SLO residents voice budget concerns

January 9, 2013
Katie Lichtig

Katie Lichtig

Members of the public voiced their concerns during a San Luis Obispo City Council community forum Tuesday on city priorities for the upcoming two-year budget cycle.

Council members listened to multiple hours of public comment from a large crowd at the Ludwick Community Center, which then voted on the most important topics discussed by placing dots next to preferable city goals.

The city hired a private consultant to run the meeting, despite the fact that it consisted almost entirely of public comment and that Mayor Jan Marx will run another public input meeting on Saturday. City Manager Katie Lichtig can spend any amount under $25,000 without council approval.

During Tuesday’s community forum, city residents, young and old, plead the council to fund a new skate park. Proponents of the skate park said the city overlooks skateboarding as a sport, and private fundraising efforts have failed.

Planning Commissioner Eric Meyer and former council candidate Kevin Rice each supported the plea for a city funded skate park.

Other common complaints included transient traffic around Mission Plaza and a lack of implementation of the council’s plans for economic development.

The council says it will consider the public input from Tuesday’s forum in creating its list of major city goals for the 2013-2015 budget.

The community forum Saturday will focus on the issue of homelessness and will take place at the City-County Library at 9:30 a.m.



Highest paid bureaucrat in the County. Highest salaries overall within the County. Fiscal transparency. Another workshop seeking input from the community and then somehow the desires of the community are ignored and funds are spent on special projects (million dollars plus to beautify the downtown sidewalks, couple hundred thousand to develop a branding program for the City) that do nothing but benefit special interest and to pay back political favors. Spend your evenings listening to the bureaucrates placatting us, that they are really concerned about the community and your concerns.


Where is SloShank when we need him?

The Gimlet Eye

SLO residents have reason to worry. But it’s the same at ALL levels of government in CA:

OPINION: Mark Landsbaum: State has dug deepest debt hole

October 2, 2012

Mark Landsbaum of the Orange County Register reports that the State of California is now the most indebted state in the union with $617 billion in debt and criticizes Governor Brown for his short sighted solutions that would only address a fraction of the problem.

The Gimlet Eye

California Democrats signal they want to reform Proposition 13

By Steven Harmon

Posted: 12/29/2012 04:07:10 PM PST

The Gimlet Eye

Where, oh, where does the money go?

TARP Bailout Fraud: Where Did the Money Go? | Global Research…where-did-the-money-go/5305528

Sep 21, 2012 – Where did the money go, he asked? What assurances exist that it’s not stolen or wasted? TARP didn’t require recipients to report or internally …


The local government should be informing the public regardless of funding and it should be factual not a slanted viewpoint enhancing the public servant employees and their views.

The primary job of government is serve the publiv…


Many of us with broadband are still not able to get local news or emergency updates. Publicly funded media should be neutral politically and bring us a broad range of topics.

Personally I get sick of the many esoteric jazz shows, and would love to hear more blues shows and more factual open minded news…


No Jorge. This is what happens when people refuse to upgrade. Just like a “66 Mustang is not safe to drive today; a radio will not cut it. Go broadband and view the entire world along with your local government.

Jorge Estrada

Is this what happens when meetings are not live on the radio? Many people do not pay for broadband service to view a cable or internet channel, instead we listen to radio.



If we go back to the simple days when our government was supposed to notify the public before doing anything, regardless of internet or cable service, we were far ahead…