Rice announces candidacy for SLO City Council

January 29, 2013
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


San Luis Obispo – Kevin Rice, proponent of open and democratic government, has announced he is seeking to fill the upcoming SLO City Council vacancy concurrent with Andrew Carter’s resignation. A twenty-year resident and former Cal Poly student, Rice has actively attended city council and county meetings advocating for citizen access to the local government process.

“Together, we can realize fiscal prudence, unfetter business and head-of-household job creation, repair infrastructure, and realize near-term, cost-effective, and Constitutional homeless solutions. Our City is blessed with beauty and richness,” Rice said. “We can protect that character and achieve more.”

Rice is a stalwart for process, and having been a years-long observer and participant in San Luis Obispo, he would step into the role with a solid knowledge of the issues and a desire to increase public participation. Rice, 44, is registered “no party preference” and has voted in every election since becoming eligible to vote. Known for independent thought and consideration for multiple points of view, Rice embraces the non-partisan quality of the council member post.


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Things are going the right way for Rice.

KSBY just reported that the SLO city council chose to fill the seat via an election.

Rice can win an election. Rice could not win an appointment from that body.

It is important for citizens to remember one very important fact: Dan Carpenter is on the city council because Kevin Rice got him there in 2010. Rice made a video which basically handed Carpenter his seat on the council. People in the know around here understand that Carpenter made an agreement with Rice in 2012 or earlier. Basically, Carpenter intends to appoint Rice to city council this month as payback for his help in 2010. Then Rice will vote as Carpenter tells him to while Carpenter runs for mayor in 2014. Carpenter should realize that aligning himself to Rice is a bad idea and will ruin his chances of ever becoming mayor. Rice has alienated citizens by having dozens of online names, making crude videos, chasing a young girl with a video camera, and attacking those he considers his political enemies. Rice will turn city council meetings into a circus. Gridlock, turmoil, and scandal will be the norm of the day. If Dan Carpenter wants to run for mayor, he should run as far away from Kevin Rice as possible. Perhaps he could run to Los Angeles, where Rice spends a significant part of his week working.

Is Mr. Rice affiliated with ANYTHING?

While Mr. Rice may boast of his lone-wolf style independence, we might wonder why he isn’t closely affiliated with any community groups, something unusual for anyone hoping to be a successful politician. I suggest that this is because when it comes to the nitty-gritty, Mr. Rice doesn’t get along with others very well and is more selfish than service-minded, more secretive than open and honest. He talks a lot, but who here really KNOWS Mr. Rice? And of those that know Mr. Rice a little, it’s remarkable how many people actively dislike him, fueling the now common refrain: “Anyone but Rice.”

If Mr. Rice disagrees with anything I’ve written regarding him, I truly hope he responds here and is honest with the people he hopes will vote for him.

Mr. Rice’s lack of deep connections our community and his secretive nature–not to mention all the animosity he has generated over the years– is a giant red flag to me and other voters.

“Anyone but Rice” ought to be the city’s motto. Not only does Rice not get along well with people but he hijacks any conversation both at city council meetings and online. He has dozens of online names here at Cal Coast News and also at The Tribune.

HML says: “He has dozens of online names here at Cal Coast News”

No, he does not (at CCN). If anyone want’s to report such behavior admin@calcoastnews.com (in the comments is not the correct way and not helpful).

If I catch sockpuppets I delete them, repeated abuse? All accounts disabled.

Rumors and gossip are just that.

Please, is it too much to ask in public that you explain how you can be so sure that your discovery and enforcement efforts are as successful as you imply? Rice has frequently boasted of his computer hacking skills. Are you saying they are no match for your precautions? This is a legitimate, non-snarky question that seems to deserve a real answer and does not call for my post to be deleted. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

No I’m not going to explain in the comments ever, nor will I discuss details of site security with a anonymous commentator.

“This is a legitimate, non-snarky question ” What part of not in the comments do you not understand?

Questions? admin@calcoastnews.com

Edit: Wiseguy, Fill the comment que with one more “demand” and wiseguy goes away.

I doubt he has any chance if they appoint someone. His best bet is for there to be a special election. If I were to venture a guess, I’d expect to see someone that’s never run for council before get appointed. The backdoor dealings will be the deciding factor. Who’s on the planning commission? Bet one of them is appointed.

What ever happened to that cute co-ed that Rice chased down and pilloried for grabbing one of his campaign signs to put up in her room? As I recall Rice said he wouldn’t prosecute her if it turned out her last name was Rice. I know Rice posted an embarrassing video of the girl labeling her as a thief in public, but I never heard if there were further legal actions against her or vice-versa. I would love to hear the co-ed’s side of the story.

Are you speaking of the “coed” that was stealing signs at the direction of opposing candidate Jeff Aranguena?

Co-ed director is a job title?

I’m not sure about that. That’s why I say I would LOVE to hear her side of the story. Was her name Rice? I did think it was extreme treatment to post videos of her being chased down the street and being yelled at and accused of being a thief. I would have hoped for a more reasoned or diplomatic approach. Was it really a conspiracy of some kind? It was a spectacle, that’s for sure, and says a lot about Rice’s style. I think we can do better. I think we NEED to do better.

As a candidate, Mr. Rice is courting voters, and will no doubt make promises he can’t possibly keep. Once in office, he will be confronted with the business as usual bureaucratic political atmosphere that will require that he lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

It’s funny how some things NEVER change.

Yes, and after the “courting” comes the copulating. But haven’t we had enough of THAT from politicians? I prefer candidates who want to SERVE the citizens, NOT court and copulate them.

Imagine the pucker factor Lichtig is experiencing right now at the mere thought of Rice being appointed…

The question is whether the current council will opt to APPOINT a new councilmember, or hold a special election. Naturally they will choose to appoint (as I would), because then they can choose someone malleable and/or of their “ilk.” They will probably hide the ruse that “we simply want to avoid the cost of a special election.

This does not bode well for Rice, as he is seen as a pot-stirrer. They don’t want a stern(?) pot, they want to continue their misguided shenanigans.

We would be better served by Rice, they would be better served by Aracnophobee. Who do you think they will appoint?

Yikes, I’m finding myself agreeing with racket more and more often! =)

I think you’re exactly right on this: they’ll go for appointment to “spare the city the cost” (as if that was ever an issue with them) all to get “one of their own” in.

I’d love to see Rice get a seat, just because he isn’t one of “them” (at least yet). Shake it up and air that place out!

I think a perfect example of what you are going to see is what just happened up in Atascadero. The newly elected Mayor, Tom O’Malley and his sidekicks Roberta & Al Fonzi along with the A Better Atascadero group got Brian Sturtevant onto the council and now between them they got Heather Moreno. Nothing against Sturtevant or Moreno but you certainly can see that O’Malley and Fonzi have orchestrated their majority influence on the council. This appeared to be a gross violation of the Brown Act so SLO beware of what may be going on behind closed doors.

Wonderful!!!! Another hopeful missive from the crusading Kevin Rice News Network!!!! Perhaps KRNN will give us a story about Kevin fighting a fire (he actually DOES that!!!!), helping a little old lady cross the street (NOT a photo op!!!!), or writing a letter critical of local government (tons of that footage!!!!) !!!!

You’re just mad because progressive radio is dead in SLO now (again). *ducks*

SATIRE! That’s good. Shows that you’re not a complete illiterate dumass conservative.

Ducking is good, because us intelligent ‘liberals’ know to aim low.

Yeah, I’m a Second Amendment Democrat that owns guns. We’re the ones that win the wars and know how to consummate the enemies. “Conservatives” run…always ! Biggest cowards on the planet !