Los Osos man sentenced for aiding in a suicide

January 16, 2013
Gewynn Taylor

Gewynn Taylor

Longtime Los Osos resident George Taylor was sentenced on Wednesday to two days in jail, time he has already served, for aiding and abetting in his wife’s suicide.

Taylor, 86, agreed to a suicide pact with his wife that they attempted to execute on December 10 at Montana de Oro State Park. Gewynn, 81, died, but George did not, and a park ranger discovered him driving with his wife’s body in the car.

Taylor spent two days in jail on a murder charge, before the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office reduced the charge to assisted suicide.

The couple, married more than 60 years, had agreed to and informed family and friends of their plan to end their lives together. Taylor has been attending court ordered counseling sessions.

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Again a sad end to the story. God bless Mr. Taylor and I wish you peace. Glad to see the D.A. did the right thing.

Would have been better if they had released him immediately and dropped all charges. Pretty sad state of affairs when you cannot determine the end of your destiny. Even this most personal endeavor has been used as a political football, what a country.

Hummm, Actually the time it took for the county LE to sort this all out was only a couple of day’s before the murder charge was dropped. After all, he was found with a woman in his back seat who had a plastic bag tied around her head. When asked if she was a manikin, he said no, that’s my wife!

Come on hotdog, what do you want?

I agree with Cindy, REALLY hotdog!!!??? I am NOT going to bash the officers and law for doing their job they had to do. In today’s world you walk upon a scene and you are just going to take someone’s word, without looking into? What alternate universe have you been living in? This was processed from the time it happened in Nov., if I remember correct, to now in less than three months. For ANY case to go that fast it is pretty good. There really is no pleasing some people like yourself.

Went back and looked on date and was REALLY amazed. This happened around the 10th of Dec SIX WEEKS. Hotdog stop looking for microwave justice.