Hill concerned with “local fringe”

January 16, 2013

adam hillSan Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill is requesting citizen input about a “local fringe.”

Last week, Hill appointed human resources consultant Betsey Nash to the county Civil Service Commission. Prior to the appointment, the Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business criticized Nash for stating that supervisors should provide county employees more fair treatment and increased management recognition.

Hill called the COLAB critique a “political smear” in an email sent Tuesday. The email referenced a Tribune article discussing commission appointments and the COLAB report.

“Let me know if you are disturbed by this and other recent doings engineered from our local fringe,” Hill wrote.

While the email did not mention COLAB by name, Hill has attacked the organization in the past, most notably when he accused COLAB of racism for hosting a comedian who impersonated President Barack Obama.

After the release of Hill’s emails describing COLAB as a racist organization, Hill told the Tribune he was done fighting publicly with COLAB.

But, Hill’s email about the “local fringe” comes after COLAB led a successful campaign to prevent Hill from becoming president of the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments.

Hill, who is currently vice president of the county Air Pollution Control District, will have to overcome the fallout from another scathing email he sent in order to become the district’s 2013 president. California Attorney General Kamala Harris is including Hill’s November 2012 email attack on state parks in her suit against the air district over its Oceano Dunes Dust Rule.


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Definitive reporting concerning Mike Brown’s past experience @ Santa Barbara County CEO.


This guy is slightly unhinged, and obviously misses the ability to exercise his autocratic power greatly. He’s found a perfect place @ COLAB.

Here’s more dirt on COLAB’s Mike Brown (but there is MUCH more to tell):