Obama eases immigrants’ residency rule

January 2, 2013

Illegal immigrants with immediate relatives who are U.S. citizens can be fast-tracked to permanent residency under a rule issued Wednesday by the Obama Administration. (Los Angeles Times)

The executive action by the Department of Homeland Security will affect about 10 percent of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants now thought to be in this country.

The rule ostensibly seeks to shorten the time illegal immigrants must spend apart from an American spouse, children or parents in order to apply for legal residency.

Changes go into effect March 4, and will require applicants to leave the country only briefly, returning to their country of origin to obtain a visa. The rule allows the administration to act on some immigration issues without involving a heretofore reluctant Congress.

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Nothing wrong in this case of helping to lighten the load for many mexicans. Good idea Mr. Pres. First thing I have agreed with you on since you were first elected. Although I also like the medical that will be provided. People definitely need help now and then.

I thought there was a 3 tiered system in the legislature to avoid a dictator. Wow!

yea, doing God’s work isn’t always easy. God Bless all

There really should be a way to stop politicians from pandering to their voter base like this. It is just buying votes. Hey, vote for me and I will let your relatives in, or forgive your student loan debt, or force government heath care on everyone else but you!

There are: nullification and secession.

It’s called buying votes folks, and if you punch the democrat ticket, you’re a co-conspirator.

Just anchoring in those votes for the Democraptic party.

How do you like your hope and change now.

Ca was trying to pass legislation that we couldn’t deport ILLEGAL’s if caught for a minor infraction, such as no drivers license,no insurance, small things such as that, brought to you by a couple of Latino legislaters.

Thats all we do is….. talk. But what to do?

Write your legislators and tell them what you want. They are public servant and work FOR YOU, elected by the voters to do that job, if they don’t they are gone…

Why isnt there a law suit on behalf of the AMERICAN CITIZENS against any governers, congressmen and Obama for giving taxpayers monies to illegal aliens