KEYT anchor’s disappearance blamed on medical condition

March 1, 2013

Paula LoezFamily members of Santa Barbara KEYT anchor Paula Lopez, who went missing Wednesday morning and was later found, said she was listed as “at risk” because of a medical condition.

Lopez, 48, who is married to a Superior Court judge, was reported missing at about 10:30 a.m.

After her family alerted the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office that she was missing, deputies used search dogs and helicopters as they scoured the area, a response that raised questions about whether the family received favorable treatment.

Sheriff department spokesperson Kelly Hoover said that the rapid response was because Lopez had been classified as an “at risk” missing person and not because of the family’s standing in the community.


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Let’s just be glad she is home safe and in the care of family.

Now we all know how to file a missing persons report


and the check is in the mail?