Hill tries to divert spotlight away from his fiancée

March 3, 2013
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


An Arroyo Grande marketing company that worked on the successful re-election bid of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has launched a new website attacking those who question Hill and his fiancée’s actions.

“Some friends have begun a new website and a political action committee to push back against the fact-free toxicity coursing through our community from the likes of the Tea Party, COLAB, Congalton, and CalCoastNews,” Hill wrote in a mass email sent out Saturday, introducing the debut issue of SLOSense. “I am interested to see what they do and whether it provides the necessary counterweight to the hateful nonsense being spewed.”

The new site, which uses the same IP address as AdamHill.us, does not identify the names of its writers. The domain is registered to Paul Hughes, who is the owner of PoliARC and a paid political consultant of Hill.

SLOSense fired an opening salvo on its Facebook page against CalCoastNews, calling it “voyeurism” to post the salaries of CAPSLO managers in a recent news story.

“Publishing the salaries of government workers, whether they’re part of a fixed narrative or not, is neither fair nor honorable,” the SLOSense Facebook page says. A sentiment not held by the state legislature, which in light of the city of Bell scandal, has touted the importance of transparency and requires government agencies to disclose salaries.

Hill threatened to destroy CalCoastNews last summer if reporters continued to investigate allegations concerning the treatment of the homeless in San Luis Obispo. He recently became engaged to Dee Torres, Director of Homeless Services for CAPSLO, one of the subjects of an on going CalCoastNews investigation.

More than a dozen current and ex-employees of CAPSLO have voiced their concerns about mistreatment of the homeless under Torres’ management, four of whom were quoted in a recent CalCoastNews story. Hill has countered claiming reporters and sources have an “axe to grind.”

“This is not journalism, this is axe grinding and score settling by four disgruntled ex-employees who were fired,” Hill said on a Facebook post. “Now that they’ve come forward with fallacious allegations, I believe CAPSLO will be able to share their personnel histories. You can’t lie about your ex-employer so as to smear the work they do.”


My mother-in-law saw Dee load a bike (not a used one, but a brand-new bike) into a truck and drive it away. My question is how many other items have been taken from the shelter that were supposed to be given to the clients? This was during the Christmas program at the shelter. This bike was supposed to be raffled off. This was witnessed not just by my mother-in-law, but several others.


http://www.poliarc.com/find/ See if this is how you want your county government to be determined. I encourage Waage to run again. And let’s get a respected community leader, obviously representing the political will of the 2nd district electorate, in place of Gibson.


All I can say is that if Poliarc is the group that is in charge of Adam Hill’s image, either they have THE WORST CLIENT IN THE WORLD, or they are totally inept, or both.

Watching the AdamHill train-wreck at work is both funny and scary. It is funny because he makes such an idiot of himself, but it is scary because he is a SLO County County supervisor and, as such, wields a great deal of power locally. When you add the fact that he blatantly uses his power to support his partner in train-wrecks, Dee Torres, who also wields considerable local power, you can put an exponent on the size of the train-wreck, between the two of them, they can cause to our county government and its homeless services.


If this PR firm can place the criticism by Tea Party and COLAB conservative with Congalton and Cal Coast News, Congalton at least a little on the “liberal” side of the fence, and I’m guessin’ Karen et al don’t hang out a lot with Mike Brown, as an evil conspiracy they’re worth the money. But what scumbags! Ergo their employers as well. Unfortunately the conservatives on the board want no part of this, or any other “reforms” other than gutting regulations on development to allow quick profits with all encumbrances of development paid for by taxpayers, not developers. If they can use this as leverage on Hill and Gibson, it serves their interests to a far greater degree than cleaning up county government.


Enough of this “Malone” thing. What is it? What else does it have to do with it’s time?


LOL. What makes you think this isn’t work for me?


QUOTING THE ARTICLE: ” ‘Some friends have begun a new website and a political action committee to push back against the fact-free toxicity coursing through our community from the likes of the Tea Party, COLAB, Congalton, and CalCoastNews,’ Hill wrote in a mass email sent out Saturday, introducing the debut issue of SLOSense. ‘I am interested to see what they do and whether it provides the necessary counterweight to the hateful nonsense being spewed.’ ”

What email account did Adam Hill use for his latest screed? I’m growing a little tired of, as a taxpayer, having to pay for his email vendettas against any publication that dares to challenge him on his BS and report his nincompoopery.


What about the thousand$$$ spent by the COunty law staff to go through and redact info on the 6 years’ worth of email correspondence between Gibson & Aispuro. All from the request of one political gadfly.


I was parsing the MM comment on the specific irony of cost to the taxpayer spurred by the 6 years email request, but maybe you missed that. Do you think irony should be overlooked in certain circumstances?

I am very much in favor of open government, you might correctly say that it is one of the functions of editorial cartooning, but county council is following law with the redaction. It’s one thing to do an in-house data search for keywords from the correspondence, it’s another, very different thing, to release same correspondence to the unwashed rabble (as we are viewed from the ivory towers of govt.) verbatim, without redaction. The values and purposes of redaction and its application is another discussion.

You also might have replied that the cost of redaction should be borne by Gibson personally or through his discretionary fund. Now that would be more fair.


If you think the “political gadfly” is the only one who requests records, including email records, from the County, you are wrong.

It is our right as citizens to have access to records of our government. They work for us, in theory, and to support that theory, we have access to government records.

Of course, we NEVER know if they simply withhold records that are really incriminating, not unless we can catch obvious gaps in records between dates of correspondence, etc.

In fact, that the county stated it took them so long to go through those records makes me wonder if they simply kept back the recriminating ones and that required extra time to make sure they wouldn’t leave blanks in the cohesive trail of the way records flow.


I received an email from SLOSENCE and it’s nothing but NONSENCE…seriously…it’s top to bottom propaganda. I’m starting to get the sense that Mr. Hill, Mr. Gibson and their minions have learned their form of governing from the top. IE Attack anyone that is getting in your way. Take out your opposition rather than debate them. Scare folks into silence. Send out mass propaganda emails, and when all else fails lie your rear end off. Yep! Just like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid ET AL.


It’s more than that. It’s a PAC created by a political consultant as a safe haven for his past and future customers and friends in order to (among other things) spin/counter local social media in favor of friends/customers and so on.

It is a warm up to the next supervisors election and more.

Time will show that people are often mislead by book covers and wrapping paper.


Don’t get me wrong, he’s right that the local online discourse in general has become a ugly place some days. A lot of the players in the decade long Los Osos sewer internet comment pissing matches became bored (now that the sewer is a done deal) have now gone more general in thier attacks on the community.

I have also seen a lot of really s#itty comments disappear from here, so all you poor quality local discourse complainers can start by leading by example.

Adam Hill’s e-mail diatribes are a perfect examples of the poor community discourse that goes on in SLO County every day.

Happy place indeed.


It is all just words, Kettle. The power you give them comes from you alone.

And it is not just Los Osos. It also is not a recent phenomenon. Back when the ACLU had their message boards on AOL, in the 1990s, I was a moderator and there was a wide diversity of posting styles even then.

I think folks are still getting used to the mixing-pot of internet posting. In my own life, I simply don’t associate with bigots, nor do I listen to or read bigoted material. However, on this message board, from time to time, a roll of bigotry from one or two posters gets going.

People can’t control message content board (except by whining to the mods) like they can control the people with whom they personally visit and interact. So there is a wide diversity of opinions and ways of expressing opinions.

I assume everyone who posts here is over 18 and, as such, should put on their big-kid bloomers and simply skip the posts from posters whose style of writing their opinions is offensive. I assume there are people who skip my posts, and I respect them for it.


@KETTLE: “Adam Hill’s e-mail diatribes are a perfect examples of the poor community discourse that goes on in SLO County every day.”

Yeah, but we expect a county supervisor to be a little more “together” than does Adam Hill. I come from a very poor, small town in the LA area, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of erudite politicians growing up. However, I DO expect for a county supervisor to be able to conduct him/herself in a manner that is at least one step above complete nincompoopery.


I happen to think Nancy Pelosi is a great politician. She had the balls to stand up to Obama during the health-care fiasco Obama presided over. Obama was ready to drop the whole thing (I’m not sure he was ever really committed), but Pelosi kept at it and, sure enough, her persistence soon shamed him into starting to throw a little (very little) of his presidential power behind it.


Hugo Chavez has died. Adam Hill is braindead. Notice how much they look alike?


Appearances mean nothing. If this CAPSLO/Adam Hill/Dee Torres fiasco hasn’t demonstrated that, I don’t know what will.

In addition, the way Chavez and Hill treated the poor and disadvantaged could not be more different. Chavez stayed in power as long as he did because he did not ignore the poor. He realized that if the poor have no hope except for revolution, and feel they have nothing to lose by overthrowing the existing government, then any leader’s time in office will be very short-lived.

Too bad our own government ignores that reality. If the divide between the rich and the poor becomes more unbalanced, our government leaders may well be reminded of it in the future, in their own country and on their own turf.




Appearances matter. People create their own appearance through their own actions. All one needs

to do is take a look at Mickey Rourke to figure THAT one out. Then cease the knee-jerk liberal

b.s. and get a real life.


Good one, gotta give ya props on that.

Niles Q

So now that Adam Hill and Dee Torres are engaged, does than mean he now cannot vote on anything having to do with CAPSLO, the homeless or the ginormous “homeless campus” the county wants to build? The homeless campus is going to be run by CAPSLO isn’t it?

I’m not a lawyer, but I think he’s now got a true conflict of interest and should be forced to step down any time the name CAPSLO gets onto a board agenda.

He can say all he wants, launch whatever websites he wants, but his days of voting on CAPSLO and the homeless at the board of supervisors should be over. Period.

And if not now when they are just engaged, certainly after they get married he will have a huge conflict of interest.



And better yet for both Adam and Dee: they cannot testify against each other when they ARE prosecuted.

Niles Q

Ha! Hadn’t thought about it that far but you are absolutely right. Spousal priviledge, maybe that’s their strategy.


Thinking. Always thinking. Excellent point.


Next time I see the sheriff in Range Masters I’m going to ask him about this subject…

Capslo has people going door to door offering free winterization of your home. I asked the lady if they help the homeless, she got real excited and said yes. I showed her all this stuff and calcoastnews…should have seen the look on her face.



QUOTING HARRY MALONE: “With such an OFF TOPIC comment with such torid venom… I WANT A DIVORCE!”

1. Simply creating a screen name that is similar to mine, except for the first letter, does not indicate marriage.

2. Dee Torres has continued to use her leg-waving power over County Nincompoop Adam Hill to advance her opportunities, and in the process appears to have committed massive fraud and is now harassing a client who simply wants an accounting of how his SS funds have been spent by Torres and her gang of CAPSLO vampires. Therefore, the fact that her “rise” in getting county funding runs parallel to the “rise” she got from having an affair with Adam Hill will be pertinent to any post. She continues to use her “rising” powers with Hill, and certainly she is getting “cover” from him, sparing her the investigation which the County BOS should have initiated months and months ago.

If you don’t like the image of our County Nincompoop, Adam Hill, writing checks to his floozy while she waves her legs in the air for him, then simply don’t read my posts.