Paso Robles teachers vote no confidence in superintendent

February 2, 2013
Kathleen McNamara

Kathleen McNamara

The Paso Robles teacher’s union has voted “no confidence” in Superintendent Kathleen McNamara following the announcement of the district’s plan to implement nine furlough days next year as a cost saving measure.

During a union meeting, 97 percent of the teachers voted “no confidence” in McNamara. The union will formally present the results to the Board of Trustees at their study session meeting this Tuesday at 5 p.m.

During the last fiscal year, the district was near insolvency and faced being taken over by the state unless it took “corrective action.”

In March, the district and the teachers union agreed that teachers would help balance the districts stressed budge by taking a pay cut of 9.72 percent over two years.

In contrast, McNamara has received several raises in base salary since 2009, taking it from $161,813 to $182,500 in 2012.



Can anyone explain how a bureaucratic position like hers could possibly be worth $182K? I mean, just exactly what do these people do for that kind of money? No math required….What kind of brilliance or critical thinking does it take to be the school top boss? She doesn’t teach…she doesn’t create….doesn’t sound like she has any talent for managing people…anybody know what she actually does for fifteen grand a month? Just curious; I’m just an engineer, I don’t get it….


I really couldn’t have said it better myself. This kind of nonsense exists all over in the public sector. In contrast, in the private sector I know engineers who create products which make the owners of company millions who get $150k a year if they’re lucky! I’m a financial systems developer and I certainly don’t take home that kind of loot. Frankly, it’s kind of insulting.


riding on tax dollars is a great ride. you really don’t have alot competition and it’s a bit like narcotics, you become addicted and will do/say anything to have more. maybe instead of substance abuse programs we could have tax dollar abuse 12 step programs.

The Gimlet Eye

Good questions, all of ’em.

But without privatization of the public schools, you are going to continue see this nonsense go on. Public schools are able to get away with this mostly because they have been granted monopoly privileges by the state government.

What the consumers need is a FREE MARKET for education, ALL education. It is government interventionism which causes these kinds of silly, muddleheaded accounting problems in defiance of what most taxpayers want.

In the free market, when business owners make similar mistakes, they pay for them big time. If they refuse to make the necessary adjustments in order to provide their customers with a better service at a lower price, they will go out of business and be replaced with somebody else who will.

In government, it generally DOES NOT REALLY MATTER what the taxpayers want or think, unless there is a tax revolt, nullification, secession, civil war, or revolution.

What in the world is government doing running most of our schools in the first place when we know that the free market can do it far better?

The great forgotten factor in economics is MOTIVE. Always look at the possible motives.

What are monopoly privileges for? Three reasons as I see it: to eliminate competition, expand government power, and brain wash young, impressionable minds into swallowing the myth that Big Government is good for them.

That nefarious formula has worked pretty well, until very recently.

How could you possibly oppose such a benevolent agenda? This hostility would surpass the understanding of ANY self-respecting bureaucrat!



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Meanwhile, in the spirit of “kick them while they’re down”, the city government is conspiring to build beyond the 44,000 limit and put two new housing units near Kermit King School that will require redistricting of the school and kicking out a very large number of children who attend that school from the Geneseo and Jardin areas. If the school district survives the McNamara crisis, they will be hit with redistricting the elementary schools and transferring kids to different schools because Kermit King is impacted–completely full- right now.

The Gimlet Eye

You forgot citizen apathy.


Stand by, this is a mere pittance compared to what her eventual buyout will be.


Wow ! Paso sure knows how to pick em. Check out this link about McNamara when she was in Banning

“On her last day on the job, Banning (CA) Unified Superintendent Kathy McNamara lashed out at her critics, blasting them as “mean-spirited,” “vindictive,” and creating “a horrible climate in which to work” in a letter she read aloud at a November school board meeting. She is leaving her position to move to the Paso Robles (CA) school district, after receiving a vote of no confidence last fall from the board. McNamara had been widely criticized for her combative relationship with the teachers’ union and for her management style. “I think it is time for teachers to take stock in their leadership and decide if it’s time for a change—a change from negative, adversarial tactics that breed a climate of mistrust, ill will, and lack of personal integrity,” McNamara said at the meeting. She also sent copies of the letter to employees and newspapers. “


With this history, why in the world was she hired. There had to have been plenty of candidates for the job.


She’s a woman and can speak Spanish.

As with Lisa Chitty, being a SHE definitely helped, even if SHE wasn’t the best candidate available.


Could it be that she is an effective manager? Maybe she had to make the decisions that others did not like? This is just my 2 cents to spur the thought process…

She should have never received an increase in pay unless everyone in the district was also entitled to the same.


Meanwhile, art and music–cut. Middle school sports–cut. 35 kids in a class. School ends in MAY this year, not June… librarians’ hours cut (or eliminated)… Not all of this is McNamara’s fault–the State is totally screwed up–BUT why is she getting a raise?? Of course she does NOT want the State to take over; she’ll be the first to go and they’ll bring in an educrat from Sacramento.

The Gimlet Eye

Ready for privatization yet?


Oh, and probably she’ll arm wrestle an underling to say it was their mistake


She does have a history of throwing ones under the bus, that’s for sure.


That only seems fair for her to make more money as it looks like she has a lot to feed.


Chuck! (i thought it but didn’t say it ;>)


.Thanks just chuck….. The first time I saw Her file photo on CCN, I thought She looked like the before photo for weight watchers. and ………………… with a poor track record to boot.. Only in Paso… the beat goes on !


“In contrast, McNamara has received several raises in base salary since 2009, taking it from $161,813 to $182,500 in 2012” That is perfect