California Democrats lose supermajority

February 26, 2013

senateA senator’s announcement Friday that he would immediately resign his seat in the state Senate removes the Democratic supermajority in the statehouse before the party’s legislators had a chance to flex their newly won political muscles. [ABC]

In his announcement, Sen. Michael Rubio, D-Shafter cited the need to spend time with his family in a statement announcing his resignation. His said he plans to accept a government relations job with Chevron.

“My wife and I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, from whom we have learned a great deal,” said Rubio in a written statement. “Our youngest child, who has special needs, has given me great perspective as to life’s priorities and our eldest has reminded me that the most critical decisions are made at home and not under the Capitol dome.”

Rubio’s resignation leaves three vacancies in the Legislature’s upper house, all Democrats who have left their elected posts early. That leaves only 26 Democrats, one short of the supermajority.


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This is nothing new, the top feeders in the buisness of managing America always put their families first. A real story would be about government protecting the opportunities that afford Americans to put their families first too. Something as simple as America hiring Americans.

Article on Rubio and CEQA reform. Sounds like he wanted to be reasonable, as did Gov. Brown, but didn’t think the prospects were good with an intransigent super majority. Might as well go for the big $$$$$ and get paid more for being on the debate team.

No one wants soul control of the engine room as the train heads towards the cliff…

Good for Rubio thinking about his family!!!

Danika, you’ve been presented with evidence that corporations may have intentionally altered the political landscape….not just pre election money drops (that’s apparently passe) but unseating elected officials with $. It might be wise to rethink whatever parochial interests you perceive from bringing down a few Democrats and look at the bigger picture.

Haven’t we also already been presented with evidence that the legislature is generally incapable of controlling spending, and panders to the interests of those who either fill their re-election coffers or blindly vote for candidates promising assistance, benefits or pensions that result in budget deficits? It’s not a matter of pointing fingers at any particular party, there’s enough greed to go around for everyone, and the public haven’t shown themselves to be equiped to deal with it. It’s clear that those we elect don’t seem to really be concerned with the critical decisions that need to be made under the dome……There will be a day of accounting, and hopefully it will be sooner then later. If the economy wasn’t in such critical condition, this would almost have been funny.

Injustice? I see the picture CLEARLY, having lost my “rose-colored glasses” years ago. Those Dems weren’t “brought down”. THEY left willingly, voluntarily. That speaks volumes.

Oh, what a shocker. Businesses buy political clout. Who would have thought?

This is not a Democrat or Republican deal, here. They both are ho’s and bend over at the snap at their campaign-funding benefactors’ fingers.

I’ve worked with Danika, and she is not candidate- or politician-oriented…she is issue-oriented. You might try volunteering to work with her, and I think you would get a more clear understanding of the integrity she brings to what she does.

I’ll try to be more succinct. I do not think it wise to applaud the corruption of our political system.

Makes me happy, now these crumbs can’t raise my property taxes.

In taking a job with Chevron State Senator Michael Rubio has disappointed and betrayed the voters who elected him in his district. Such self absorption! His campaign promised voters a full four years of his public service.

Worst of all, by resigning, former Senator Michael Rubio has deprived Californians of the first opportunity in decades for real progress after years of legislative paralysis.

The danger presented by this story is that whenever voters elect enough folks to the Legislature to adopt a new fairer tax (in this situation a severance tax on oil pulled out of California’s ground), the powerful interest involved simply hires away one or two Senators or Assembly members to change the balance of power created by voters.

Thanks CalCoastNews for bringing this important story to the public.

Haha, voters who trust a public official deserve to be betrayed. They’re all corrupt, if not at first, just give it time.

Funny, 55% of regstered voters approved of the supermajorities and only 39% disapproved.

“The Field Poll is an independent, nonpartisan public opinion news service., with a focus on California. . It relies on financial support from newspapers and television stations, the University of California, the California State University system.”…… Not sure that a company that relies on support from the UC and CSU system is completely “non-partisan”

Or “news services” – there are only shades of propaganda.

Except for FOX news, then it’s totally propaganda.

Good news for California!

We could use some good news for a change.


Yes, but what did Chevron gain? If this guy was a Republican, there’s be all kinds of stink and investigations. He’s lucky he’s in the party of tolerance*

*tolerance for bad behavior.

I think “investigations at oil companies” has a rather nice ring to it.

I wish Mr. Rubio well with his new career. He may find that being in bed with an oily bedmate isn’t to his liking, but only time will tell.

I knew if I kept my fingers, legs and eyes crossed long enough, something good would happen.