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California’s death row out of room

With the state tied up in litigation and about 20 newly condemned men arriving yearly, California’s death row has run out of room. [LA Times] Currently, there are 731 men and 20 women sentenced to death in California. Most of... (Continue reading)

Jail population plummets, sheriff budget increases

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Jail inmate numbers in San Luis Obispo County have dropped by more than 25 percent since last year following initial implementation of Prop. 47, but San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s spending continues... (Continue reading)

California measure calls for sending fewer criminals to prison

California voters will decide in next month’s election whether to reclassify a host of felony crimes relating to drugs and theft as misdemeanors, thus reducing the amount of convicts sentenced to prison. [New York Times] Proposition 47 calls for redefining... (Continue reading)

California jails letting inmates go early

In the wake of California prison realignment, local jails across the state are releasing more and more inmates before they have completed their sentences. [LA Times] California jails are currently releasing more than 13,500 inmates early each month in order... (Continue reading)

Brown asks for delay in inmate cap

Hoping to rehabilitate rather than just move inmates to out-of-state prison systems, Gov. Jerry Brown Monday asked federal judges to allow a three-year delay to the prisoner population cap that was ordered in 2010. (Los Angeles Times) In a late-night... (Continue reading)

Supreme Court refuses to halt pending prisoner releases

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Friday to halt the pending release of nearly 10,000 California inmates by years end to deal with unconstitutional prison conditions caused by overcrowding. [CNN] The court voted 6-3 Friday to reject a plea from Gov.... (Continue reading)

Prison realignment gets state scrutiny

An obscure state panel, the California State Sex Offender Management Board, has convened in Sacramento to study the social implications of the so-called prison realignment policy now being introduced by corrections officials. (Sacramento Bee) The realignment has been initiated to... (Continue reading)

Men’s Colony inmates join statewide hunger strike

Inmates at the California Men’s Colony have joined a statewide hunger strike over the treatment of prisoners, just as state officials are trying to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that prison conditions have improved. The California Department of Corrections and... (Continue reading)

Lawyers say Brown defiant of prison order

Prison inmates’ lawyers have filed court papers requesting federal judges to find Gov. Jerry Brown and his tool corrections official in contempt of court for the way the pair has handled prison overcrowding in California. (San Jose Mercury News) According... (Continue reading)

Maldonado takes aim at state prison changes

Telling reporters in Sacramento that his motivations are not political, Abel Maldonado announced Monday he will be leading the charge on a proposed ballot initiative to repeal Gov. Brown’s prison realignment. [Sacramento Bee] The former lieutenant governor and San Luis... (Continue reading)