Armed Robbery at the Lexington Inn in SLO

February 1, 2013

lexington innSan Luis Obispo Police are investigating an armed robbery Thursday evening at the Lexington Inn on the 2000 block of Garfield Street.

Police say a white man in his early 20s walked into the station at about 9:40 p.m., armed with a semi-automatic handgun and demanded cash from the front desk clerk.

He was given an undisclosed amount of money before he fled the scene.

The suspect is still on the loose.


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Sure lets just give the military black powder guns, after all if you train enough you’ll be able to hit targets just as they did in the civil war. LOL Why do you think law abiding citizens should have one hand tied around there backs when confronting criminals. I will use the amount of bullets I need. Period, and few extra for good measure. You should not try to take my rights away because others break the law.


One only has their hands tied behind them if they can’t use a revolver in the proper manner. Granted, if you don’t want to take the time in really learning hand gun skills, then you can use an auto in a “spray and pray” method that you’re fond of, and a few extra rounds for good measure.

A hypothetical; wouldn’t it be kind of embarrassing though if the police arrived upon the scene, where your house was obliterated by bullets embedded everywhere in the ceilings and walls and you touting “Yep, this place may be demolished by using the amount of bullets that I needed, but I got em, and I made sure by firing a few extra in him while he was already wounded.”

I agree that law abiding citizens should not have their gun rights taken away because of the mentally disturbed, or by others breaking the law in using guns unlawfully. That’s like saying that a drunk driver killed a person while intoxicated. Do we then take all cars or liquor away from others? No, we do not.

That’s why the old sticker posted on a front window of one’s house showing a silhouette of a 45 mag, and stating; “There is nothing in this house worth losing your life over” is so befitting, praise Jesus!

A “semi-automatic handgun?” Save some electrons and just call it a pistol since almost all pistols are semi-automatics. Or is the use of “semi-automatic” such an emotionally grabbing phrase that you can’t resist?

Automatic hand guns are for wussies. The “spray and pray that I hit something” scenario is for newbes and women, that is if a woman could even load the clip past five rounds to begin with. Real men use “wheel guns” and have the ability, through extensive training, to only need a few rounds to hit any target.

Anyway, being Jesus, He would obviously be packing a revolver like the one shown in the picture link below, praise!

Wouldn’t “synapses” be more apropos than electrons in your explanation above?

LOL for the link Ted,

OnTheOtherHand That phrase was in the police report and it is a factual description, you will need to get over it.

If you would like to submit a opinion piece use the contacts in the right sidebar or perhaps Cal Poly has an opening for a guest anonymous English lecturer (don’t forget your mask).

Since it was in the police report, I apologize for criticizing YOU (CCN) for the use in this case. It is a technically correct term but it has been made into a boogeyman for those unknowledgeable about firearms in the gun control debate — much like the very inaccurately-used term “assault rifles.” As a result, I am suspicious about the bias of those who use it.