Medical pot case postponed

January 17, 2013

med potA medical cannabis delivery driver arrested last week in Oceano now has been charged with felonies by the district attorney, and his arraignment postponed from today to Jan. 22.

Chance Simmons faces charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of concentrated cannabis. Simmons was arrested Jan. 5 following a traffic stop by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies, reportedly for having a cracked windshield.

San Luis Obispo attorney Lou Koory appeared on Simmons’ behalf and requested the delay in arraignment, saying that “discussions with prosecutors are ongoing.”

Simmons is employed by Ethnobotanica Patients Collective, which delivers physician-recommended cannabis to some of the collective’s 1,000 patients.

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The government proved this stuff can kill brain cells ! If you smoke 60 joints in 5 minutes if the link doesn’t work Google government cannabis and monkey experiment ( I remember being fed this propaganda in school

My Bad, I know that concentrated is illegal in Oregon as I’m familiar with a case that recently occurred up there. I didn’t realize that hashish was legal in California. I’m wondering why the driver was charged with possession of concentrated marijuana then? The tax payers really need to put their foot down and demand that the laws of the state be adhered to by those who claim to serve and who receive a paycheck from the citizens of this state. If the rogue LE want to work for the Fed’s then let them go work for the Feds and get the hell off of our payroll. That means you too Parkinson, we know you were behind the raids of the Doobie Dozen and you tried to make it look like it occurred on your predecessors watch. We also know that’s why you hired those losers (Rodney John and his gang) from the defunct NTF after they were disband by the state. You owed them and now we have to pay and pay and pay with lawsuits, legal wrangling and support hoodlums that don’t deserve a paycheck.

The above was supposed to be in reply to standup.

Cindy, I still wonder to this day why the members of the doobie dozen were charged with child endangerment when it was the NTF a holes who actually were pointing guns at the heads of children. What an embarrassment to even wear a badge.

Stop the drug war now!

Lou Koory is the best!! This county needs to get a grip already there is so much money and time wasted on this BS.

“concentrated cannabis (hashish or hash oil) is against the law. Quit giving the LEO something to charge you with. The fact that our local LEO don’t respect the law (ie: “what the AG say’s don’t mean shit”) is bad enough without people taking advantage and giving the LE a leg to stand on. Crap like breaking the MM laws harms all the honest caregivers.

Cindy, actually hash is O.K..

“As of October 21, 2003, Attorney General Bill Lockyer made it clear that hashish and other concentrated marijuana are protected under Prop. 215, saying that concentrated cannabis or hashish is included within the meaning of ‘marijuana’ as that term is used in the Compassionate Use Act of 1996. ”

The sad thing about all this all the drug task force, Parkinson, DAs, court reporters, etc., etc. all depend on these “arrests” for job security. If any of them tell you different, they are lying. Marijuana arrests make up close to 50% of all the DEA activity in the nation for God’s sake. Then you have prosecutors who are still living in 1936 by the code of Reefer Madness.

There are so, so many other much more important issues for our whole legal system to worry about than pot in this day and age.

For those who don’t know, Ethnobotanica, I believe is a non profit corporation, has a seller’s permit with the state, etc. So I don’t really know what is going on here. Ian, we are waiting for your response.

As you stated Cindy, we know how much respect some of our own officers have for the Governor who was acting attorney general in the Dec. 2010 grandma kicking, child abusing, civil rights violating raids. I really hope those officers are really happy with themselves for causing divorces, home loss, etc.