Our Supervisor Gibson

February 7, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson


I live in District 2 in San Luis Obispo County. I have never been to one of our county board of supervisors meetings before but feel the need to write this letter after hearing Supervisor Adam Hill blatantly discount other citizens voices that spoke at the supervisors meeting last week. Calling their concerns to be those that are a small minority that do not agree politically.

Mr. Hill, I would like to let you know that there are many in our community that work while these meeting are taking place and do not have the time to attend so we may voice our opinions. I personally work two jobs.

I would like to let Mr. Hill know as well as the rest of the supervisors that many in our district coupled with the rest of the county are disgusted by Bruce Gibson and his mistress who doubles as his legislative aide.

We are disgusted by his blatant arrogance and lack of integrity. Myself and many are sickened when we read Mr. Gibson and his aides published emails, where he and his aide discuss eavesdropping on a meeting with a constituent. What????, not to mention as well as how worn out they were from an earlier interlude in the day which left Mr. Gibson, and his Aide Cherie Aispuro both unable to perform their duties. Was Mr. Gibson and his “aide,” Ms. Aispuro, part of our commercial for Viagra that was recently done at the Rock here in Morro Bay?

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. The most disheartening part of this whole ordeal is that usually when most of us make mistakes, or blatantly live a lie, there are consequences to our behavior. But for some reason Mr. Gibson and his “aide,” as well as our county counsel, seem to think that does not apply to them. Is it because the Board of Supervisors are county counsels boss? Something really stinks here.

And Mr. Gibson continues to sit up there on his throne at the county Board of Supervisor meetings as smug and arrogant as can be.

Needless to say, Mr. Gibson is an embarrassment to our district and community. Not to mention one would think a huge embarrassment to himself. His refusal to step down clearly demonstrates his lack of conscience. Countless citizen’s in our community have come forward to ask him to resign.

With the exception of Ms. Debbie Arnold. Mr. Gibson’s cohorts on our County Board of Supervisors all seem to condone his behavior. Why is that? I do hate to use the “Good Ol Boys” saying as I grew up in this county, and know many respectable, hardworking, honest men and women. Many who are ranchers, fishermen etc. Many that I wish could just take our County Supervisor Bruce Gibson out behind their barns, to teach him about integrity, humility, and honesty. Or perhaps just a simple lesson on how to be a stand-up man. Something Bruce Gibson knows nothing about.

Please Mr. Gibson, do us all a favor and resign. I am sure with all of your self-proclaimed accomplishments coupled with how “talented” you say your “aide” Ms. Aispuro is, both of you will have no problem finding new jobs.

As a footnote I find it almost amusing that Shirley Bianchi has not made any comment on her fair-haired boy , Gibson, that she so steadfastly supported in the last two elections. Where are you, Shirley?

No comment? Gee… imagine that.

Kathleen Welles is a lifelong resident of Morro Bay with concerns over the current government. She is pro-commerce and pro-property rights.


Russ J

You all voted for these idiots. Well, most of you did. You deserve their crappy leadership.


Ochillski vs. Gibson? Wow! How could you go wrong with such a high quality candidate pool? I’m doing my best to forget the entire matter, starting with spelling the guy’s name.

And speaking of crappy leadership, I would be willing to be Gibson has never had to navigate the craphole he created in Los Osos…

Aunt Joan

Ochylski would have been an excellent representative for the second district. I hope he runs again so I can vote for him again. Who cares what you think about about Los Osos, it was a craphole

before the sewer was started. The hope is that with a sewer it will stop being a craphole. Ochylski should be the next second district supervisor.



Thank you for your opinion, I agree with your comments but it must go further.

This matter should be investigated by an independent panel as it concerns the entire concept of legality in the workplace. Mr. Gibson seems to believe he doesn’t have to follow the rules of morality.

Were he a CEO or just a low level manager in a private workplace he would be dismissed immediately for lesser things.

In fact a lower level person in a SLO city position was discharged previously when Mr. Gibson was on this same Board for a much lesser perceived breach of ethics.

His behavior is unacceptable in public or private employment.

The other supervisors should & must call for an independent review as it could be conceived as a directive to other elected, and appointed, employees that anything goes by the elected “elite” . Would government employ be a safe place to work, I think not!. Please, call for an independent review at the next meeting.


A good course of action would be for a citizen to make a complaint to the SLO county Grand Jury. Many years ago I made such a complaint regarding a city councilman involved in a conflict of interest. He resigned in the middle of the investigation a couple of months later.


If someone becomes a public servant it is my opinion they should conduct themselves in a moral manner and set a good example. It seems to me a lot of San Luis residents and newspapers lean liberal leftII often wonder what those who condemn Mr. Gibson felt about President Clinton. At the time there seemed to be a lot of excuses and how it was no ones business about his sex life. The best one I heard was the stanch Democrats who blamed Monica for seducing him. I really had a good laugh at that one. Today it seems all is forgiven and he is Mr. Popular regardless of his deplorable behavior and lies.


I seriously doubt that ‘”taking them out behind the barns” will serve any useful purpose. If they don’t get it by now, they never will.

I would like to see a vehicle put in place whereby WE can fairly, and democratically, remove ANY public official from office, who when determined by the majority of his/her constituents is performing in an inadequate / unacceptable manner.


You are RIGHT…Bruce Gibson has already apparently spent a LOT of time behind the barn.


And I don’t think it was milking cows.


That may be questionable!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)


The writer claims to be pro commerce and pro property rights. Well and good, but does that extend to my property rights not to live next door to a pig farm, power plant, used car dealer? Does that mean she would support my property rights to not have my neighbor build a monster mansion that blocks my view and sun access? Does that mean she is for commerce at the cost of clean air, water and safety for all of us?

When I hear anyone claiming to endorse ‘property rights’ it always means big development without regard to the real people living nearby- is that what the writer means?

I have a feeling that despite the good points made in the note she may be a political opponent of Gibson’s, which somewhat colors her take on things.


You appear to have missed the entire message in the opinion piece above. I sure hope you are the exception and not the norm.

Babak Naficy

Dear Ms. Welles,

Can you please clarify your comment? It sounds like you are advocating physical violence against Mr. Gibson (“Many that I wish could just take our County Supervisor Bruce Gibson out behind their barns, to teach him about integrity, humility, and honesty.”) to teach him proper morals? Why should the kind of lesson you have in mind have to be administered behind a barn? Is that where moraity is taught, in your opinion?

I do not condone Mr. Gibson’s behavior, but I for one am sick of the tabloid obsession with Mr. Gibson’s private life. It reminds me of the GOP’s obsession with President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, which in the end amounted to nothing. He left office with an overwhelmingly positive approval rating. What is important is not our elected officials’ performance in the sack, only their performance in the office. This is the 21st Century.

Dear CCN, why would publish this hate-filled call for violence?


Babak Naficy……..LOL!!!! Get a grip. No need to have a good talking to behind the barn. We learned many lessons on our ranch in front of our barn. Many a morning even before church. Our father had a way with words. Bless his soul.


Dear Babak Naficy…do you think you could have exaggerated your comments a bit more? Ever watch Gunsmoke? , Some good John Wayne Movies?, You know back in the day when MEN were MEN. A good talking to happened in front of barns as well as behind them. Our dad gave us many a lecture and we are not scarred. Bless his soul.


You misunderstood. Taking someone out behind the barn usually means a spanking for a kid. I don’t think that most people think the writer means any harm to Mr. Gibson, but is suggesting to punish foolish wrongdoing with a spanking, whupping, or sometimes just some strong words from an adult.


I suspect you need a clue and a talking to behind that same barn.


I rest my case. The person who was responsible for our country showed poor judgement and lied to the country. Yet this is characterized as the GOP’s obsession with his affair.


Babak – does being an environmentalist mean that you have no moral absolutes? It must be, because it seems to go part in parcel. Has progressiveism gone to such a state that commitment to one’s spouse is passe? Moreover, adulterous behavior is not only forgiven it is defended by the likes of you. And I am positive that you stand in full support of your camp, so I don’t think you are outside of your ilk by any means.

That being said, the writier is expressing her opinion, and regardless, it will be outnumbered by far by the voters in D2, pretty much a secular progressive wasteland. So Babak, you are very safe in your support of Mr. Gibson. He are Mr. Hill, and apparently you too, are cut out of the same Clinton cloth, a threadbare moral quilt of feelgood ideas held together by gossamer.


Sounds a lot like Peyton Place..


Kathleen, as you probably know by now, Adam Hill is the County Supervisors’ Token Nincompoop. The reason they don’t speak up about Hill’s nincompoopery is because they can depend on him for doing something so stupid that it will draw the public fire away from the rest of the supervisors.

If you want to get rid of Gibson, just keep writing op-eds as good, and to-the-point, as the one published today.

Gibson needs to get the truth right between the eyes, and it is constituents like you who can hold his feet to the fire.


This looks like in your face Board of Supervisors Reality TV. Why don’t we replace them with the cast from Jersey Shore?


I like your idea. Let’s take it one step farther. Lets have a new reality show called the Supervisor! Follow the same plot as the bachelor except we will have 7 Supervisors all looking for love anyway they can find it. They can be rude, stupid, drunk, have affairs, mismanage the office. The home base is the County of San Luis Obispo Chambers, oh, I forgot, we already have that. Shucks!


I have an idea, lets make them part time legislators. then they would have plenty of off the clock time for all the extra curricular activities that they all do…

No, lets have live cage meetings where the public gets to participate with the sups physically and on TV…


AMEN. We could have not said it better ourselves!