Los Osos terminates general manager

January 4, 2013

Los Osos Community Services District’s general manager was terminated by the board following a one-hour closed session on Thursday.

Though the board reported Susan Morrow was terminated without cause, her performance as the district’s general manager has been heavily criticized by residents since she was hired in May. Morrow was the ninth general manager who has overseen the district since its inception 13 years ago.

As part of her contractual agreement, Morrow will get two months severance.

Margaret Falkner, the district’s utility manager, will serve as general manager until the board fills the vacancy. The district provides water, drainage, solid waste and emergency services for residents of Los Osos/Baywood Park

Los Osos filed for bankruptcy protection in 2006. The Bankruptcy has been appealed to federal court with a hearing slated for late 2013.


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That’s a lot of excuses, Lynette. As my mother told me, those who squawk the loudest have the most to hide. To be fair, I don’t support the district and have never attempted to be any part of it. If you’re going to start taking exception to people not using their real names on the Internet, then you have issues. Given what’s mentioned about you on Google, clearly you do.

Did you watch the Board of Supes today? The loudest squawking comes from the Los Osos regulars….. good point that you make.

Whether my real name is used or not, it’s the truth. Clearly Lynette, you have integrity issues because you were against the district before you were for it. And you’re only for it now because Ochylski helped you get those seats on two advisory committees while he was a board member for you and your husband’s non-profit. When it was pointed out to him the possible conflict of interest, he resigned from the board and had his name taken off your non-profit web site.

I think that’s definitely pertinent to the story. You’re personally invested yourself in the district and district affairs, yet you make no disclaimer and yell at people for “not living” in Los Osos. That’s pretty nuts, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to people who Googled you.

CCActivist says: “You’re personally invested yourself” As are you.

Big stones there for a anonymous tag to call out someone else by name, way off topic too.

Not off topic. It’s relevant. She supports the district and the GMs only after the board gave her a platform. The only investment I have is making sure people know who’s who. Someone needs to bring in context.


I am a commenter on a online newspaper blog. Who cares what I think? OH, I get it, because I actually put my real name out there with my comments, YOU FEEL that they might somehow carry more weight. And so might your “cautionary” comments against me….if you put your name to them anyway, but you don’t, so why would anyone believe you?

Here is my statement, not disclaimer: I support the district by SERVING on committees and attending meetings FOR YEARS (before Marshall even ran for office), and attending CSD meetings FOR YEARS, regardless of who was in office. I also put out the time, money and energy to run for office although I did not win. How do you support the district? Or don’t you, is that the point here?

Marshall did not resign for your theory, “conflict of interest.” Why don’t you ask him, as right now you are just making stuff up.

Only once was I against the district when it went crazy and threatened the safety, future of, and pocketbooks of the people who live here by stopping the sewer project. The damage that was caused by the ensuing bankruptcy to the district, the angst to our citizens citizens from CDOs and NOVs against their properties, and the imprudent harming the fragile water supply by causing the district to be too broke and therefore hamstrung to effect any meaningful water conservation policies, all by the Lisa board, was quite a heavy price to pay. Still the district survives, revitalized by better, far better boards and maybe it will survive.

What is your problem with supporting the district and the GMs (I DID NOT support Bleskey however).

justme, I can’t reply below your comment on the other page as there was no room for a reply link, so I will reply here:

What we are getting on the mid-town property is a path through it with fences so people won’t trample the ESHA that will be planted. No benches, no bathrooms. It is not being touted as a park, but a restoration of ESHA and a basin to hold storm water runoff. You may call it a park of course.

What the old project had was: off-leash dog park, playing field (for soccer, etc.), tot lot, amphitheater, picnic area, community gardens, restrooms, parking, bike lane and oh yes, walking paths.

Yes, frightfully accurate.

….and a huge roaring sewer plant 24/7, crap-carrying semi trucks everyday forever. Maintenace trucks, including people and materials, seismic disturbance, white noise, and it will stink.

Instead we have acres of walking trails, on leash dog walking and peace. AND a chance to add restrooms, etc. at a later date, AND NO SEWER PLANT!

Believe what you like about the old design, you won’t change your mind and you got your wish, just keep in mind the price that you have paid and will be paying for it.

“Seismic disturbance, white noise?” Huh?

(You write like the old project is still a possibility with the phrase, “and it will stink.”)

Why don’t you put your name on what you write CCActivist as I do? Then we can all see how your inaccurate statements might have been hatched. Please point out how my so-called “self interests” relate to the board letting Ms. Morrow go, I’m sure it would be riveting reading.

Lynette Tornatzky hasn’t disclosed her self-interests here. It’s pertinent to the article.

The LOCSD previously appointed Tornatzky to two advisory committees after Marshall Ochylski, who was board president at the time, was appointed to her now-defunct non-profit group, ReCreate Los Osos. Prior to that, Tornatzky repeatedly advocated for the dissolution of the LOCSD since he aligned herself with Taxpayers Watch and was later appointed their spokesperson.

Google “Lynette Tornatzky” for more information about her. She’s got a lot of baggage, which will explain her hostile behavior on here.