Rice announces candidacy for SLO City Council

January 29, 2013
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


San Luis Obispo – Kevin Rice, proponent of open and democratic government, has announced he is seeking to fill the upcoming SLO City Council vacancy concurrent with Andrew Carter’s resignation. A twenty-year resident and former Cal Poly student, Rice has actively attended city council and county meetings advocating for citizen access to the local government process.

“Together, we can realize fiscal prudence, unfetter business and head-of-household job creation, repair infrastructure, and realize near-term, cost-effective, and Constitutional homeless solutions. Our City is blessed with beauty and richness,” Rice said. “We can protect that character and achieve more.”

Rice is a stalwart for process, and having been a years-long observer and participant in San Luis Obispo, he would step into the role with a solid knowledge of the issues and a desire to increase public participation. Rice, 44, is registered “no party preference” and has voted in every election since becoming eligible to vote. Known for independent thought and consideration for multiple points of view, Rice embraces the non-partisan quality of the council member post.


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“No party preference”. That’s a laugh. A pseudo Libertarian with Tea party leanings.

But hey, if he wants to run, run. Just don’t expect the open government person as advertised.

His being a “stalwart for process” means that he would gum up business with lots of useless debate about miniscule or imagined breaches of protocol. Lots of talk, little action.

So it wouldn’t be any different than what we have now???

Yes, because Libertarian is so well defined. Might as well try to herd cats.

And those evil Tea Party folks: wanting smaller, accountable government and less taxes. Puh-Lease! Who’d want THAT?

“Smaller” government is more controllable by a power elite. It would be the lords and masters that a “smaller” government was accountable to …not the people.

If you like the Tea Party you’ll love Kevin.

Compared to an ignorant and arrogant carpetbagger like Jeff Aranguena, Rice has a great deal more on the ball and far more to offer.

Rice is actually involved in local politics unlike Aranguena. As a firefighter, Rice’s schedule would allow him the time to properly serve on the council. Unlike Aranguena he’s also not beholding to the machine politics of the Democratic Central Committee.

Best of luck Kevin!

I think Kevin’s voice on the council would challenge staff. A staff that needs challenging. Some of the choices given the council of late have been laughable. The current council buys what staff is selling much too easily. Kevin will elevate the debate.

Yep. Sounds like the Paso council, too. The city managers and city staffs are not elected employees yet THEY have so much power. Too often city council members just rubber stamp what’s put before them, almost like they’re afraid to think for themselves.

Kevin Rice is worthy of consideration. He would certainly have MY vote!

Kevin Rice has proved that he does his homework. He is thoughtful, and he listens to people of all points of view. Mr. Rice would add breadth to the current Council.

The bottom line is that Rice is smart, motivated and he would put in the time to do a good job. He’s not beholding to the machine politics of the Democratic Central Committee or any other special interest group to my knowledge.

While his presence might metaphorically twist the colons of the white-hair transplants who so desperately want to control things, I would welcome a fresh and honest voice like Rice.

Unfortunately, the DCC has this city on lock-down (I suspect heavy corruption / vote manipulation, but I’m a known kook), thus he’ll not be allowed to upset any applecart.

I am ready to vote him in as City Mayor or County Supervisor right now

I appreciate his thoughtfulness, his thoroughness, and his attention to detail. If successful, he will be a great asset to San Luis Obispo and environs. Further, council meetings will become more interesting should he become a member ;) .

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