Dead body with gunshot wound found west of Templeton

March 7, 2013

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies found the dead body of a man with an apparent gunshot wound Wednesday night west of Templeton.

The sheriff’s office received a call just after 9 p.m. reporting a man near a residence with an apparent gunshot wound. Deputies and medics responded to the 2800 block of Cloudy Meadow Road in the Hidden Valley Ranch area, but pronounced the man dead at the scene.

Sheriff’s investigators have deemed the death suspicious. An investigation is ongoing.



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“…found the dead body of a man…” – English is a funny language, sometimes. Wouldn’t “…found a dead man…” be easier? I guess it’s that “leagalese” that cops and government mouthpieces try to speak when attempting to sound “official” and all.

South and BTDT: New concept, possibly suicide, which is why they called it “suspicious”. They are doing their job!

UM who said it couldn’t be suicide or WHATEVER!! In your EXUBERANCE to jump my post, you MISSED what I said. I said a body with a bullet in it and they say suspicious? Um murder and suicide would both fall under that no?????

Thought of another way to look at this. Did you wake up this morning with a bullet hole in you? No? Then no matter HOW it got there, wouldn’t it be suspicious, unless everyone is waking up with bullets in them and this is the new norm???

Perhaps Barney Fife could sort this one out?

And for more Captain Obvious stuff…”Dead body”?

Hmm body with bullet in it and Sheriff’s investigators deem it suspicious. YEA THINK!!???

For those that CAN”T grasp the obvious see my comments above.