Church wants upcoming sex abuse trials moved to San Luis Obispo

March 16, 2013

priestLawyers for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have asked a judge to delay four sex abuse trials or move them to San Luis Obispo County because they don’t believe a fair, impartial jury can be found in Southern California. [LATimes]

Shortly after two brothers were awarded an unprecedented $4 million, the church asked a judge for a delay or change of venue in pending cases

“We think that the environment in Los Angeles today is currently hostile,” archdiocese lawyer J. Michael Hennigan said to the Los Angel Times..

Archdiocese attorneys blame media coverage, which they describe as “unrelenting obloquy, condemnation and contempt,” for poisoning the potential jury pool, according to court documents.

On Tuesday, the church asked Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Emilie H. Elias to have four suits concerning a Mexican priest accused of abusing more than two dozen boys in L.A. be moved to San Luis Obispo County. If the move is denied, the church asked for a trial delay of at least six months to allow what Hennigan called a “cooling-off period.”

Judges rarely permit changes in venue, said Richard Gabriel, a jury consultant to the Los Angeles Times.

Child molestation cases “engender very high emotions and very strong feelings,” Gabriel said. “When you have a metropolitan area of 8 to 10 million people, it’s pretty hard to say that out of that many, you can’t find a fair and impartial jury.”


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Wouldn’t a jury of atheists be the only truely unbiased ?

Brother Slowerfaster,

I see that our God has enlightened you today, praise! Yes, even though the atheist is hell bound, they would serve God in this manner, for sure.

One could even though in some Buddhists as well to sweeten the proverbial pot.

As we know, these papists will certainly be swimming in the sulfur lakes of Hell upon their demise, praise our God’s revengeful manner!

J. Michael Hennigan might as well hold this court case against the Catholic church on the moon! Because, who in the hell hasn’t repeatedly heard of the ungodly pedophile acts of their hell bound priests that they’ve tried to cover up for years?

Clergy sex abuse settlements top $2.5 billion nationwide to date. Therefore, in the name of Jesus, how can any Catholic even attend their Satanic church, all the while knowing that their hard earned money in the collection plate is going directly to pay off the settlements and attorney fees for their child buggering priests?!

As if the ungodly acts of pedophile priests isn’t enough, this makes you sick! Yes, a Hell bound Catholic priest blames the children for their sexual abuse!

The TRUE Christian realizes that all Catholics are NOT Christians because practically all precepts of the papists contradict the Hebrew-Christian God’s true words in the King James Bible. Roman Mother Mary worship today is probably the wealthiest government-tax free corporation in the world in the name of Satan.

For anyone that is embarrassingly a Catholic, please remember this: the person that tells you the truth is the one that cares. Jesus wants you to quit kissing those rings and swallowing those wafers, and holding the whore of Babylon, aka, the Catholic Church, in high esteem over Jesus the Christ’s true doctrine!


Another Hell bound Catholic priest, Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier, who helped elect the latest representative of Satan, the new pope, Frank, says that pedophilia is not a crime by the clergy, but it’s a “disorder”. Bottom line, you do the crime, you do the time!

We can only wonder if J. Michael Hennigan will argue this point in behalf of this Mexican pedophile priest, if and when the court proceedings are moved to San Luis Obispo. If it is moved here, I CAN’T WAIT!

This Satanic cult of Catholicism is trying everything it can to get out of the FACT of their ungodly misdeeds by some of their priests against innocent young children that felt safe in their hands, no pun intended.

Here is a short video proving beyond any doubt that our Hebrew-Christian God has had it with this Satanic Catholic cult, by striking the St Peter’s Basilica as the previous representative of Satan, Pope Ratzinger, resigns a few hours earlier.

We can only surmise, that the smoke coming out of the infamous smokestack, representing whether a new pope was elected or not, was in fact, the Cardinals burning the evidence of their pedophile priests.

Apparently, the lawyers for the Archdiocese heard what Oprah said about SLO and figured it applied to the whole county.

Who could blame the lawyers for wanting to have a 6-month vacation in SLO County, all on the Church’s dime?

Yeah, but they’re on a mission from god.

Potential jurors here in SLOC need to watch this animated “interview” of Cardinal Roger Mahony. While I suspect it was produced to entertain, it’s also remarkably accurate in its contents:

Maybe if enough people watch this video, the jury pool here locally will become fully “polluted.”

Absolutely not…

But then again where could they take the trial where no one has heard of child molesters or does not have a Catholic Church?


More likely they think they can get an acquittal here….

Perhaps the defense team should look to move the trial to somewhere where there is no Catholic Church? Like the article states, a metro area of 8 to 10 million people should be able to find someone ready to listen before passing judgement on allegations.

Salt Lake City would be a better choice eh.

I think devout Catholics would be among the harshest judges of such crimes. They want to send a message that this sort of behavior (which is by no means unique to the Church) is not tolerated.

uh huh.