SLO man accuses Rep. Sam Farr of racism

January 4, 2013

Sam Farr

A San Luis Obispo man has labeled Rep. Sam Farr, considered to be one of the most progressive liberals in Congress, a racist. [Herald]

The man making the allegations, Scott Barnes, 58, is known to have duped Ross Perot, ABC’s Peter Jennings and the FBI. Known as a publicity hound and a con, Barnes gets close to public officials claiming to be a former CIA agent and begins manufacturing evidence that he sends to multiple agencies requesting investigations.

Scott Barnes is infamous for convincing Perot to drop his bid for the presidency due to information Barnes was accused of constructing. Barnes has a resume that includes serving time for fabricating evidence, illegal wiretapping, giving false testimony and sending government investigators on wild goose chases, according to a Los Angeles Times article.

Barnes posted his claims about Farr online on Topix, contacted law enforcement agencies and The Herald. Barnes claims an unknown person sent an anti-immigration email allegedly forwarded by Farr in December.

Referring to Farr, Barnes said Wednesday to the Herald, “The guy’s an obvious racist.”

Barnes also says he uncovered evidence the 11-term congressman was part of a group of local racists.

Farr spokesman Adam Russell told the Herald the email address included in the anti-immigration email was one no longer used by the congressman. Aware of Barnes’ past, he declined to comment on the allegations.

The email suggested borders be closed, English should be the only accepted language in the United States and there be “no freebies to illegal aliens,” the Herald said.

Barnes then posted his claims on the forum website Topix and claimed to have contacted the FBI, U.S. Office of Investigative General, the House Ethics Committee, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the California attorney general and others.

Last year, Barnes and San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill began spreading claims on Topix, vocally and through reports to agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), that CalCoastNews reporters were fabricating stories while asking over the radio airways for money to write false stories. The FCC investigation determined the allegations were false.

Both Barnes and Hill have labeled those who do not agree with them as racists.


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Sam Farra racist? Probably not but definitely a radical leftist who marches in lockstep with the rest of them who have no trouble taking away our Constitutional rights while denying the rights of the pre- born and just -born, to life.

You can only shake your head at Adam Hill… one does judge people by their friends.

Wow, Daniel – what a story! Thanks for the link!

From what I understand, Barnes is living out of his vehicle near Goodwill in SLO.

Ha. I was kinda thinking, “who cares” from a local standpoint, until I was zinged by the Adam Hill connection.

Hill is poison.

That is exactly what I was thinking…

Barnes sounds a lot like the Jarek Molski of politics!

Perhaps if Mr. Barnes didn’t get the press he’s getting. he’d simply go away. He’s a fame whore.

Cal Coast should print Barnes photo instead of Farr so that everyone knows what Barnes looks like and can avoid him. I remember reading a story about him in New Times years ago and the front page had his picture.

Barnes obviously doesnt have both oars in the water.

It would be nice for him to take a long walk off a short pier

Take Adam Hill with him.

Good memory, Dexter. I wrote that piece on Barnes for New Times, and photog Chris Gardner surreptitiously snapped his photo — CIA-style. Here’s the link to that article:

Sorry, meant to reply to you here Daniel. Thanks for the link…amazing story!