Judge dismisses former Paso cop’s suit against city

February 28, 2013
Lisa Solomon

Lisa Solomon-Chitty

A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge dismissed the lawsuit of a former Paso Robles police officer against the city for the alleged sexual misconduct and abuse of power by former Police Chief Lisa Solomon-Chitty. [Tribune]

Judge Jac Crawford dismissed the suit of Brennan Lux because the former Paso Robles officer did not turn over evidence to the city’s attorney in an early stage of the suit. Lux said he made the mistake of not providing the evidence because he was preoccupied with a divorce, depression and a commute to King City for a graveyard shift as a police sergeant.

“I dropped the ball,” Lux told the Tribune. “Those are all life-changing events at one time, and it was just overwhelming.”

Lux may re-file the suit against the city with a new attorney.

His initial lawsuit, filed in May 2012, alleged that Solomon-Chitty fired him as retaliation for Lux rejecting her sexual advances. The former Paso Robles officer claimed Solomon-Chitty initiated oral sex on him while at his home and grabbed his penis while in a hot tub at a command staff retreat.

A lawsuit filed against Solomon-Chitty and other Paso Robles officials claiming the former chief ran an illegal ticket quota scheme is still active and slated to go to trial. Paso Robles police officer Jon Tatro filed the suit, alleging that Solomon-Chitty punished officers who did not make their quotas.


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Also call me cynical – but I don’t buy it. My take on this is that the Big Phat Bald Guy wins another one.

One more item swept under the carpet and to be forgotten about. Lux may have been depressed, going thru a divorce, etc. – but he let himself down and he let the citizens of this city down. Plain and simple. If what he had alluded to in his suit had validity – then he should have made it a priority to follow thru.

In the fantastic Trib’s version of this, it was mentioned that the outrage from this suit was what led to the ‘resignation’ of Ms. Chitty, resulted in one council member being booted from office, etc. Well, wonder what Mr. Gilman thinks now – he obviously took the fall for this sorid affair. Chitty gets money, Lux most likely got something for ‘convienently’ dropping the ball, the B.P.B.G. got rid of one more issue, and the citizens of this city got screwed, and the real, honest, total truth will never be known.

The remaining lawsuits concerncing Chitty’s actions or alleged actions will most likely end the same way – tossed out or settled and that will be that. Everything swept under the carpet, over and done with, end of story.

Now life can go on as if nothing ever happened. Burton will be the next Police Chief and everything will be hunky-dory in Paso.

Thank you, Mr. Lux.

Refiling the suit would certainly lend credence to his claim that he was previously overwhelmed. I certainly hope he follows through considering Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s history.

The city definitely needs a wake up call.

No problem. He can just refile.

It may not be that easy. Claims against a governmental entity have to be filed within a specified window, and after it is denied (always) there is a shorter period in which to file suit. Could be dicey!

HuH…, he was a ball short and a day late???? What kind of story is that?

You’re certainly cynical today on every post I’ve seen of yours. Having a bad day or what ;)