Women punched in the face and spit on in downtown SLO

January 11, 2013

carA currently unidentified man punched a woman in the face and spit on two other women in downtown San Luis Obispo Friday.

The assailant, described by each of the three women as a white man in his 50s, first punched a woman in the face outside of SLO Brewing Company on Garden Street around 11 a.m., the San Luis Obispo Police Department said. He then spat an unknown fluid into the face of a woman pushing a stroller a few blocks away.

Officers responded after the first two assaults and found a third woman who said a man spit an unknown fluid in her face as she was carrying an infant.

None of the women provoked the assaults.

The first victim described the assailant as having white hair, blue eyes and a thin build. She said he was wearing a red shirt at the time. The second victim also described the man as having a thin build, and said he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The third woman described the assailant as having a smaller build and grey hair.


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I don’t know why anyone would pick on women. Or say they are less than man in any way. Eph. 5 says it all:

As I get older, I see less of what is objectionable in the entirety of this passage. In fact, this passage is likely the strongest Biblical expression of the sacramentality of marriage.

Women are not any less than a man in God’s eyes. Eph. 5 proves

My wife and I have been married 49 years this year and this is how we live. As long as I treat her like God treats the church we are fine. With patience, love, tenderness, caring, and etc. She will treat me like the spiritual leader in our home. If I fall off the turnup truck by being impatient, angry and act out at her, or just be a bad example for her and my family then she will follow me no where.

Men have a great responsibilty toward our wives and families. Not easy to be a husband and live up to God’s plan for us. Takes a lot of prayer. Hopefully we can live up to our wifes goodness. How many chances does she give me. Following your husband’s lead in life takes more guts than I can muster. Women are all up for Sainthood. Leading a women takes a real man.

Let’s read it:

Brothers and sisters:

Live in love, as Christ loved us

and handed himself over for us.

Be subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ.

Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord.

For the husband is head of his wife

just as Christ is head of the Church,

he himself the savior of the body.

As the Church is subordinate to Christ,

so wives should be subordinate to their husbands in everything.

Husbands, love your wives,

even as Christ loved the Church

and handed himself over for her to sanctify her,

cleansing her by the bath of water with the word,

that he might present to himself the Church in splendor,

without spot or wrinkle or any such thing,

that she might be holy and without blemish.

So also husbands should love their wives as their own bodies.

He who loves his wife loves himself.

For no one hates his own flesh

but rather nourishes and cherishes it,

even as Christ does the Church,

because we are members of his Body.

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother

and be joined to his wife,

and the two shall become one flesh.

This is a great mystery,

but I speak in reference to Christ and the Church.

In any case, each one of you should love his wife as himself,

and the wife should respect her husband.

Ted, next xmas I’m gonna get you a present; a brand new shovel to stir s–t with. Christianity currently has

about 25,000 different flavors, and does not have, and continues not to have a very good track record of playing well with others, especially women. That’s why I’m a real big fan of Isis and Athena…PRAISE.

Teddy, I realize that your view of women is at best, warped, but did you have to run down the street demonstrating your Biblical babble by assaulting these innocent women?

I’m not sure God would approve. My guess is…She’s pissed!

Dammit Ted…..I told you your Neanderthal ways aren’t acceptable it in the 21 century.

Within this stories context, the true Christian is never to defend themselves. “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19)

Biblically, we true Christians are not to seek vengeance in trying to defend ourselves; because our adversaries, hopefully at the time of being attacked, will be consumed by the fiery wrath of our God to whom vengeance belongs as the bible so dictates.

When true Christians need to defend themselves, you’re biblically to turn it over to God, He will defend you. He told Moses once in Exodus 23, “I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, an adversary to thine adversaries.”

So, biblically speaking, while possibly being pummeled by your assailant, you just have to stand there and wait for God to intervene. Bible logic 101.

2 months ago there were 2 men punched while defending a teenage girl at a bus stop in SLO. At that time you said if he had made a swing at you, he would have been stopping at French Hospital on the way to the police station… why the sudden change of heart? Maybe you hadn’t yet completed the Bible logic 101 course yet. Or, maybe you are just full of it. (and I’m not talking about the Holy Spirit)

He’s being sarcastic in his comments…


Dear, as I look back upon that statement, it is obvious that Satan had entered my soul at that time to have make such an ungodly reference. Since then, I have seen the light and would have to follow the commands stated above regarding not defending oneself, but only allowing our God to do it, and hopefully at the time of the incident!

Jesus stated; “If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic.” (Luke 6:29)

The above passage from Jesus is further biblical logic that the true Christian has to follow regarding the act of not defending themselves if they want to be associated with the Christian belief. Christian logic 101.

Great memory, dear!

By the description on the news, it matches a man who came into our office a number of times downtown. He scared our receptionist to the point that the last time he came in, I went to the front desk and told him he needed to leave. Luckily there was a counter between him and I so he couldn’t reach me to punch me, but he swore at me and threatened to “slap the bitch” and left spitting venom. Downtown is definitely not what it used to be, and I also walk around at lunch time and never see a police presence. I will say though that when we called 911 for the office incident, they responded immediately and handled me and the situation quite well. Being a woman it is very scary sometimes to even be walking around in the daytime, and my son gave me pepper spray to ease my apprehension because I have had a number of uncomfortable confrontations with scary people, even when I don’t make eye contact with them. And this man, if he is the same guy, is not a homeless person. He looks very ordinary and will engage you for a moment and then flips out.

Hmmm, I wonder what Ted’s physical description is? With the way he feels about women someone should run him through the lineup.


Will you PLEASE get on the right page? It’s not how I feel about women, but in how our Hebrew/Christian God feels about them within the scriptures, and how we’re to follow His commands towards them. Get it, yet???

Your god, not mine. Will you please get that straight? In the past 200,000 years man has created 30,000 different gods and goddesses, but yours is the one true one, right? LOL!



None are so blind as those who chose not to see.

OK, now I know you are just messing with us.


Opp’s this was suppose to go under Ted’s funny comment.


you think if this happened to Stu Jenkins, he’d pee his pants and maybe stop advocating for the crazy homeless?

I’d say 50/50 chance of yes.

A transient does just that – he moves along. A homeless person is on the streets for a variety of reasons, often times simply economic. A mentally ill individual is just that and often does not have a home any longer because our government throws them out on the streets for the rest of us to deal with. You can’t bunch people together and pass judgment because you are afraid of them or have some need to feel better than they are. And showing compassion and assisting those who are in horrible circumstances should not draw criticism from rubes. Mr. Jenkins, you have all my respect!

” you think if this happened to Stu Jenkins, he’d pee his pants and maybe stop advocating for the crazy homeless?”

No. First off, the man who did these attacks is apparently “not quite right in the head”, given that fact, I doubt he would dare approach any man for fear of being subdued or beaten up; second, you have no idea what Mr. Jenkins would or could do if he were attacked. To assume that “he’d pee his pants” has no basis in reality, just your own deluded assumptions. Most people are more than they seem, to assume that you “know” how they will react in any given situation is pure folly on your part. What little I do know about Mr. Jenkins leads me to assume that he would be able to deftly avoid any such attack and quite possibly subdue this particular attacker with very little difficulty; but I don’t “know” that for sure.

The man doing these attacks will be caught if he sticks around eventually; if you are going to be in downtown San Luis, just keep an awareness of your surroundings and people coming close to you, which is how one should conduct themselves at all times anyway.

I do find it interesting that those who clamor for more police presence in downtown are usually the first to complain about how much those officers are paid for their work ….

You and smartmouth miss the entire point. My comment wasn’t necessarily supposed to be literal but rather food for thought. Far far too many advocates of issue such as Jenkins for the homeless are hypocrites and NIMBYs–“not in my back yard”. It reminds me of sentaor Kennedy always advocating for the down and out as he lived off his mutil-million dollar a year trust fund handed to him by his Daddy or Vice President Gore advocating and actually receiving a Nobel prize for the global warming issue as his flew around in a private jet and as personal residence utility bill was $13,000 a month and as we just learned that he sold his TV station to middle east oil money, terrorist supporting Al Jazeera for 100 million in his pocket.

As an analogy to your comment, I could now respond to your comment and claim that you think Stu Jenkins is fine with what this crazy idiot did because it was only done to women and that as long as it’s not done to Stu in a situation where Stu could protect himself, he’s ok with it. But, of course, I won’t go there because I’m able to see what your larger intent is rather than to try and paint you into a corner with a literal interpretation of your comments.

The larger point here that most people can easily see (but apparently you and smartmouth cannot see) that these homeless people are, for the overwhelming most part, not good people and are, in more situations than not, criminal and dangerous. This isn’t 19th century America where good hard working Europeans were forced out of work in their homeland and emigrate to the U.S. hoping for a better life and arrive homeless and hungry. No, the homeless today are, for the overwhelming most part, people who have run through their families, their friends, the churches and all the government programs and homeless services because of drugs, alcohol and/or organic or drug induced mental disorders.

If we crack down on the homeless problem will a few good homeless people be forced to move on? Probably, but it’s necessary for the protection of the rest of us. We can’t have crazies attacking women on our streets. We can’t tolerate the ridiculously high crime rate that accompanies the homeless population.

“The larger point here that most people can easily see (but apparently you and smartmouth cannot see) that these homeless people are, for the overwhelming most part, not good people and are, in more situations than not, criminal and dangerous.”

Talk about assumptions, sheesh. Are you lumping all homeless people into your generalization, or just “these” homeless people (the ones in our downtown)? What makes a person “not good people”? Is it because they choose not to, for the most part, participate in society? Obviously, many of the younger population who choose to be homeless and try to live a “gypsy” live style want a hand out whenever they can get it because they do not want to work or contribute, but does that make them “criminal and dangerous”? You do not do our society any good by perpetrating the stereo-type that “all” homeless are those who choose to be, that they are dangerous and we need to “clean up” the mess that downtown supposedly has become. The man that attacked these three women surely needs some help with being able to function in society and may need some mental health help; in order for any of that to be determined though, he needs to be caught and brought to answer for his actions. He may be dangerous, he may be violent, he may be homeless; until he can be evaluated though, he does need to be looked out for and for most people, they should avoid him and report his location to the police.

Your statement:

First off, the man who did these attacks is apparently “not quite right in the head”, given that fact, I doubt he would dare approach any man for fear of being subdued or beaten up

Allowing specially trained and screened teachers to possess guns at school, and allowing specially trained and screened people to carry concealed in society as a whole, although certainly not perfect, allows a reasonable defense of yourself and those around you when the nut job, intent on breaking the law, acts out.

You stated my case in your first statement. Even thought deranged, the spitting man did not spit on construction worker joe, he went after the defenseless. Why make all of us defenseless? Oh guns would be illegal? Lets just create a “no guns stealing zone” or “Bullet free zone” and see how many nut jobs comply.

excellent post downtown…

To the other Bob, thanks for making a great point which is exactly why so called gun control fails to protect the very people it is supposed to: the law abiding citizen.

The most disarmed and those so called gun free zones are often targets of violence because the deranged and criminal although sick somehow seem to figure out where there is the least chance of resistance to carry out their crimes. Even in Norway, that nut job went to a gun free island with the strictest gun control imaginable and killed 90!

Something to consider anyways bob, have a great weekend.

I am somewhat confused by those who will acknowledge that there is a problem with too many guns in our society to the point that many people with bad intentions have them and are willing to use them on innocent victims, so the answer is always to put more guns into the mix; isn’t that like saying there are too many cars on the road, so if everyone had a car, somehow it is going to make the “problem” better? There is a problem with too many drugs available on the street, let’s put more drugs out there to make it better; or, there are too many people driving under the influence, lets have more people DUI to make the problem better- there is too much gun violence on the streets of America, specifically mass shootings usually involving military-style weapons that can fire many rounds very quickly, so more people having firearms is the solution; to me, every single example I brought up sounds ridiculous. Having considered your suggestion, I reject your premise outright, period. But have a nice weekend yourself.

see above response.

to address specifically,:

#1 I do not think there are too many guns in society. In Sweden, EVERYONE is REQUIRED to possess an automatic Machine gun and crime is very low.

#2 No one is calling for more criminals to have weapons or any such things. More DUI drivers would add to the problem, but MORE cops at every place that someone leaves after consuming alcohol or marijuana would cut down on deaths.

MORE cars would not help obviously, but if we all had the ability to to write anyone who does an unsafe move around us a ticket would promote safety right?

See, when you compare similar scenarios it can make a difference.

I wonder where you get your info, the NRA or other criminal element? I quoteite the official website for gun laws in Sweden:

In Sweden, civilians are not allowed to possess automatic firearms, firearms disguised as other objects, and armour-piercing, incendiary and expanding ammunition37

Hmm, seems like maybe you got your answers from an incorrect source.

All men must serve in the military for basically 30 years as a reservist and about 1 year as a full time conscript. They are issued and must keep the M57 machine gun in their home and may shoot it and practice with it at will.


Here is another great source,,,,interesting video


It’s Switzerland that requires gun ownership, training and service. Not Sweden.

Excellent point flash, I was caught up in the argument and as got caught up in mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. Product of the fine schools os San Luis Obispo.

What makes you think the man was homeless?

The description describes many, MANY older men.

It would still be society’s fault, and Stew would demand would demand the taxpayers pay BOTH sides of the lawsuit, for his damages, and damages to his assailant for inadequate homeless services necessitating the commission of the crime. Jenkins and Rizzo have themselves a cash cow their fellow ambulance chasers only dream of.

Yeah…I hate to be calice towards the transient population in downtown slow, but the cops need to get them out of here. Too many are mentally unstable, engage in lewd or violent behavior, and harass others enjoying the downtown area.

Yep. I don’t shop there any more because I’m sick of being accosted by aggressive panhandlers from the moment I park my car. It’s much easier (and safer) at big box shopping plazas.

And you’re not being callous; you’re being truthful. Locals–especially those of us with kids–and tourists deserve a safe, hassle-free downtown SLO and that’s just not how it is anymore. If I were a downtown merchant, I would be furious that the city of SLO continues to coddle these bums.

Don’t put up with the aggression. Scream right back in their faces.

That would be great for business, wouldn’t it?

I agree with Mary, and while I’m screaming back at them, I’d be waving my canister of pepper-spray around….women have to start saving themselves, no one else is going to do it.

Where is a man when you need one. Men out there you are giving us a bad name. Men are too kissy mouth now, Women can’t depend on a man to defend them. The guy didn’t have a gun or any weapon mentioned in the story.

If a woman has a strong brave man she will feel much safer. And will be safer. I fought for my wife once when this idiot got in her face in front of me. He kicked my butt but we went down fighting to the end. He finally told my wife he was sorry for acring that way toward her. He helped me up and patted me on the back and went on his way.

If nothing else my wife then knew I would die for her. And that’s what we as men do for our women. We die for them in many ways. We give up leadership of the household to them by being a spirit filled man and one that practices what he preaches. And is at all times a good example for others. And we have real integrity. Not gossip, or try to build yourself up in anyones eyes.

God will lift you up. God Bless

If your wife gets spit on punch the bastard in the nose.If the guy gets up hit him again. Then you and your wife run like hell. Thought I’d add a little humor even though thos subject is not funny.

Spirit Drained,

What you propose is absolutely against the word of God that you allegedly worship!!!!!

How dare you take the scriptures and drag them through the dirt like you’ve done? Read my biblically absolute statements in this thread above relative to what the true Christian is suppose to do in a situation like this, and that is NOTHING, except to wait for God’s vengence!

You call yourself a Christian? NOT!

In the old days, there were very few problems like this because many people walked the streets ARMED (this generated no notice or comment among the other pedestrians). Finer gentlemen in the big cities often carried canes. Occasionally, the canes even contained swords in them. People felt safer then because they generally carried WEAPONS with them wherever they went. This was considered NORMAL. Not doing so would have been considered ABNORMAL and FOOLHARDY.

Now…….if you merely carry a cane people stare at you as if you were a freak and make rude comments about carrying weapons (as if it were a sin to be able to prop yourself up if you sprain your ankle or get sick, or defend yourself from a pack of dogs or a mugger). If you carry a gun, well……that’s beyond the pale and would cause a panic, 100 9-1-1 calls, three “school lockdowns” and a visit from a SWAT Team.

What have we become?

Same type of thing is happening in SantaBarbara.

And Santa Barbara is the model for what Rossi and the Copelands want SLO to become along with the huge increase in property values. ‘F quality of life issues, that’s why they brought in the 300K absentee City Manager instead of hiring a good local administrator for half that.

I didn’t see anything in the article that indicated the perp was homeless.

Rex Krebs was employed by 84 Lumber when he committed at least one of the murders, and he lived in a house in See Canyon.

It is convenient to blame a boogie man for our society’s problems, but it is not an accurate approach.

yes, lets get rid of all the transients in downtown SLO.

Then we can make more room for the local privileged bullies like the Tices, Kennedys, Sotos, and Lernos – the almost 30-year old bullies who ran around downtown SLO after farmers market particularly so last January, drunk and randomly harassing and assaulting anyone they so pleased for no other reason other than their sense of entitlement. Yes, lets just ignore their violent behavior.

The aforementioned families off-spring aside, as well as a poop-pot-load of Poly and Cuesta students with their youthful, frequently annoying, and occasional breech-of-the-law squabbles, are not the same threat to the ability of my mid-80’s mother to walk downtown to shop in the middle of the day as are the mentally ill running free on the streets.

Yeah, these men are just a threat to your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, and grandchildren. And instead of moving along like a transient, they’re here and for good. If we’re lucky, they’ll serve on our County Board of Supervisors or become mayor, that’s if they don’t kill someone first. They may crawl home to Mama and Papa San Luis Obispo County after attacking others at the end of the night, but at least they have a home to crawl to, right?

The local boys have always been here. I remember the type from SLO High in the seventies. Guess what? They all became pretty responsible, decent, and often very charitable, even if it took too long in some cases. What’s YOUR plan for civilizing the homeless mentally ill?

You remember the almost 30 year old type from SLO High? We’re not talking about high school kids or even college-aged young adults. It’s sweet (and very telling) that you give grown men wiggle room to be violent, uncivilized thugs in our downtown because they’re local and have family to buy their way out of decency and responsibility. What a lovely, happy place we live in.

My plan for civilizing the homeless mentally ill is to not pretend like the homeless mentally ill are the only uncivilized people plaguing this city.

But they are, all the rest we can control.

Keep the Mexicans and send the mentally ill to a mental hospital south of the border. Of course we should keep helping them as long as they need the help.

And maybe they came back to Mama and Papa with a half-truth convoluted story of how they got into a fight; but spit in the face of a woman holding a baby? They would shame their families and be pariahs in the community.

It’s long over due to clean the streets of SLO of all the worthless, scumbag predators who are nothing more than a metastatic cancer destroying our community.

Let me tell you something about “worthless, scumbag predators who are nothing more than a metastatic cancer destroying our community.”

Your city government has done a million times more damage than these ragamuffins ever dreamed of doing.

It sounds like the city should of had more cops downtown instead of spending all that money on fancy trash cans and other upgrades for two blocks of downtown.

Sometimes I think they don’t want more cops on patrol downtown, lest their “Happiest City in America” pseudo-image gets tarnished.

BINGO. Good call, PP5.

To hell with the cops; let the people be armed!

Men don’t need guns they need guts!