple.


Well, that sucks. I have many fond memories of going to the Fremont over the years. When I was a kid, they would sell summer movie ticket books which my parents would buy, and then we’d go and see all kinds of movies down there all summer long. Of course, that was a long time ago in a different world. My hope is that some enterprising soul will buy the place and make a go of it, but who knows? It’s a pretty sad day for the old-time locals.


Other than the students and homeless, who wants to venture downtown. It is to unsafe to go down there even on Thursday nights. If you are single or gong to meet up with someone, please be careful. This story is so sad. When I was a kid I remember going to the Obispo Theatre (before it burned) and the excitement when the Fremont was remodeled and all the new beautiful lights were installed. Anyone remember as a kid in SLO going to the movies on New Year’s Eve and then going to Sinsheimer’s and getting noise makers. A real loss ans financial casualty for San Luis Obispo. But, the economy is in full recovery, especially in California.


My Mom took me to see Jaws at the Obispo way back when. That was a cool old place. Whoever burned it down deserves some serious and long-lasting bad karma.


SLOBIRD says:” Other than the students and homeless, who wants to venture downtown. It is to unsafe to go down there even on Thursday nights. ”

What? Slo is one of the safest places I have ever lived. If you cant’ handle a Thursday night farmers in Slo, then lock the safe room door and start eating those Y2K Art Bell survival rations.

Seriously even the guy in the bear outfit is harmless (not to be confused with the other bear).


Tell that to the young lady I know who was downtown getting items at the Farmers Market and was walking back to her car in the parking structure on Marsh St, around 8:30 pm and was raped. Yeap, real fun safe place to have fun.


Chicken Little


A bad theater like the other in slo? bad movies nobody wants to see?, too high of prices?, or local population that would rather sit in one of SLO’s 600 bars? Demographics? nah…there’s movies intended for every age group and ethnicity etc possible. Specially those cheezy imports the worldly types pay good money to suffer through LOL..


this speaks volumes about ever changing demographics of SLO. A sad commentary indeed.