Second robbery at Lexington Inn this week

February 3, 2013

lexington innSan Luis Obispo Police are investigating the second armed robbery at the Lexington Inn on the 2000 block of Garfield Street in two days.

With almost identical details to a Thursday robbery, at 9 p.m. on Friday a white man in his early 20s wearing all black and a black ski mask walked up to the front desk clerk waving a semi-automatic handgun and demanded cash.

He was given an undisclosed amount of money before he fled the scene.

The suspect is still on the loose. Police do not know at this time if the robberies are related.


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Inside job

Good comment, but I take exception to one point:

“They are doing their job in the way it was ment [sic] to function.”

Take a look at this. Is this the way police work is supposed to be?

Why Police Lie Under Oath

My point on doing the way it was ment to function, was in regards to most of the stuff they do, and the way the job is designed is to being reactive (after something happens) and not proactive, (stopping it before it happens).


Really?? Goes to show the point I have always said, cops don’t prevent crime, they write the reports after the fact. I am not bashing or calling them out. They are doing their job in the way it was ment to function. I am calling out all the people that always say we need more cops to prevent this or that.

The one that always rings true for me is a murder. You can go out and get a placebo in the way of a restraining order or saying you will call the police. The only way either can help you is after there is a body. Sorry that’s a fact!!! Of course in the case of a restraining order the one way to protect yourself is with a conceled handgun. Yea that’s right I said it. Please dispute that and tell me where I am wrong and how you can better protect yourself.

Here is what the Department of Homeland Security recommends:


I read it and thought it was a gag, like something from Saturday Night Live. This is what they recommend? Not to mention the new style scissors look nothing like the old school heavy metal super pointed scissors many of us remember. The new style are rounded off and have a plastic handle and many people buy the cheap ones not that the more expensive are a any better for self defense. A pen or sharp pencil berried deep into the eye socket or center of throat would make more sense.

Good luck to whoever takes this as a serious way to prepare for when SHTF.