Hill tries to divert spotlight away from his fiancée

March 3, 2013
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


An Arroyo Grande marketing company that worked on the successful re-election bid of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has launched a new website attacking those who question Hill and his fiancée’s actions.

“Some friends have begun a new website and a political action committee to push back against the fact-free toxicity coursing through our community from the likes of the Tea Party, COLAB, Congalton, and CalCoastNews,” Hill wrote in a mass email sent out Saturday, introducing the debut issue of SLOSense. “I am interested to see what they do and whether it provides the necessary counterweight to the hateful nonsense being spewed.”

The new site, which uses the same IP address as AdamHill.us, does not identify the names of its writers. The domain is registered to Paul Hughes, who is the owner of PoliARC and a paid political consultant of Hill.

SLOSense fired an opening salvo on its Facebook page against CalCoastNews, calling it “voyeurism” to post the salaries of CAPSLO managers in a recent news story.

“Publishing the salaries of government workers, whether they’re part of a fixed narrative or not, is neither fair nor honorable,” the SLOSense Facebook page says. A sentiment not held by the state legislature, which in light of the city of Bell scandal, has touted the importance of transparency and requires government agencies to disclose salaries.

Hill threatened to destroy CalCoastNews last summer if reporters continued to investigate allegations concerning the treatment of the homeless in San Luis Obispo. He recently became engaged to Dee Torres, Director of Homeless Services for CAPSLO, one of the subjects of an on going CalCoastNews investigation.

More than a dozen current and ex-employees of CAPSLO have voiced their concerns about mistreatment of the homeless under Torres’ management, four of whom were quoted in a recent CalCoastNews story. Hill has countered claiming reporters and sources have an “axe to grind.”

“This is not journalism, this is axe grinding and score settling by four disgruntled ex-employees who were fired,” Hill said on a Facebook post. “Now that they’ve come forward with fallacious allegations, I believe CAPSLO will be able to share their personnel histories. You can’t lie about your ex-employer so as to smear the work they do.”


Isn’t it funny that other nonprofits are losing funding while his girlfriends org continues to thrive? Seems to have started the trend while Hill got his hands in the ole pot ole money!!!!


Amazing what Hill’s floozy, Dee Torres accomplished by waving her legs in the air accomplished…plenty of opportunity to abuse her power to steal from the poor and downtrodden.


With such an OFF TOPIC comment with such torid venom… I WANT A DIVORCE!


Won’t do much good at this point. Just look around this comments board and see how many sour-faced offspring the two of you have spawned.

The cat, as they say, is out of the bag.



So what does the sheriff think about all of this?

He is part of their campaign.


I think that would depend if Parkinson was in on any of the “leg-waving” action.


I don’t know enough about the SLOSense website to comment directly on that topic, however I do have some thoughts on the anger I see leveled against Adam. While we all may have issues with Adam’s style, and we may or may not agree on his politics, I would ask his critics to at least recognize Adam’s tireless commitment to the homeless and hungry. Adam brings much of this criticism on himself, but I think I’ve observed him enough to say that he sincerely cares for our community, is a hard worker, and has done more for homeless causes and the food banks in our County than any politician I have followed. Again, criticize his style all you want. He has admitted to fighting that demon. Denying his contributions simply lacks credibility. P.S. I have never sent a comment into the media before, so I ask that any responses to my entry be shared with the same level of respect that I hope I am conveying.


So let me understand your post, hill is a hero, he works hard for homeless and food banks, so with that in mind, we the taxpayer should let this little napoleon do and say what he wants,protect his girlfriend and her job while he tries to muffle the free press, insult some of the prominet citizens of this town,give away taxpayer dollars to this organization,turn a blind eye to the full time COUNTY employee playing banker, and Lord only knows what else, so we the TAXPAYER should turn a blind eye to him also, is that what your asking.


To Yes2civility: I don’t doubt and have seen Adam Hill’s engagement and commitment to the homeless and cannot question his motive, good or bad, especially since it involves his girlfriend Dee Torres. I will say by all indications that Mr. Hill has so many professional and personal negative issues and problems, that it is hard to support him even under the best of circumstances. He has been so disrespectful to people in public hearings (yet sits in judgment when others do the same thing), lies and pulls unprofessional stunts during the election process, supports or turns a blind eye to the wrong doings of Paavo/Kelley, Gibson/Aspiro, Lisa Niesen (although in fairness he is not the only one), has humiliated and called out upstanding citizens of our community who disagree with him on many and most issues, has crossed the line regarding the Dunes and has now put the County on notice as part of a lawsuit, and last but certainly not least has berated and called everyone who disagrees with him regarding CAPSLO in anyway, liars and dishonesty. This is a man you think we should respect and allow his behavior to be overlooked. Have you heard of the word bully, or bullying or bullies. Adam Hill needs professional help and I truly do not respect his behavior in anyway especially regarding this CAPSLO issue. Doing one good deed does not exempt him for all the wrong and harm he has done in this community.

JQ Public


The public would ask Mr. Adam Hill to extend the same respect and courtesy to the current and former CAPSLO employees who are trying to serve the homeless by their labor and by highlighting their concerns.

Mr. Hill wants his “tireless commitment to the homeless and hungry” recognized, but he is willing to attack the messenger and deny them even a voice?

Mr. Hill’s statements are a broad sweep denunciation that all persons with an employement history issue are “disgruntled” and therefore incapable of telling the truth or even relaying information. He attacks and discredits anyone on this issue with name calling, belittling and threats meant to dissuade reporting.

He is trying to silence people who are trying to report things to the public and to enforcement agencies. People who give years of their lives working are entitled to the same courtesy as a politician who does certain efforts to pad his bio for “electability” purposes.

Take in the information first and then sort the credibility of it. Much of this information is capable of independent factual verification. Corroboration is the key to working with witnesses who are vulnerable to credibility attacks from the opposing side.


I don’t often post here, but I feel compelled to now.

Not only am I horrified by what is unfolding with CAPSLO, Family Ties and Prado, but I find myself uncomfortable that the likes of Hill, Torres and Niesen are living in my community perpetrating these awful acts.

I stand behind Dave and Karen and Josh and Dan and CAPSLO’s former employees and the local attorney who came forward with his embezzlement concerns. Stay strong.

Why on earth can CAPSLO NOT respond to the allegations? Why pull-back into “crisis mode” when there is – supposedly – no crisis? It is past time for answers. If CAPSLO, et. al. will not provide them, then I am certain Dave, Karen and the others will discover them. There is nothing Adam Hill can say or do that will change the ultimate outcome of this mess.


QUOTING SCARLET: “Why on earth can CAPSLO NOT respond to the allegations?”

Because they are guilty? Just guessing, based on their prior behavior.


Adam Hill and his supporters have to show the public the facts that nullify the CCN stories. How hard would that be? Perhaps very hard, or at least that’s how it appears.

Hill’s 4th grader comments are an embarrassment.

I want to thank and congratulate the likes of CCN, Dave Congalton etal that have shown they actually care about the homeless and our government, and are not afraid of bullies like Adam Hill. To demonize those who want an honest government is beyond dispicable.


Mr. Hill is trying to struggling to hard to play the ‘transparent man’ on one side and the Thuggee assassin on the other that he sometimes forgets who he is. He continues to make one bad decision after another.

I wonder where he will be in ten years? Will his facebook relationship status read “its complicated” for the millionth time? Will he go the way of that crazy SLO high school teacher that allegedly spent most of his time talking politics and now has destroyed his life?

Mr. Hill spends all of his time reacting… maybe he should take charge of his life and move forward in a positive direction?


Interesting – tried to find this “SLOSense” Facebook page – followed the link from their “anonymous” web site and, low and behold – the Facebook login REQUIRES your email address. When I log into FB, I do NOT use my email address – I use a username. That, plus the fact that, when I search within FB for SLOSense, nothing was found. What kind of a sham do they have going on?? That said, I beg to differ with Mr. Hill’s statement that the publishing of government salaries is not honorable. Key word is “government” – remember, Mr. Hill – working for the people? The more I read your own words, the more arrogant you appear and the less respect, trust and belief I have. I don’t care what your relationship with Ms. Torres is – I do care what kind of a representative you are of the people who elected you. To my mind, you exemplify all that is wrong with government today!


Facebook has to recognize the computer your using . if your not logged in on that computer you have to re enter your login.this is a fucntion of facebook not slosense. The slosense facebook page is quickly becoming a comment forum for all manner of people. It even seems the rock is now answering all the questions. Kevin rice as usual offering good info on law and process. As long as tom Fulks does not over moderate the site may be a go to place for civil differing opinions.

I wonder if anyone will want to pay for their website as long as the facebook pg is free and posting the same stories..just wondering and are payments tax deductible?

Cal Coast i appreciate your investigative reporting ..if not you who?


It’s a Political action committee/website so no deduction.


So use Adam Hill’s email address, or make up one like “legs-in-the-air-R-us.org”



No matter how legitimate your points are about Hill/Torres/CAPSLO, your obsession with the “legs-in-the-air” critiques is not only as bad as Hill’s comments about Dave Congalton but it demeans both you and your point of view. I have often found myself in agreement with many of your points in the past and respect that you usually have done some research on them. Unless you are monitoring Hill’s and Torres’ private conversations and activities, leave them out of the conversation. Stick to the issues and leave the ad hominem comments to the low-lifes.


Slosense is not a “sham” it’s a political action committee (PAC).

Facebook is it’s own problem, login and all.


Mr. Hill? I propose you spend your time doing the job you are paid to do and not busy yourself with this childish “don’t talk about my girlfriend or else” crap. You are a sorry piece of DNA, in my opinion.


Hill: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”.