SLO agrees to pay homeless attorney fees

March 6, 2013

Homelss22-300x225The San Luis Obispo City Council voted 3-1 not to appeal a judge’s ruling awarding legal fees to two attorneys who worked on behalf of the homeless.

Councilman Dan Carpenter wanted to appeal San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Charles Crandall’s $133,880 fee judgment. In the end, the city council directed the city manager to pay the judgment plus daily interest.

In January, the council voted 4-1 not to appeal Crandall’s ruling on the legal fees and to instead offer the amount in full to attorneys Saro Rizzo and Stew Jenkins as long as they agree to then hand half over to San Luis Obispo Community Action Partnership. Jenkins and Rizzo rejected that offer and said they are pleased the council has elected not to appeal.

“We are glad that the majority of council members saw the wisdom in resolving the matter without expending further tax payer money on litigation,” Jenkins said. “Naturally, we hope that the city will find more reasonable ways to free churches, synagogues, Islamic centers, businesses and individuals to directly help people who have no place to live.”


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Jenkins would have scored more points with me if instead of the politically correct quote (last paragraph in story), he would have simply said, “You work for public, so please get and stay the hell out of their way!”

MaryMalone states “I believe an IRS forensic audit and/or a State Controller’s forensec audit and/or a SSA forensic audit would do the trick.”

That’s great, my questions are – Why is this taking so long? Has this been brought to the attention of the IRS or State Controller? Have they responded? Do they really give a-hoot?

And isn’t it so obvious that a blind man in a dark room could see that if CAPSLO or Family Ties had nothing to hide – they would both be providing any and all answers to any and all questions?

I can think of two possible reasons for CAPSLO or Family Ties to keep quiet about their affairs beyond the sinister one you attribute to them.

1. They may be legally required to keep certain information confidential.

2. They may have the opinion that the matters are so complex that most people couldn’t easily understand them and could be misled by others who spin them to raise a stink.

I am not saying you are wrong or that either of my alternative explanations are right. I am just saying that there are other possibilities. Jumping to conclusions is premature without more evidence.

Family Ties is required by law to provide Mr Anderson and his attorney with an accounting of his funds and the return of his monies. Plain and simple. This hasn’t been done and it’s now been well over two weeks. There are NO EXCUSES for that.

So how many council meetings, how many staff meetings, how much staff time has been spent for our elected idiots to realize that the judge’s gavel hitting the bench really means you have to pay. What an utter waste of tax payer money and a complete waste of resources. Heir Litchig, Dietrick and Codron have wasted so much tax payer money on their personal vendetta to rid our community of what they deem less desirables.

Time to fire the lot of them people before the cause some real damage. Happiest and friendliest place on earth – for whom?

We’re getting who we voted for…..a totally inept city council. Asbaugh leads the pack as a confused loon and unfortunately, others follow his screwy reasoning. We need intelligent people to run this city; and Carpenter isn’t one of them. They apparently have done little or nothing to investigate the CAPSLO/Family Ties alledged fraudelent activities. They’ll probably vote to give them more money next time around.

The thing about Ashbaugh is this: He ran for Congress and ran and ran and ran for everything he

could think of until he gained enough name recognition to get elected to a city council seat.

From my very real experience he is indeed a flake of the first order. Doesn’t know a Hill of beans

other than he wants to BE somebody. The man will never be anybody, not even himself, until

he learns to come to grip with reality.