Drunk man arrested for smashing windows

February 2, 2013

Police arrested a man early Saturday morning after a citizen said he was walking around smashing vehicle windows in San Luis Obispo.

Around 2:22 a.m., the citizen called 911 after seeing Matthew Martin, 21, breaking windows in the area of Johnson Avenue and Phillips Lane. The citizen then chased Martin who continued to smash in windows before police caught up with him near Bond Street and Hathway Avenue.

Officers booked Martin into the San Luis Obispo County Jail for felony vandalism and being drunk in public. Damages are estimated at $3,000.

Matthew Martin




  1. unlisted says:

    Another of SLO’s finest doing what he does best!

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  2. obispan says:

    Bond and Hathway = ground zero, SLO’s Isla Vista.

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  3. obispan says:


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  4. womanwhohasbeenthere says:

    I know some good glass contractors…

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  5. Spirit Filled says:

    Guy is now at the resort. He will be taken care of then let go. He has to promise not to sue or seek a job for the city of SLO. At least he didn’t get caught giving plastic bags to people or smoking in public. He’s a lucky young man! Blessings

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  6. tomsquawk says:

    take 2….that’s a mug shot?

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  7. tomsquawk says:

    funny, he looks like such a nice man

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